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Organise a referendum on new rules of TED Conversations.

Many of you have raised concerns over the sudden changes that have taken place on TED without much warning. Because I started a thread proposing an idea similar to what has happened (not identical though), I have been accused of being the main instigator of these changes.

In the interest of fairness, I propose that major changes to TED be submitted to a referendum. TEDconversations already supplies a suitable platform for this, so it's just a matter of TEDadmin creating threads for these referendums.

Surely, given my unlimited power on TED, it's a matter of weeks before this idea is implemented (/sarcasm).

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    Jun 16 2011: In light of your Conversation on organizing a referendum, it's important to note that we have had the intention of removing open-ended Conversations prior to this Conversation regarding the matter. Matthieu, you're Conversations have been informative for TED. We appreciate the feedback and, again, the removal of open-ended Conversations is something we considered prior to the start of your Conversations.

    Thank you,
    TED Conversations Admin
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      Jun 16 2011: .very nice support from TED admin ..and well deserved..Matthieu you had been a victim of attcks by other members who have been flinging a lot of mud lately. I like this practice of admin clarifying in writing for all to see. Perhaps it will shut the meme generators down and restore calm and civility..
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      Jun 16 2011: this conversation is closed, yet, i can reply. that's fortunate. you can keep this feature :)
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    Jun 15 2011: Good luck Matthieu. And sorry I called you French.
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    Jun 15 2011: I think we should give admin a bit of time to catch their breath and TELL US what THEY WOULD LIKE TO HAVE HERE. It is their site after all and they are accountable to the sponsor who is funding it

    They already have given us a very well written non authoritatrian rules of conversations, the "Terms Of Use" to which we all agree.. It just seems that the problem is some folk don't really understand what civility means, don't really get what it means to have a business like conversation and don't seem to understand this isn't a big chat room.

    I think Admin has ben admirably light handed and patient trying to coax a few persistent bad apples ( it's only about 5 people causing all this big broo ha ha..the other 100,000 seem to be getting along fine)

    A referndum is very unwise.

    If I were GE I'd pull the plug.
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    Jun 15 2011: Sounds like a good idea to me. Though I'm new to TED conversations so I don't know what it was like before :)