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life without pain?

we all experience pain, both physical and emotionally

pain is a unpleasant thing to experience but is it good to?

is there anyway to not feel pain?

will life without pain be good or worse?

  • Jun 18 2011: I think it depends on which particular pain we are referring to. Some pain is useful to have while other should be minimized.

    We need some physical pain in order to know when something is hurting our body. Without such indication we would prematurely die. In the past a few people that were born without feeling pain died in early age (20s) because they abused their bodies without knowing it. For example if you mis-step, you foot might hurt so you will take care to not use it until it heals. Without pain, you will never know it and you will make it worse by continue to use it. The same applies to burns, lower back problems, cuts and other injuries =)

    On other hand we want to minimize some physical pain that prevent us from functioning normally such as head ache or tooth ache.

    Emotionally, we need to go through some pain when we lost love one or when we are preparing for exams. I think that is part of life and being human. However we should not allow people (children) to be abused or neglected. People suffer emotional pain from being coerce into submission. Bullying is another thing we should prevent from happening.
    • Jun 23 2011: hiya zdenek long time.

      how do you think we could define where abuse starts? for example if a students hands in a half-assed poorly written piece of work, and the teacher gives it a poor grade resulting in the student feeling upset, is that abuse?
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    Jun 22 2011: life without pain is like that cold coffee without ice.
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    Jun 20 2011: Life without pain isn't life.
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    Jun 19 2011: Well pain has a very useful function for us and we can see it everyday. Think of all those diabetic patient that need to amputate their foot fingers just because they don't feel any pain. i think life without pain would be worse we wouldn't be aware of what is going on with our own body.The pain makes us change when something is wrong and that is a good thing.
  • Jun 23 2011: No one really learns from pain. Pain can aid in training but conditioned behavior is not learning. when is the last time someone beat you sensless until you understood the theory of relativity?
  • Jun 22 2011: i think pain is absolutely essential since we live in a society. shame, humiliation, guilt etc are all very helpful, because in striving to avoid them, we become more considerate, honest, and altruistic. it's been shown that cooperation fails without punishment (fehr and gachter, nature), and pain is a punishment for not performing our responsibilities to society.

    it's one the problems with education in the US at the moment. in trying to eradicate pain and depression the short-cut way, by taking out the possibility of failure, they've also removed the things that keep kids striving to do better.
  • Jun 22 2011: This is actually touching on something that I had been meditating on. Lets start out by looking at the source and not just the reaction. Pain is your brains way of telling you something is damaged, and to direct the various systems (including our conscious mind) to repair and heal the damage.
    What fascinates me to no end is the human reaction to pain, because it is all across the board. People frequently go through grief because of pain, particularly emotional pain. Others seem to just shrug off wounds and not feel anything. The third category may include those people, and that is people who push down and suppress their feelings, which I hope it is obvious doesn't work in the long run. No matter what pain is a reality of these bodies, the only way to feel less of it is to feel it when you have to. If you release the pain as it's received you will spend less time overall processing the pain, which is the most efficient disposal of it.
    However, one thing that makes no sense to me are people who like pain. There exist out there people who would rather feel pain than not feel, and this whole point of view seems to put everything I just said on it's head. How on earth can you revel in something so disastrously bad, and more to the point how can you take comfort in feeling that, saying it's better than nothing?
    I admit that it may come from my willingness to not feel that I don't understand those who desire pain. So if anyone has any ideas on how that works I would appreciate them.
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    Jun 21 2011: All the emotions we experience are not only rooted in our own minds, but they are even "created" by us. Some people think that the emotions they experience are entirely out of their control and that emotions are spontaneous reactions to the events of our lives. If we are going to take control of our emotions, especially the 7 human emotions, then we need to understand that avoiding, denying or ignoring emotions will harm you more than actually dealing with them.

    There are those that believe that there are 7 human emotions that drive all human behaviour. In reality there are only two human emotions that drive us. These two emotions are Pain and Pleasure. Everything we do in our lives we do either out of our need to avoid pain or our need to gain pleasure. These two categories of emotions contain all of either the positive or the negative of the 7 human emotions. Jeremy Bentham said it best: "Nature has placed mankind under the government of two sovereign masters, pain and pleasure...they govern us in all we do, in all we say, in all we think: every effort we can make to throw off our subjection, will serve but to demonstrate and confirm it"

    The positive spectrum of the 7 human emotions will drive us to pleasure and that is why we pursue them. The negative spectrum of the 7 human emotions will drive us towards pain and that is why we will do anything to avoid it. It is also important to notice that we will do more to avoid painful emotions than we will do to gain pleasurable emotions as this is instinctive to our nature as human beings.

    The 7 human emotions of Pain are:
    1. Fear
    2. Hatred
    3. Anger
    4. Greed
    5. Jealousy
    6. Revenge
    7. Superstition

    These are the emotions we are all trying to avoid as the experience of them will inevitable be a painful emotion.

    The 7 human emotions of pleasure are:
    1. Love
    2. Sex
    3. Hope
    4. Faith
    5. Sympathy
    6. Optimism
    7. Loyalty
    • Jun 22 2011: how about happiness, contentment, satisfaction, guilt, and shame?
      also, loyalty isn't an emotion.
    • Jun 22 2011: Naeem, your outlook is very enlightening. It's like the wisdom of duality i.e. there's pleasure there's pain like a coin with head and tail as in gain & loss, love & hate, fame & no fame etc.
  • Jun 20 2011: Life without pain would be sublime. I think we try to aproach this question with a brand of sophistication that is not in sinc with our actual lifestyles. We all practice pain avoidance on both emotion and physical levels, to pretend that life is rich with it is a foolishness. How magical would life be if being devoured by a lion just meant death. Cancer would would still claim its victims when in full bloom but it would not be able to drag the hearts of family members for months at a time before doing so. No torture, no fear, everyone would be brave, domestic violence could not control our women. Painful experience make you weaker not stronger, you learn from success not failure. We consoul ourselves with these fairy tales to bless our present situation. We sexualize pain to make it palitable. We romanticise pain because we have no choice in it's prominance in life, but to say we want it is not clever nor is it nuanced, it is deceptive, painfully so!
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    Jun 20 2011: Ill give a symbolic answer, as a big fan of strawberry cheese cake, you have to taste a crappy chocolate cheesecake to appreciate the good one. ^^
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    Jun 20 2011: No pain , no gain ...........
    It's something like below in general sense...
    To understand importance of light we need darkness

    Medically PAIN is bodys own defence mechanism that makes us aware some corrective measures need to be taken.........
    • Jun 23 2011: i think your point about physical pain applies metaphorically to emotional pain... if we feel shame for example it makes us aware that corrective measures to our behaviour need to be taken.
  • Jun 19 2011: emotionallly,if there is no pain, how do i know I am happy now. so we need pain serve as a foil to happiness
  • Jun 18 2011: Horrible yet wonderful world