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Is it our responsibility to help 3rd world countries?

As a single country, we are struggling with our own economics. So, is it appropriate for our government to take on foreign tasks. Will this eventually have an impact on us? All thoughts, and opinions are welcome.


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  • Jun 16 2011: Its not our responsibility, but its just being nice. we can help then get back on their feet and maybe in the future they'll help us when we need it
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      Jun 21 2011: Christian..nice to see you in on this discussion.

      Did you have a chance to take a look at what people from developing nations ( and me) have had to say about the character of that so called "help"?

      What do you think about that.?

      You might enjoy the documentary I referenced somewhere here:World Water Wars:Blue Gold

      It is really about the worlds so called "Campaign to Eliminate Poverty"..really shocking. available on netflix watch instantly.. I'd be interested in your thoughts.( and also your personal reactions.it .hit me very hard)

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