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Whta do you think about Colombia, in any sense?

I work with ex paramilitar in Medellin. I know our problem is 100% social, I will like to know ideas to help change this, coming from abroad point of view.

Topics: Social activism
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    Jun 17 2011: I had the opportunity to visit Colombia about a year ago, and miss eating granadillas, drinking coffee, and cain juice with a bit of lemon. Your question is a bit vague. When you say your problem is social what does that mean, and what work do you do with para military group. I would love to hear back from you.
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    Jun 16 2011: Johanna, Ignite our key powers and apply our strategic solutions (http://Bit.Ly/KeyPower). As far as the coffee is concerned as Christopher noted, we people from Hawaii believe that Kona coffee is still the best but our output is tiny compared to what you are producing so keep bringing your great coffee.
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    Jun 16 2011: I love the coffee.