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Empowering our species. An open journal written by and reinforcing the integrity of the masses.

Charles Darwin
 “It is worthy of remark that a belief constantly inculcated during the early years of life, whilst the brain is impressible, appears to acquire almost the nature of an instinct; and the very essence of an instinct is that it is followed independently of [conscious] reason.”

I would like with your help to create a compendium of tools for the express purpose of passing on to new generations the most salient of truths and wisdom. 

I have chosen to focus my energies on 10 strategies which are said to be used in controlling the masses. I figure if I can arm our children against being manipulated unawares then maybe their generation will be better equipped to do what is necessary for our survival as an evolving species. 
I am asking that you take some time reading each of the ideals, then offer your opinion or make changes to the original affirmation I have provided. 

Please use the rating system provided by TED to vote for those comments you feel best addressed the idea being discussed.

I am open to suggestions.

  • Jul 13 2011: Wayne, Knowing who I was allowed me to lead an employee revolt that led to the closure of a scientology cell posing as a 'marketing/recruiting' company. When they did not pay us for marketing interviews submitted by a dozen or so- I led a revolt.
    Boy o boy! I was hitting engram after engram. These people were less clear than I; rebel without a cause, I saw through the tin can galvanics. A close buddy, also 20, walked away as soon as the scientology connection became clear. I am too too arrogant
    to be a-cult-urated.
    I notice that spelling alert wants us to capitalize scientology.
    As if.
    As always
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    Jun 16 2011: Great question Wayne! you have indeed struck the very core of my mission. I am not exactly sure if some people are intently controlling the people. What I know for sure is that we the people have the power to right our planet. Let me answer it from my perspective and hope to come out with our stronger unified concept:

    10. Know our core identity (http://Bit.Ly/KeyPower), ignite our hearts and minds to right our government - our singular voice (http://bit.ly/SimpleIdeas) (Solution 4 and 5 http://bit.ly/SolutionStrategies)

    6. Develop a more constructive paradigm and consequent productive patterns of behavior. Similar to 10.
    9. Inform yourself, know your rights and be active in the evolution of Democracy. Solution 4 and 5
    8. Inspire excellence and good moral character. (http://Bit.Ly/KeyPower)
    7. Yes education is very important as Nicholas noted. Academic education, moral (humanism) and education of our key powers and principles - love, hope, trust, freedom, justice, truth.
    5. Always and with respect address your peers as maturing individuals . Our Key Power.
    4. Not choose is to choose someone else who will choose for you. Reinforce our systems (government-business-economy) with the principles of freedom, justice and truth. Solution 4 and 5
    3. Persistence, wisdom of the ages and act towards your brethren accordingly. Key powers.
    2. evolving level of global clarity or consensus - key power 1
    1. meditation, connection to earth, focus, collaborate, fulfilling your potential. Key powers.
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    Jun 16 2011: You got a lot for me to read. I suggest though, delete what you feel are the least entertaining and/or informative.

    Great conversation dude.

    Education is key! I cannot stress this enough! Teaching = learning/educating. Everyone should practice being a teacher, the world would unite, which is the goal right? What is the "goal" exactly, Wayne?
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      Jun 17 2011: which ones do you feel are the problematic ones and why? please dont be shy i am looking to improve my approach and hope that one day my children will benefit from our efforts.

      "Teaching = learning/educating" love this live by it and will pass it on thanks man!!
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        Jun 30 2011: Questions are best tackled by developing a personal stand point then seeking facts/information and others opinions who gain(ed) strong credibility to match thoughts on. The problem with modern academia is it allows people to appeal to ancient authority, or just overall "authority" all together followed by a series of appeal to ignorance.

        Aristotle. The greatest example of who people refer to for a philosophical reference. Today, Aristotle would be a college graduate with a masters in philosophy and theology/religion.

        A genius is born all the time, without the world knowing. One kid is playing around with Einstein's relativity theory. (google it). Countless future musicians are on youtube, future athletes. Entertainment is increasing, so does the athletes being used in the entertainment, the genres of music, the art in cultures, everything changes countlessly, because of competition.

        You need to be the best at something to be heard or cared about. Questions..

        What is the goal?

        Children? Great! I agree, but my two kids are not enough to change the world. We need a billion kids learning open-ended educations and practicing thinking skills to excel in life. Anyone can be someone as long as they are "unique".

