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Is happiness an illusion?

Is happiness an illusion or state of mind resulting from meditation or medication or lack of undue stress?

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    Jun 17 2011: No, happiness is real.
    Sometimes unhappiness is the thing that's unreal... Quite a lot of the time, the luckiest and most privileged, and indeed hard-working and deservedly well-off, are the least happy; those in the World with nothing and who know true pain can be sometimes be those who are happiest.
    • Jun 18 2011: James:I agree with what you say here. Education or knowledge would seem to have little to do with it; there is an old saying: 'ignorance is bliss' but that could lead to a whole set of threads on the consequences of ignorance.
  • Jun 19 2011: Happiness is all about getting,doing,seeking and achieving.A fleeting, elusive emotion, somewhere out there.
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    Jun 18 2011: According to Sufi wisdom master Rumi, it is an illusion , if you make a list of what makes you happy and any two things on it are in conflict.
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    Jun 17 2011: Indeed.

    Thought experiment: If you knew everything that was happening on the planet all at once, I find, there is no way a human could be happy with all those images of "evil" that would appear to outweigh the "good". What do you think? Do you think you can view the world in it's entirety on the surface of things, and see it for being a happy place?

    Happiness is indeed an illusion, however, with education that illusion can be manipulated by the individual or become a more imaginative illusion.
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      Jun 18 2011: I forgot where I heard it but life is a comedy to those who think and a tragedy to those who feel
  • Jun 17 2011: Happiness is an emotional state of mind created by the interplay of a specific set of neural impulses and chemicals at work in the brain. What causes this state differs from person to person, but the chemicals and regions of the brain involved are the same. In this sense, happiness is no more an illusion than anything else you experience because everything is processed within the brain.
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    Jun 17 2011: Happiness is a state of mind which is based upon a notion. Some people are happy, some people are sad. What makes some people happy may make others sad and visa versa.