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Going Electric: charge up v.s. fillling up

The price of gas has been increasing dramatically during the past 5 years. Drving a gasoline powered vehicle is costy and we are looking for alternatives. Manufactories such as Ford, Toyota,chevrolet present battery electric, hybrid electric, extended range electric , plug-in hybrid electric and feul cell electric vehichles to the public as THE choices compare to tranditional gasoline powered vehichles.

Driving one of these fancy cars with new(or not?) technologies brings many issues like if fire departments are well equiped to perform rescue when electric cars are involved, if it is convenient to have them repared especially when you are on a road trip cross countries, if it is enviromentally friendly as they promised, and if they actually save the use of fuel (hint: what generate electricity. yes, they say we can use solar, and/or hydro powered electricity; however the question is how practical it is and is it enviromentally friendly? hint again, the Three Gorges Dam project is criticised as enviromentally non-friendly.)

So, my friends, where do you think electric cars are bringing us and how far? Are they ture savor of our car-depended nature, or they are just a fancy toys which distracte our attation from questioning the necessarity of keeping gas expensive.


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    Jun 17 2011: If people keep basing arguments and merits of promising technology on prevailing yet changeable circumstances including any existing mode or method or technology that already exists which it may replace, then nothing moves forward.

    We cannot approach progress solely on utility, viability, and measurability.

    A sense of wonder and a passionate experimentation needs to be considered and done.

    Asking whether we should consider new fuels or energy sources in replacement of existing ones is subtly different from simply considering new fuels and energy sources and hope that in the process, we discover something great.

    Electirc vehicles is great. Can it viably replace fossil fuel based vehicles? No; not at the moment. But some should pursue doing electric, and some should consider using electric and hope that a feedback loop is created to make things better or even perhaps discover something new through mistakes which will happen through the process of experimentation.

    Never discard the importance of the human element.

    The real issue with electric/battery/chargeable vehicles is not materials or cost or etc. Even when all these are solved, the real issue is interaction. Fueling up in minutes and charging for hours is the real problem. There are solutions present already but the infrastructure needed to pursue these are perhaps at par with infrastructure costs in pursuing other fuel/energy sources like hydrogen fuels and etc.

    Never a simple answer to these types of discussions.

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