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How to achieve your potential when you don't know what you want to achieve?

No matter what motivation or support is thrown at me I seem to be stuck in a rut in life. I was predicted top grades and I have an unquenchable thirst for learning, yet I have never lived up to this potential and now at 21 I feel myself losing direction compared to my peers around me.

I'm interested in how and when you found your direction in life, as well as an example of an experience (or multiple if you wish) that you've had, which helped to uncover or discover this direction.


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    Jun 17 2011: How does one even truly know their true potential?

    How do people judge potential?

    I guess, you just got to keep trying stuffs. When you hit a wall, you'll know your limits. Choosing whether you'll break through that limit or let it stand in your way is a different matter.
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      Jun 17 2011: Hello Dean, we all have great potential, you have a great potential!

      You have a great intellect - even scientists confirm that when one is judged intelligent, we're still only using a paltry part of our brain.

      You are a person of good will. Your humanism and your intrinsic ability to do what is good and right is in your core nature. Scientists also confirm that the western hemisphere of our brain enable us to do this. Our connection to an inner dimension of existence is still a fringe of science but nonetheless our spiritual cultures seem to be knowledgable about our social duty to do good.

      I think it's a good idea to read the autobiographies or the TED talks of great people we have around us today and we will see the great potential that we all have. This can also ignite our purpose and vision that will enable us to focus on single avenue of interest as J.Hoyes noted. This is exactly one of the key premise of TED and you being a Tedster.

      The only limit of our potential is the limiting belief we have of ourselves or the opinion of others that we may be unknowingly consenting to. There is a great dynamic of our true inner worth and the achievement of our greatest potential that makes our lives a great adventure. http://Bit.Ly/KeyPower

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