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What would your TED talk be?

If you were ever to give one ;-)

What would be your 18' of an Idea worth spreading?
What would you wish to share?
What story would be your story?

(please keep the answer as short as possible)

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    Jun 16 2011: About our power to transform our world. http://Bit.Ly/ThePowerInfo
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      Jun 17 2011: WOW... thank you for this. I looked up your site, and I will definitely be using your June 14th article/blog about leaving a true legacy when my students read Fahreneheit 451. :-)
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        Jun 17 2011: That is great Linda! I've been recently conversing with our fellow Tedsters and some of them are asking me how can they break away from their routines and help transform our world so although I explained this in Key Power (http://Bit.Ly/KeyPower) part of my blog, I have now made a separate post that may interest you also. (
  • Jun 16 2011: A talk on happiness, why so few try to seek it and how this leads to the most fundamental problems in the world.
  • Jun 17 2011: Developing the Facebook Killer. Finding/creating the next big revolution in social media.

    I'm still writing the story.
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    Jun 17 2011: My talk would fall under the E part of TED as I would share my trials and tribulations, my triumphs and disasters, and my just plain odd experiences that cannot be categorized in regards to what it is like being a high school English teacher.
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    Jun 16 2011: a few ideas from the previous incarnation of the topic
  • Jun 16 2011: I wish to share the social story of my country Colombia. I want to tell the world that we are good people, but with huge society problems, that I want to share withall you abroad and see what solutions you come out with !!
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      Jun 17 2011: I think it would be a good topic as Colombia seems to be suffering under the same 'media stereoscope" as Serbia where only the BAD things are being reported and unjustly so. Two of my smartest, most respectful , conscientious and just plain NICE students emigrated from Columbia 10 years ago, and they feel the same way as you do in regards to how the world looks at Columbia. I hope the three of you will be the start of changing people's minds about this country that people really know little about.
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    Jun 16 2011: Well I recently wrote a philosophical essay on the nature of biology and disease that I would probably expand on a little more and organize it into a talk.

    This is the essay I hope it's viewable.
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    Jun 16 2011: An alternative education system I crafted, why not. With the underlining theme that there are options in how we can run society, and how we should educate our children.
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      Jun 17 2011: Love to know what your system is about!
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    Jun 15 2011: A college focus on generality, or having many general studies. Or a talk on critical thinking.. Or possibly how one can lead to the other.