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What do you guys say about bullying?

I just want to know what perspectives people have on the whole thing being as though it’s nothing new to us, but something that has been around for years and was just frowned upon. There is no wrong answer to this question. I just want to hear your input.


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  • Jul 9 2011: Bullying? Ha.

    It depends on where a person is bullied? School? Work? Home?

    Overall, it's usually used as a force to normalize that which is abnormal through use of fear, humiliation and abuse. Or just having one person get from you what they want (probably cause they were bullied too at some point).

    Group bullying is the worst. When a group of people bully an individual, especially as a youth, there is nothing more demonic. The blind judging the blind. Like surgery being performed by a bunch of idiotic psychos. Youth is hell for some.

    That said, some form of bullying can actually create very motivated,self-possessed individuals who are intellectually self-motivated to constantly improve, using the bully voice as a self-critic to better oneself. They may in fact be the ones keeping our economy and countries running. (The bullies and the bullied working in unison!)

    Perfectionist bullies at least have some positive side effects (as long as they ultimately wish you to become more intelligent, genuinely, it can be forgiven).

    A bunch of stupid children talking sh*$ is something else. That is pure cowardice.

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