Andre Manukyan

University of Arizona

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The dangers of exercising leadership and mobilizing groups to overcome their adaptive challenges.

As our environment rapidly changes, traditional solutions struggle to resolve the new bold challenges facing our organizations and the world. To thrive in this new environment, we must think in a new way, with new methods of diagnosing problems and providing effective intervention. Highlighting leadership literature, cognitive science, and group psychology, this TED conversation explores the tactics necessary to exercise leadership in an adaptive environment, as well as the dangers of exercising that type of leadership.

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    Jun 17 2011: Think about some aspiration that you have for your family, for your community, for your organization, for your nation, or for a group of people that you are connected to. Now think about the current reality.

    That gap between your aspiration and the current reality presents a leadership opportunity.

    To begin this TED conversation...
    1) Describe that gap.
    2) What you have done to close it?
    3) What is holding you back from going even further?