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How and when do you view TEDTalks? What is your TEDTalk habit?

I am curious to know if there is a particular day of the week, weekend or time of day you watch TEDTalks. Do you watch TEDTalks on a particular day of the week, weekend or is there a particular time? Do you watch a single TEDTalk or think about watching them in a series? What is your TEDTalk habit?

Closing Statement from Ronda Carnegie

It is Saturday morning -- my favorite time to dedicate the early morning to watching TEDTalks after I walk the dog and before the kids wake up. Like those who commented, we are enjoying learning about the viewing habits around TEDTalks. I am intrigued by the notion of creating ways to we at TED can further create tools to enhance your experience. I enjoyed reading comments....that those who view may start out with single talk which leads them to others....people are creating a viewing experience over a selected period of time (45 minutes for example). While some have a way in which they watch TEDTalks, others like to spend time learning more about speakers and their work after viewing a Talk.

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    Feb 13 2011: I watch one talk at a time. I visit webpage of the speaker, relevant links from the talk itself, if possible I read book of the speaker. I think about the talk.
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    Feb 26 2011: For me it was a habit to watch a talk daily or every other day, with Ups & Downs of course. At first it was haphazard, then i figured out i can do it in series e.g. TED 2010 talks and so on.
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    Feb 19 2011: After lunch, there are 20~30 minutes remaining. So it's enough time to watch one talk. I try to watch a talk or translate even a small part of talk into my language in my spare time. And I also spend my time visiting website and reading books related to the speaker or the subject.
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    Feb 18 2011: I tend to watch several TEDtalks back to back, about 45 minutes worth. I love to share great talks when with friends - especially the short ones.
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    Feb 16 2011: When ever I don't have downtime ;)
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    Feb 16 2011: I don't have a particular day of the week or time of the day. Sometimes I watch only one talk, but often the talk takes me further, to other related speakers or themes and websites. In that case, I tend to see more talks on the subject or more from the same speaker.