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Is the generation in education getting less intelligent than the ones before them or smarter?

I often hear people say that the generation after them are not as smart as they were growing up. By people I mean the adults like my parents and grandparents. What is your input on the issues with education? Do you believe the education system is falling apart?


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  • Jun 25 2011: Education is certainly evolving, and the transformation is more pronounced in the last two decades than it has been before. I am from India and have witnessed a major change. In my school days in the early 1990s, computers had been only introduced with nobody really getting a chance to use it as a tool as they are being used today.We did not have the Google to search and enhance our information on a click of the button, we had to work hard to scout for information go the library, scout for the books and read to obtain information. This made us work hard, apply our mind, dedicate our precious resource-time, and work towards with focused approach to accomplish our goal with avoidable distractions of the internet and smart phones....but today the students may have the information, they are apparently "able" owing to the information but are not developing the "capabilities". It is the generation which may or may not be smarter but they are enjoying the benefits of the work of the preceding generation. It is only time which will tell that are we developing or regressing our abilities of thinking and application with the overdose of technology in our present education system. Lets not loose hope, because the present generation will always come out with the innovations which the previous generation never thought of. No one in 1855, thought that there will be an aircraft in reality it was only a fiction but it is a reality today so generations have evolved & no one before 2000 thought of a social networking making world smaller and getting people closer.
    Let us enjoy without judgement, evolution is a fact and will always continue.

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