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As humans are we the universe's way of self preservation?

As humans we can make choices and therefore go against random occurrences so as to move and create things and so (on small scale at the moment) we can change high entropy situations into low entropy situations, although only within closed circuits. For example we can make sandcastles (low entropy) out of a pile of sand (high entropy). If in the future we can do this on a much larger scale could we, in theory, lengthen the age the earth, sun or even the whole universe will last. Or could we go even further and, in a sense, turn back time by changing the whole universes state of entropy back to a lower entropy form? If so would this make us the universe's way of self preservation


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    Jun 16 2011: You need to put energy into a system to bring it from high entropy to lower entropy. How can you bring the whole universe back into low entropy when the only energy you can get would have to be contained in the universe? The universe is one big closed system and entropy will always progress towards it's higher state globally even if it goes the other way in some localities. Humans won't be able to do anything about it, we are part of the universe.
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      Jun 16 2011: Okay I take your point but would we be able to do it to at least parts of our universe as technology increases. for instance just our galaxy in the universe, by using the rest of the universes energy to hold the galaxy in low entropy?

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