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What makes you, you?

I am thirteen and we had this question today as a warm up and I found it very interesting


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    Jun 19 2011: I think most people spend a big part of their lives answering that question.

    I don't think the answer is in the past and I'm not sure it's a goal to be achieved either.

    Lots of people will argue that it's all down to genes.

    Others will say it's the environment you grow up in.

    In the end, none of that matters. Know thyself - it's easier said than done!

    Keep asking..
    • Jun 19 2011: Actually this warm up led to a huge debate in which it was nature (genes) vs. Nurture, the way the people around you influence who you are
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        Jun 19 2011: well ya, that is the debate.

        but is it a dichotomy"? is it either or?

        Or is it posible there is an essential true unique nature in each us and that what happens arounds us, how we interpret and engage that is constantly either thwarting or nurturing that inner self?
        • Jun 19 2011: It's a debate that willl surly go on now if I may, do you believe in nature or nurture
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          Jun 20 2011: I believe in a singularity behind the duality behind the singularity.

          The thing people generally miss about science is that it is just one of the more popular ways we currently use to try to understand our world.

          The Nature vs Nurture argument is the same as Freewill vs Predestiny, just in different clothes.

          I believe it is both and neither at the same time. Confusing, I know, but not a cop out.

          Whatever you choose to believe is real.
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        Jun 19 2011: Hi chrsitian

        see my further explanation below. I am saying it is not "either or" ( a dichotomy) .it is both.

        I am saying we have an inborn natture, our true self that we come into this world with that is uqniuely our own..has its own unique fulfillment and I believe is needed in this world.

        that nurture ( and expereience and teaching and peers..the music we hear, the art we see, the movies we see, the books we read..all we engage as culture interacts with that from the moment we are born and either furthers our fulfillment and ufolding of this "true self" or masques and represses it.

        I am saying we have some ability to shape what we engage..by avoidance, by aacceptance, by questioning, by feeling how things"fit" with our own sense of self..we ourselvescan be active paricpatnts in either unfolding that "true self",the natural self..or being passive and just "taking on" and "taking in" what ever goes on around us.

        Does that make sense to you?

        PS Ilove your ID logo..did you design it.? And I also love that you are here.
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        Jun 20 2011: Hi Helen..Nice to see you..my idea of the unique self is an ancient one..and is in many wisdom tradtions. That unique self is all our inherent traits, our spirit, our natural disposition to things that is uniquely ours as individuals. That begins at once to angeg with the world and be enagaged by th wold in ways that either further th eunfolding of the natural unique self or frustrate it.

        In otherwords, I believe there is much more to "self" , that the most imporant part of self is inate that self isn't just what we acquire and learn.

        Does that not rest wwell with you?

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