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If an AI is created from mapping a human brain, could we create a "code" for LSD and then make the AI run it? what would be the results?

Pretty much whats in the title.

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    Jun 18 2011: You would get an AI that really goes internal and questions its universe. Then you'd probably get a whole bunch of them on TED arguing over whether Man exists or is it all just 1's and 0's..
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    Jun 14 2011: do you know how LSD works in the brain?
    • Jun 14 2011: I have no idea how LSD works in the brain. I'm simply trying to ask that if we create an AI from brain emulation, could we then create "digital drugs" which could be administered to the AIs. And I thought it interesting to consider what the effects of such work might be.

      I'm just interested because LSD is sometimes called a spiritual journey, or is often related to the meta-physical and philosophical pursuits. So how would a machine react to it?

      EDIT: Lols at your profile pic. only realised it there now.
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        Jun 15 2011: lol me and lucy know each other pretty well :) that would be interesting, but would a computer AI rely on chemical functions? cause lsd does.
        • Jun 15 2011: Well my knowledge on this subject is sparse at best, but if the brain is pure chemical functions and if it could be mapped digitally in the future, then why can't the effects of drugs on the brain be also mapped digitally. Possibly turned into apps which could be run on a brain/AI.

          Could this open up a world of submitting LSD, Alcohol, Cannabis to a drugs app database. Imagine that; downloading LSD 3.2 and running it on your mind.

          Fun thought; If malevolent machines take over, we could have an Independence day type scenario happen where we'd upload a natural drug to the AI, thus incapacitating it and giving us a chance to fight back. What a beautiful scenario, our supreme creations being destroyed thanks to mother earth.
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        Jun 15 2011: theres a theory that god as we know it is actually a group of beings in another time running us as an experiment. they would be so smart that to us they would be gods, and our reality is some bio/technologicaly infused program running off some set variables. so maybe all that lsd i have done is already digital, to them