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What is your belief regarding the concept of the soul?

Some threads to help you along:
1) What is the scope of the concept, ie, individual, universal, etc
2) Is this related to the concept of consciousness, and if so, how?


Closing Statement from Abhiram Lohit

Thanks to all the people who responded.

I saw the range of responses to what 'soul' means to different people. I guess I was looking for answers to the cause or origin of life. When can an organism be said to be alive. In the light of advancements in contructing artificial limbs and moreover to the extent of building entire bodies, and having the technology to simulate live behavior, what defines life.

Physicists have tried to study consciousness and incorporate it into the grand scheme of things. I was pondering upon that and ideas about "soul" was what struck me as very apt for this theory.

Most people here gave answers that implied that they thought of the behavior or individual personality as the soul. However my idea for the soul were very different as seen in the discussions. I hope that science can tell us more about this area of knowledge.

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    Jun 16 2011: there a scientific explanation that i have developed for this...
    let us consider the foremost law of physics the mass energy continuum. So neither energy nor mass can be destroyed mass can transform into various form of energy as Einsteins proved but it cannot be destroyed. Accepting this let us now try and define human form or any life form, it is both energy and mass. Now the famous Dr. Duncan MacDougall experiments showed the loss of 21 gms of weight during the time of death although the experiment came with many speculations and limitations, one must wonder if we are all a form of energy & mass when life seizes there has to be some form of transformation of energy since it cant be destroyed. beyond that i dare not to think :)
    As for conscious, it is developed from emotions and emotions are developed from extremely complex thoughts. thoughts are created in the brain which is the powerhouse (energy) of our body. so i guess the energy of the body lies in the thoughts. beyond this i never dared to think :)
    i hope this helped :)
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      Jun 16 2011: Thanks for your reply. But I have to strongly disagree about the "21 grams" theory. Also, the results are not consistent. He did not find any evidence of weight loss in dogs and other animals.

      If we are looking for something that left the body and due to which the body is now "dead" matter, then all bodies that were alive should show the same(or proportionate to body weight) loss.

      I suspect that the weight loss is due to the reduction in blood pressure or some such activity in the cells that was exerting force before death.

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