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Has science made us gods even before we've become worthy of being men?

"Science has made us gods even before we are worthy of being men"
said the biologist and philosopher Jean Rostand almost 70 years ago, at the beginning of the Nuclear Arms race.

Is that quote even more true today or have we grown to be better people? Has science given us too much power? Will we ever be able to use that power responsibly?

I believe that science has given us power to create and destroy at "godlike" proportions, but we might've not grown enough morally to be able to use that power responsibly. I don't deny science, nor I think scientific knowledge can go "too far". What I'm worried about is how we use (or don't) that knowledge today and how shall we continue to use it in the future.

Just to clear things up: For me this question is purely a question about morals. I don't put any spiritual meaning in it. I don't believe people are divine, gods or anything "special" like that. Even with science we're still men with all the good and bad parts that come with us being just human.


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  • Jun 21 2011: My opinion....

    Just like children, we (the human race) are still very naive. If we are the first species with a brain that allows us to be so creative and think on our own, then we definitely have much to learn. And, also like a child, we sometimes act like we are invincible, or unstoppable. Like Aaron Morrison was saying, in a previous post, "getting older makes you more able to see change... really you have a broader point of reference to base your thoughts/ideas/reality on..." we are very young as humans, and naturally, we don't always think about consequences. We may feel like we can act like God's, but we have so much to learn. I feel that we need to slow down a little, and take time to fully (as fully as we can) evaluate the consequences of our decisions.

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