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What is your mantra for work-life balance?

If there is one share, if there isn't what would you want to try as a possibility?

Also how would that enhance not only your relationships and overall quality of life but also effectiveness of your work itself?


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  • Feb 21 2011: I agree that we alone are responsible for not only ensuring our balance, but designing what that looks like for us as individuals. My idea of balance is probably not yours, and certainly it's not the responsibility of corporations to figure it out. I think that Rewards (fancy vacations, second homes, sports cars, etc) can get confused with Balance/Peace (feeling like all of your dimensions of being human are being addressed on a somewhat regular basis). I find that setting some goals on at least an annual basis about how you want to design life balance provides some direction. And before that, getting really clear on what values you want to base your life around.

    My "mantra" for work-life balance is Wag, Live, Love - it's not just for dogs. We get so caught up in Doing all the time, that we don't give enough attention to simple practices that can cultivate happiness and positivity on a consistent basis. Agree with Nigel that simple things like walking the dogs, listening to inspiring music, or cooking a beautiful meal are the building blocks for a satisfying life. Happiness is available right here and right now - not after retirement, not when you meet the right person, not when your career takes off. We just have to choose it and practice it until we master it.

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