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Is the generation in education getting less intelligent than the ones before them or smarter?

I often hear people say that the generation after them are not as smart as they were growing up. By people I mean the adults like my parents and grandparents. What is your input on the issues with education? Do you believe the education system is falling apart?


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  • Jul 3 2011: I think this largely depends on how you view intelligence. If intellect was simply knowledge gained from exposure to new material, I would have to say that the current generation is far more "intellectual" because they have the opportunity to access so much in today's digital age. However, when intellect is viewed upon as not only the ability to digest the material given, but to understand and implement it, I think the past generations were more intellectual.

    I think today's systen of education has more material to offer, but not the correct techniques/tools to engage students, to get them thinking about more than what is written in the textbook. As a student, I often feel North American cirrucculums don't put enough of an emphasis on critical thinking and connecting material to ideas, other subjects, and the outside world.

    So in the end, I believe we, the current generation, lack many components of intellect that can only be provided to the public with a better educational system; one that teaches, and not just informs.

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