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What is your mantra for work-life balance?

If there is one share, if there isn't what would you want to try as a possibility?

Also how would that enhance not only your relationships and overall quality of life but also effectiveness of your work itself?


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  • Mar 11 2011: I think that it is perfectly possible to have a balanced life - fisical, mental and spiritual. It depends on your capacity and decition on have your life balanced.
    There is enough time to do everything you want during a week. We spewnd most of the time working. It is natural because it is necessary for your survival and allow you to have time and buy other things that you want and to do what makes you happy like play tennis with your friends or simply stay chating in a bar.
    It is fundamental that you have time for your spiritual development and for making you morally better. This is what you really acquire and is your like your intelectual development. No one can take out of you. It belongs you.
    The money and material things that you have can be easily take out of you by others and then all of these things are not really yours. This is why it is an ilusion when you run after money to acquire things. This is why you hav to spend less time to work just to add more money in your pocket.
    Based on these considerations I believe it is easyer to balance your life with less stress and been happy withy your famiyle.

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