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I think it should be an automatic driving system of exclusive cars for motorways and other manual system for the rest of vias.

I think it should be an automatic driving system of exclusive cars for motorways and other manual system for the rest of vias. This will avoid accidents and the driver could do other things instead of driving, reading, working, sleeping, etc. ..
People who want to drive a manual or sport could do so only in circuits prepared for this purpose. This will prevent many accidents, save fuel, it could regulate traffic by computer, using markers and checkpoints, gps, wifi. In the same way they do the planes and trains. Also people could be working on the car during the trip, making reports, watching movies, buying online, look after their children or just sleep

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    Jul 13 2011: Hi everyone, would you please check my conversation http://www.ted.com/conversations/4214/a_100_green_taxi_that_s_cheap.html and the related talks?

    Edit: I keep forgetting that most people don't press links if you just ask them to do it... Anyway, my conversation is about providing really cheap, green, self-driving cars.
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    May 12 2011: great post! i just started a discussion along the same lines. i totally believe we need automatic cars. one day!
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    Mar 5 2011: Probably, the best its tehe capacity to do all together. Manual driving in most of the cases, and automatic control in some ways, probably in highways or specially driving situations, like traficc jumps.
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    Feb 18 2011: This idea sounds cool and has lots of advantages. However they are downsides of doing this.

    In order to do something like this, in first place it must be secure. If every car, plane, train, or any transport had its own artificial intelligence, while being off the grid, and being able to drive through and navigate safely, it would be perfect and I would trust my safety to that vehicle. But, in case of one system controlling and regulating traffic you can not assure 100% security of the system, since actions of a vehicle is being determined or at least affected via network computer. In such a case it's almost the same as driving a car with its computer connected to internet.

    I think it would be even better if we develop vehicles to be intelligent and independent from system, and to be able to self drive anywhere.
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    Feb 18 2011: I like your idea .... Sort of like a ski lift for cars!