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What is your mantra for work-life balance?

If there is one share, if there isn't what would you want to try as a possibility?

Also how would that enhance not only your relationships and overall quality of life but also effectiveness of your work itself?


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    Mar 11 2011: I have a block on my desk that says "Never get too busy making a living that you forget to make a life."

    Unfortunately, I don't have anything close to a balance yet - work is the winner 90% of the time.

    However, a trip to Israel in 2008 helped me achieve whatever balance I have now. Having put off vacations for a decade because I couldn't afford to NOT be at work (what if I miss a referral??), I finally signed up for the trip. The trip changed my life and when I got home, I realized I was better at what I do because I had new insights, I was relaxed, I was happy.

    Life experiences make you a better person and better at your job. While it may be obvious to everyone, it wasn't obvious to me then: you have to take time for vacations. This understanding alone has changed my work-life balance forever.

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