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What makes you, you?

I am thirteen and we had this question today as a warm up and I found it very interesting


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  • Jun 18 2011: Most of my friends said there individual personality or their experiences makes them, them. I was actually surprised because I expected more divorced answers. Mostly because children don't have any restrictions to the mind
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      Jun 18 2011: In fact, this answer is rather logical for a child or a teenager. Why? Because as a young person, you don't have that much experience or ideas of your life yet, so that even though a young person is more creative than the bigger part of the grown-ups, your imagination is limited by the barriers of your experience. You haven't developed habits or schemes yet -- and there are still too many unknown variables in your live keeping you from identifying what really makes you, you. I don't want to say the power of imagination is limited -- but there are certain barriers when you are trying to imagine things so close to reality, so that you just need a certain inventory of facts and experiences to talk about them. Ten years ago, I would have said: my passion for art, theater, music is what makes me, me. Today, I am still passionate about all of them (although I have a lot less time for them), but I'd say my passions have "moved on", or "grown up" and "have been translated" into other areas. For example, I can see how my passion for art has lead to my interest in the theory of creativity, in marketing and communication, or when I'm scribbling something down into my notebook. This is a very exciting and kind of evolutionary progress -- and children or teenagers are just about to discover it.

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