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What is your mantra for work-life balance?

If there is one share, if there isn't what would you want to try as a possibility?

Also how would that enhance not only your relationships and overall quality of life but also effectiveness of your work itself?


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    Feb 18 2011: As a young person, I look to my future often. I spend my days in college going to classes and learning as much as I can through simply "living life." However, lately, I have begun to see a trend growing among my peers. A collective dissatisfaction with how we value success. What are we striving towards?

    Why should we work our entire lives? Regardless if you attach a religious element to it, why spend your one valuable life on earth working away when there is so much to experience and love?

    Our materialistic world brainwashes us and makes money the end all be all in our lives. Might I ask, why? Maybe it's time we slow down and enjoy our the simple things in life. Ultimately, you have to make a decision. Either keep up with the pace of competition and always find yourself at work OR take a back seat and understand there are more important things in life. We have to be courageous enough to leave behind our materialistic, competitive nature and focus on our more limited resource; time.


    • Mar 13 2011: I agree with your ideas.

      I also think that many people (including me) are afraid to stop working or decrease their work engagements because we don't know how long we will live. Will we have enough money to pay rent when we will be 90 years old? Help our children when needed? What if we get sick and who will pay even the basic bills like food and heating? Should we rely that my government will help?

      I am looking at a way I can decrease my work from 5 to 4 days but still keep some decent prospect of working and saving money.

      What are you thoughts on this?

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