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Empowering our species. An open journal written by and reinforcing the integrity of the masses.

Charles Darwin
 “It is worthy of remark that a belief constantly inculcated during the early years of life, whilst the brain is impressible, appears to acquire almost the nature of an instinct; and the very essence of an instinct is that it is followed independently of [conscious] reason.”

I would like with your help to create a compendium of tools for the express purpose of passing on to new generations the most salient of truths and wisdom. 

I have chosen to focus my energies on 10 strategies which are said to be used in controlling the masses. I figure if I can arm our children against being manipulated unawares then maybe their generation will be better equipped to do what is necessary for our survival as an evolving species. 
I am asking that you take some time reading each of the ideals, then offer your opinion or make changes to the original affirmation I have provided. 

Please use the rating system provided by TED to vote for those comments you feel best addressed the idea being discussed.

I am open to suggestions.


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  • Jul 13 2011: Wayne, Knowing who I was allowed me to lead an employee revolt that led to the closure of a scientology cell posing as a 'marketing/recruiting' company. When they did not pay us for marketing interviews submitted by a dozen or so- I led a revolt.
    Boy o boy! I was hitting engram after engram. These people were less clear than I; rebel without a cause, I saw through the tin can galvanics. A close buddy, also 20, walked away as soon as the scientology connection became clear. I am too too arrogant
    to be a-cult-urated.
    I notice that spelling alert wants us to capitalize scientology.
    As if.
    As always

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