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Charles Darwin
 “It is worthy of remark that a belief constantly inculcated during the early years of life, whilst the brain is impressible, appears to acquire almost the nature of an instinct; and the very essence of an instinct is that it is followed independently of [conscious] reason.”

I would like with your help to create a compendium of tools for the express purpose of passing on to new generations the most salient of truths and wisdom. 

I have chosen to focus my energies on 10 strategies which are said to be used in controlling the masses. I figure if I can arm our children against being manipulated unawares then maybe their generation will be better equipped to do what is necessary for our survival as an evolving species. 
I am asking that you take some time reading each of the ideals, then offer your opinion or make changes to the original affirmation I have provided. 

Please use the rating system provided by TED to vote for those comments you feel best addressed the idea being discussed.

I am open to suggestions.


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  • Jul 12 2011: Jesus' dicta regarding maltreatment of children shone true for me through the fog of rite and ritual and all of the foolery like splinters of the true cross brought to our grade three catechism class.
    I wanted to find some truth in this poor crucified fool. Self-abnegation is not a comfortable concept for a bright child who is under ego attack from a caregiver.
    I was intrigued enough to have always kept near me the crucifix my grandmother gave me at age ten.
    I have learned that 'example' is the most basic way of serving the world.
    And I have adopted the physicians dictum in all of my life
    'First, do no harm."
    It saves much barging, blurting, and misdirected and judgmental lecturing.
    Honesty such that one can take a child's criticism.
    Reading to my kids
    Being unashamed to express my estimation of or love
    especially for those who might need it.
    A trust in my sense of nuance
    An adult in this world must expect to be corrected by 'youth'
    or not.
    I believe that a gentle answer will turn away all but the most obstreperous wrath.
    I don't go 'Death Wish'
    but I won't 'shut up'
    I will stand up and be accountable
    My children, 20 and 16, seem to respect my path.
    Today I am 56.
    Even now I " know "where my children are
    one child needs my respectful distance
    I am responsible for feeding our connection
    my other feeds off our conversations begun before he was babbling
    and playing with his fingers and toes.
    Anyway Wayne I am behind your action
    I'll check back on your conversation.
    Indigo Ray
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      Jul 12 2011: Thank you for your input Ray. Your life experience provided an example where I was hoping to see more people disclose.
      I hope with three days left that more people who are interested will submit there ideas.

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