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Is the generation in education getting less intelligent than the ones before them or smarter?

I often hear people say that the generation after them are not as smart as they were growing up. By people I mean the adults like my parents and grandparents. What is your input on the issues with education? Do you believe the education system is falling apart?


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    Jun 15 2011: Neither.

    The biggest problem with education currently is that there is way too much focus and hype around all things digital. Changing the tool does not make one smarter.

    Education appears to be undergoing reform, which is a great thing. It isn't falling apart any more than the rest of the world. But even that isn't really falling apart, just changing.

    As the people of the world become more connected, the flaws and holes and lies that have sustained our last 100 years are becoming obvious because people are talking, not just being fed propaganda.

    The powers that be are scared, or at least trying to tackle a brave new century with the same old attitudes and approaches. They will fail.

    So no, education isn't falling apart, but hopefully, the stupid, mindless bureaucracy that has dictated to it is.
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      Jun 28 2011: Hi Scott,
      The tools in some communities have been broken for years, even decades (there is also a small population who has NEVER had access). Digital technology is making information fluid. Those of us who had little to no use of all those tools of antiquity are finally able to access information at a higher rate with the help of low cost technology.

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