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What is/are the most influential modern web elements?

What elements on websites have you found to be the most influential in terms of your enjoyment and continued use of the website?

Do you like a certain color theme, dynamic animation, glossy buttons... List off what you think makes a site enjoyable, modern, and user-friendly.

Are there any elements that you have not seen that you think would be highly influential?


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    Jun 17 2011: Personally, a return to the basics of design and its thought process is still key:

    A balanced and purposeful layout to establish a sense of order;
    An appropriate typography to highlight content and its hierarchy;
    A harmonious color schemes to evoke emotional feedback;
    And creative elements at the periphery to keep the design from being too predictable;

    Having this foundation before other things is still the best starting point.
    • Jun 18 2011: What about beyond the starting point such as social networking hit counters and links?

      Are these counters and links necessary? Do they distract from the content or allow people to add to it? Do sites like Ted.com need such associations with other sharing sites to be enjoyable? Can these links to sites like Facebook be removed?

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