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Exploring space as a world common goal

I was wondering if space exploration, SETI, and leaving earth could be a goal and a means to unite the world, decrease conflict, find unison,...

As we all learn that we really live on just one planet together, inherently interdependent from each other...
As we learn war and conflict is, from such a perspective, ridiculous and should try and aim for higher goals.

What are the obstacles? (technical, sociological, psychological, economic,...)

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    Jun 18 2011: should we first get a grip on our tendency to exploit and dominate everything we find?
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    Jun 17 2011: I would say, are all majorly societal (cultures, nations, religions, etc) obstacles.

    I am on boat for one giant culture in which humanity would better itself on for the eventual progress towards the stars.


    Have you heard about the new estimates of how many earth-like planets there are? So fascinating.
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      Jun 19 2011: Nicholas, what are the earth-like planet estimates? I agree with you we need a giant culture, a global worldview as I would call it, to solve our current problems as Lindsay and Bob noted, and then enable us to engage possible interstellar neighbors.

      What is the probability of contacting an alien with the SETI project and our current space explorations? How real is the challenge for us to prepare for possible inter-stellar engagement? Are we foolhardy as Hawking said for sending messages to aliens when we are not yet ready to engage them?
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        Jun 19 2011: IF we do contact aliens, we should be asking for help and not telling much about ourselves (my thought is we are already known, just not cared about). I mean IF we can communicate, we should figure out what was their biggest break through for interstellar exploration was and figure out what is universally valuable. Asking and seeking unity, and not dictating our "accomplishments" lol...

        I believe we have already been visited, and will continue to be visited.. and I do not see how other people do not think so... and I do not see how people still think we are alone in the universe. Such ignorance!

        I'll look into SETI, but NASA is garbage. As a race of apples we look unappetizing, as individuals we have golden apples, the bad far out ways the good on this globe.
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          Jun 20 2011: Wow Nicholas! 2 billion possible earth-like planets in our galaxy alone. I like playing with numbers so I'll say that with the current 2 billion internet users today, imagine what our academic and cultural education could do in accelerating our progress and spring us up to our next interstellar neighbor and maybe expand our species.
  • Jun 17 2011: I wish that space exploration could become a worldwide goal but it will not happen in the immediate future.

    It is hard to convince people below the poverty line that space exploration is in their best interest.

    Even when poverty and famine are not an issue, some people and communities feel that space exploration is a waste of resources when those resources can be used to update and maintain failing infrastructure.

    At this time, I imagine the only way the population of the world could be convinced to explore space is if a majority of the world leaders thought that aliens were going to attack their nations.