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"What is your TED story? How TED or TEDx has impacted your life in a meaningful way"? Want to share it?

I believe there is great potential on sharing our personal TED or TEDx story, and how it affected you or your life. We can create a human collage of our own experiences and anecdotes.

My own experience from TED was that, during a "difficult" turn in my life, I needed courage to cope with changes in my life to move forward. So I wanted to connect with people who would serve as examples and "role models" of going through difficult times and finally arriving!!! So I spent my two weeks of summer vacation where I would wake up in the morning, walk for 10 miles, come back and watch TED talks for the rest of the morning. It was like a "treatment". Watching Tonny Robbins or Liz Bolte Taylor was exactly what I wanted to connect with. It was striking that through the TED.com platform I had such a great support for FREE. People I did not know were helping me out! WOW! That was a defining moment for me. So, I later started the TEDxAcademy in Greece. I guess there are incredible stories "out there". So sharing stories by how TED or TEDx has impacted someones life will give us great insights and perspective as TEDx organizers and members of a social network that we want to make the difference. So What is YOUR TED story?


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    Feb 20 2011: Although I had known about TED talks for sometime, what really struk me in a more definite way was to be in TEDxSaoPaulo about 14 months ago. We had all the speakers but one to be Brazilians, so it was really awesome to see things being shared that was really new for most of the attendees or topics that were being negleted by main stream media. I felt energized and proud of my people and that changes were happening in my country.

    Then by the end of the day, a young 19 year old volunteer came up on the stand and challenged people like me who speak-write English to help out with translation and sub-titles, since the Brazilians were behind the Bulgarians in the TED Translation ranking.

    It just happens that today there is no video available for Portuguese-Brasil translation or review. The Brazilians volunteers are so in for it that seldom is there a talk on the waiting list. I guess what looked as a competitive effort turned out to be a major effort to make all talks availabre for the Brazilian people.

    So it is really joyful to share that TED impacted my life in such a way that made me a part of it's community worldwide.

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