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As humans are we the universe's way of self preservation?

As humans we can make choices and therefore go against random occurrences so as to move and create things and so (on small scale at the moment) we can change high entropy situations into low entropy situations, although only within closed circuits. For example we can make sandcastles (low entropy) out of a pile of sand (high entropy). If in the future we can do this on a much larger scale could we, in theory, lengthen the age the earth, sun or even the whole universe will last. Or could we go even further and, in a sense, turn back time by changing the whole universes state of entropy back to a lower entropy form? If so would this make us the universe's way of self preservation


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  • Jun 15 2011: Hello James. I would have phrased it another way; is the Universe there for the survival of the human race? It would be much easier for nature to use it's powers of evolution and allow us to evolve to suit whatever is our destiny. Not enough is known to say entropy rules the Universe. If I was to make a guess; I would say it doesn't. Ability wherever it exists must have something to govern it, or it would spiral out of control and there would be no Universe and no us.
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      Jun 16 2011: I agree with you there but what im trying to get at (I know, badly) is that as humans are conscious beings we can counter random movement and therefore control entropy, this would inevitably at least slow down the arrow of time but only if we could manage it on an extremely large scale (in theory of course). I am wondering whether this makes us: A, time machines (sort of), and/or B, the universe's clever way to attempt to elongate its life.
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        Jun 16 2011: If we were to think of the Universe as a living entity, itself part of something on an order of bigness Un-fathomable to us. I believe that what we call humanity might be another phenomenal expression or tool for the universe to explore and understand itself, as well as eternity (its back yard).
        This might be that ultimate and endless quest for the preservation of its immortality.
        In the same way the atoms we theorize make up our cells and the myriad micro-organisms that live with and of us, all of it is connected.

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