        In America.. If you want to be heard, get famous, easy enough. Anyway. Music, comedy, movies, blog, etc... American celebrities are some of the biggest forces behind campaigns for better educations and green energy. This is never on the public news. People care, but the ones who don't are the ones who get highlighted.

        WE do not know any better because we are keeping these thoughts to ourselves. The thoughts that we are all the same, but details divide the world. "I hate you, you broke my couch. Why hate? Why grudge? Forgive and forget, if they repay, stay. If they don't, leave. " Simple logic, no?

        Be passive and ask questions do not assume, ignorance is bliss, knowledge is freedom, Compete with ones mind as well as body. Highlight the unique.
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          Jul 12 2011: ...function follows form follows function... "What is the Goal?" please reread and post your ideas.
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    Jun 16 2011: I believe that if we just naturally practiced meditation, critical thinking, and logical reasoning while practicing to build ones spirituality in relation to "oneness"... we would essentially evolve in intelligence quicker. If we just naturally went about life, asking questions, competing physically, growing food, picking food, making clothing, etc. As common rituals, all would appreciate life more.

    Consumerism is doing a terrible thing for the evolution of man kind..

    Must be one species to succeed in evolution, to not be eliminated naturally or unnaturally (arguably). Natural evolutionist or "futurist" believe part of evolution will be the process of leaving this planet, as it will naturally be apart of our exploring natures or "curiosity".

    Transhumanist, believe the day we use technology to directly benefit our anatomy. biology, and genetics will be the day we are above human being, we will be trans-human. Really interesting philosophers working under this school.

    I find education to be of the most common term we can place giant emphasis on to empower people to "see the light" to achieve the epiphany that life is just a series of lessons memorized in more than just our thoughts, but in our bodies and subconsciousness. A great education, to me, increases your "free will" (or something like free will), it provides insight on all actions because every action should lead to a new question in life. You stop asking questions, you lose conscious choices in life.

    Education needs to attack the minds of all types of thinkers. All kids are not great at logical reasoning nor all are great at critical thinking. However, you can practice both, they both are skills. Skepticism to me is a skill. To much is bad, to little is terrible, need a balance of skeptical thinking.

    Anyways. All educations in the world need to dictate three things. 1. ALL are equal, period. 2. No one should get more than the other. 3. Live to better yourself, and the world will better itself.
  • Jul 12 2011: Jesus' dicta regarding maltreatment of children shone true for me through the fog of rite and ritual and all of the foolery like splinters of the true cross brought to our grade three catechism class.
    I wanted to find some truth in this poor crucified fool. Self-abnegation is not a comfortable concept for a bright child who is under ego attack from a caregiver.
    I was intrigued enough to have always kept near me the crucifix my grandmother gave me at age ten.
    I have learned that 'example' is the most basic way of serving the world.
    And I have adopted the physicians dictum in all of my life
    'First, do no harm."
    It saves much barging, blurting, and misdirected and judgmental lecturing.
    Honesty such that one can take a child's criticism.
    Reading to my kids
    Being unashamed to express my estimation of or love
    especially for those who might need it.
    A trust in my sense of nuance
    An adult in this world must expect to be corrected by 'youth'
    or not.
    I believe that a gentle answer will turn away all but the most obstreperous wrath.
    I don't go 'Death Wish'
    but I won't 'shut up'
    I will stand up and be accountable
    My children, 20 and 16, seem to respect my path.
    Today I am 56.
    Even now I " know "where my children are
    one child needs my respectful distance
    I am responsible for feeding our connection
    my other feeds off our conversations begun before he was babbling
    and playing with his fingers and toes.
    Anyway Wayne I am behind your action
    I'll check back on your conversation.
    Indigo Ray
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      Jul 12 2011: Thank you for your input Ray. Your life experience provided an example where I was hoping to see more people disclose.
      I hope with three days left that more people who are interested will submit there ideas.
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    Jun 15 2011: 10)Know the people better than they know themselves. Warning: number ten is well understood by those who captain industry on a planetary scale.
    10)My counter:
    Get to know yourself, where you live and where you came from. Government is a millennia old tool built on and exploiting the wealth of knowledge acquired throughout recorded history, including all ‘proven’ life sciences. It therefore makes available to those who can harness the information, uncanny insight into whom and why you are the way you are.
    ‘It is in our nature to manipulate what we would understand and our responsibility to command in ourselves the integrity we demand of others’. It follows then that although you are conditioned to play a role in your given system the most effective way you can maintain some acceptable modicum of control over your destiny is to be actively and consciously involved in your development. Once again, ignorance is not bliss. Stay informed, choose and act.
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    Jun 15 2011: 9) Use bureaucracy to paralyze detractors and make them appear the cause of their problems; They should be made to look ignorant, unappealing and disruptive.

