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Is it possible to be simultaneously rational and religious?

Can a person be open-minded and rational and remain anything other than an atheist or an agnostic?

To me it seems that the current scientific evidence available rules out all of the major religions and the vast majority of the minor ones.

In asking this i'm assuming that by being a rational person they accept evidence which is accepted by the majority of the scientific community.

So what do you think?

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  • Jun 19 2011: THE TWELVE APOSTLES:
    1. Andrew - crucified
    2. Bartholomew - beaten then crucified
    3. James, son of Alphaeus - stoned to death
    4. James, son of Zebedee - beheaded
    5. John - exiled for his faith; died of old age
    6. Judas (not Iscariot) - stoned to death
    7. Matthew - speared to death
    8. Peter - crucifed upside down
    9. Philip - crucified
    10. Simon - crucified
    11. Thomas - speared to death
    12. Matthias - stoned to death
    (source: Fox's Book of Martyrs)

    Now, all the apostles were put to death because of their continuous preaching of Jesus Christ. What made me become a Christian was this fact: If Jesus Christ was just a sham, why didn't these men go on with their normal lives and avoid such horrible deaths?

    Also, I would like to see how science disproves all major religions. If you look at the Cambrian explosion, for instance, it sounds like a sudden creation of differentiating species, much like Creationist theories.

    I'm not a religious troll. In fact, I'm very much open to finding out the truth in life, so any differing opinions against mine are always welcome.
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      Jun 19 2011: The hijackers of 9/11 also suffered horrible deaths. Dying for your faith doesn't it make it true.
      • J Ali

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        Jun 19 2011: Of course not.......because if dying for it made it true then it must have not been true before dying for it........

        Most religions are false......because they can't all be right.......I think any religion which can possibly be true is a religion which is accepting of scientific evidence and of philosophical and logical proof.......because there is absolutely no reason why philosophy and logic can't get along with science.....I mean, Science and philosophy are two different things which can both be right at the same time......I, as a Muslim, accept all scientific evidence only when it is evidence, but I also accept all philosophical proof which has been given on God and related topics by great philosophers such as Avicenna, Averroes and Sadr al Din al Shirazi....

        you cannot say that Avicenna was not scientific and religious at the same time.....because he was a polymath and at the same time was a deeply religious Muslim.

        Because science is dealing with the physical world in front of us.....while philosophy deals with metaphysical beings which, according to their proofs, exist necessarily....

        Anyone who wants to follow a religion must not be intrigued by ''different'' clothes or mystical things of which there is no proof.....Religion is not what you do...it's what tells you what to believe and do.....

        Instead, someone who wants to follow a religion must look at how logical it is....because only what is true should be followed and not what we make up....what we make up can truly be called man-made religion....What I follow, I believe, is from God.....

        only after that can I start thinking of dying for my faith....
      • J Ali

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        Jun 19 2011: Haha.....Ask a Philosopher....I mean the old philosophy not the new Western philosophy........and I didn't say that it only deals with metaphysical beings.....I said it does but not only.......Philosophy deals with everything that exists.....existence....it was like that for a long time.....maybe western philosophy might go into more stuff, I don't know and don't really care considering that it is based on material things........unlike Avicennean philosophy and Aristotle's philosophy which is on Existence in itself.....Metaphysical or not.......

        anyway I also mentioned Logic with Philosophy..........and Avicenna and his like were Muslim philosophers and also logicians and they and others proved God and at the same time were also scientists.......the question is whether you can be religious and scientific remember........

        Philosophy is- broadly- the study of the nature of existence, knowledge and reality.......other than that is physics or any other sciences
      • Jun 30 2011: I think there may be a slight (read "huge") difference between being put to death for peacefully preaching something you believe in more strongly than your own life. Terrorists attacked. The disciples preached. I don't really think you can compare the deaths of those religious men. Not without a backpack full of ignorance. I agree with Christopher. I am a science lover but also a Christian. I've seen both sides of the argument, argued both sides of it, read books on both sides of it, and spent more of my life than I think necessary researching each argument and its validity. I think what he is getting at is that these disciples were interacting with Jesus of Nazareth on a daily basis. They were his friends, disciples, and students. I think their opinion of their teacher is more valid than ours, attempting to look back and analyze over thousands of years. Why would they go through so much for their teacher if he hadn't had something very valid about his teachings, a large part of them being that he was the predicted Jewish messiah. There are also various non-secular historians from the time period that document the validity of these people's lives. Again, why should someone 2000 years in the future have a better opinion than the people who interacted with the person on a daily basis? I think that's the point Chris is trying to make and it's one that I've also come to accept. I'm not a religious troll, I love science and TED and even learning more about both sides of this argument, but after hearing enough of it I'm with Christopher on this one.

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