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WHO should speak at TED who hasn't...

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Closing Statement from Terry Torok

A stimulating variety, fascinating short list and perhaps an introduction of a subject panel of contrasting views invited "by popular demand of the TED audience"

  • Jun 17 2011: My father, he knows everything.
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    Jun 15 2011: The Pope with lady gaga together...

    But serious:

    - Gunther Pauli
    - Koen Van Mechelen
    - Noam Chomsky
    - Amartya Sen
    - Haruki Murakami
    - Roland Duchâtelet
    - Jody Foster
    - Salman Rushdie [edit]
    - Umberto Eco
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      Jun 15 2011: Sorry to correct you Christophe but you spelled Salman's name with an "O" instead of an "A".I find it funny because it sounds like salmon,the fish!!!!! so sorry if you find this offensive.Its just funny to me.sorry. *wink*
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    Jun 18 2011: Robert Hare, PhD. Expert in psychopathy creator of the psychopathic checklist on the topic of 'corporations'.
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    Jun 18 2011: @ Christofe Cop +1, maybe Bill Murray could introduce them :)

    But also on a more serious note:

    - Rick Strassman
    - Noam Chomsky
    - Norman Finkelstein
    - Mike Reynolds
    - David Cronemberg
    - Alex Grey
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      Jun 18 2011: I approve your list and would raise you a Desmond Morris, and a Douglas Rushkoff.
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    Jun 18 2011: Neil Young
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    Jun 15 2011: In order I would like to see them:

    - Christopher Hitchens
    - Tim Tebow
    - Philip Bobbitt
    - Bill Maher
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    Jun 15 2011: Dr.Mahathir Muhammad and Queen Elizabeth ( I don't know why, I just love them both!)
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    Jun 15 2011: Warren and Jimmy Buffet...