    9) My counter:
    Inform yourself, know your rights and be active in the evolution of Democracy. Define fault and more importantly help define remedies for those factors that contribute to the development of destructive social behaviors. Democratic societies have legislated responsibilities for promoting the prosperity of their constituents and individual citizens are responsible for their own actions and the consequences these bring to the collective. Be the change.
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    Jun 15 2011: 8) Encourage mediocrity. The eighth method is a slow poison.

    8)My counter:
    Encourage excellence and quality of character through example. ‘Tis folly to demand of others what you will not command in your-self.’
    Always shoot for the stars because those who reach for mediocrity usually fall short.
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    Jun 15 2011: 7) Encourage ignorance. I think, one of the most diabolically effective methods of control.

    7) My counter:
    It is incumbent on all educators to teach the exceptions as well as the rule, while encouraging their students to constructively challenge all they are taught towards the goal of refining our collective understanding of all subject matter.
    Learn something new everyday and keep your-self well informed about new developments in life sciences. There is no excuse in this information age to be completely ignorant of the world and our-selves. Ignorance is not bliss.
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    Jun 15 2011: 6) Play with their emotions. The sixth method of control.

    6) My counter:
    Be cognizant of your usual patterns of emotional response to stressors. This knowledge will help you more effectively leverage time for reflection towards developing a more constructive paradigm and consequent productive patterns of behavior.
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    Jun 15 2011: 5) Address your audience using an infantilizing tone. The fifth method of control.

    5)My counter:
    Always and with respect address your peers as maturing individuals; calling on them to adopt what responsibility they can for themselves and their actions. In this way you provide them opportunities to develop those tools necessary for personal growth while surrounding yourself with competence.
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    Jun 15 2011: 4) Deferring accountability. The forth method used for controlling the masses.

    4) My counter: Be vigilant and always consider the consequences of your actions. Grow up and put away your naiveté. Demand an informed choice and exercise conscious decisions making processes. Remember: to not choose is to choose someone else who will choose for you.

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    Jun 15 2011: 3) Degradation. The third method used to control the masses.


3)My counter:
    Here, as ever, persistence is paramount. Define and then continuously refine your morality. Contemplate the golden rule and other wisdom of the ages and act towards your brethren accordingly. Do not subjugate your self to pathologic hobbies. The secondary gains you enjoy while performing them amount to nothing more than masturbation and as such waste the potential your particular and unique skill sets were built to reveal.
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    Jun 15 2011: 2)Create a problem then offer your own solution. The second know means of controlling the masses.

    2) My counter:
    Where ever you are asked or able, be honest and diligent in giving of your perspective or understanding towards the dissolution of problems.
    We are all ignorant of something but if we pool our knowledge and help one another challenge our individual theories and biases, an evolving level of global clarity or consensus will be gained. A new and dynamic foundation built of ‘uncommon sense’ and the verifiable integrity of us all.

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    Jun 15 2011: Charles Darwin
 “It is worthy of remark that a belief constantly inculcated during the early years of life, whilst the brain is impressible, appears to acquire almost the nature of an instinct; and the very essence of an instinct is that it is followed independently of [conscious] reason.”

    1)The strategy of distraction.


1) My counter:
    As often as possible step out of the steady steam of mind numbing and consequently enfeebling sensory bombardment normal to our culture, so that you may sit and calmly explore through meditation, the fullest limits of your ability to process sound, touch, sight, smell and taste. ‘…

    It is essential that your senses become retuned to the natural world of which you were born’. Understanding your connection to Earth will help you learn and remember those things most important to life.
    No matter your proficiency, such experiences will improve your ability to understand who you truly are outside of your profession or pastime.
    You will become more able to focus, and thereby collaborate in a conscious and informed manner, fulfilling your potential through your efforts.