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Is the generation in education getting less intelligent than the ones before them or smarter?

I often hear people say that the generation after them are not as smart as they were growing up. By people I mean the adults like my parents and grandparents. What is your input on the issues with education? Do you believe the education system is falling apart?


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  • Jun 24 2011: I think the word "intelligent" is changing very rapidly. Don't you think it's a waste of time that every generation has to spend the first 20 years learning the same knowledge? And that it's almost like a race to find out who's quicker (current definition of intelligent)?

    I think education will change drastically, hopefully to one that involves a system that stores all the known knowledge of human history, and more importantly, an interface with which we can access this knowledge base. In this future period, our time and efforts will be dedicated entirely to solve problems, not learning how to.

    - Ding

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