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Existence is a repetitive energetic cycle or pulse. A repeating embedded fractal pattern of subjective consciousness that unfolds and folds.

The paradox of motion, expansion, growth in an indestructible unified field which can have no beginning or ending is only resolved through the idea of a repetitive cycle or nature of existence which temporarily exhibits these characteristics.
My thoery The Eternal Cycle was first published in 1999.


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    Feb 18 2011: Mum, interesting, but I think you need to translate it for us kids... Most interested.
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      Feb 18 2011: Which post? The last one is irony. The one prior: the thing observed is changed by the observation. Our perceptions are very limited, our intellect as well, and trying to use those two broken crutches to walk may not be possible. Logic is limited to our perceptions and our "intellect" (mechanism for ordering perceptions) a product of our perceptions. The order we perceive is not the "order" that exists. It is the order we discern to navigate through this sense of "reality". Do you perceive x-rays? Did they exist before you perceived them? Are there other things we don't perceive but exist anyway? Gluons? Nutrinos? Dark energy? Mathematical "proof" lives in our heads until we perceive it matching our perception of physical action. Quite a quandry. Are fractals proof of "order" in the universe? Can God change the rules, when ever He likes? Why not? What "deal" do we have that everything will remain the same and that we will be able to know what God knows about how things work? We are still chewing on that piece of fruit from the tree of knowledge. Too bad we didn't eat from the tree of wisdom. OK leave god out of it. What do we "know" and how do we know it? We don't know.

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