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When is murder or killing acceptable?

Discuss: war, crimes, self defense, etc.


Closing Statement from Nicholas Lukowiak

No big turn out. I guess "murdering" drew people away, thought "war" would have covered that in a lot of senses.

No question killing is wrong, it is too simple, too primitive. In a quantum consideration, eliminating problems creates more problems and fixing problems allows more solutions to other problems. Killing someone is easy, it is one less problem, one less concern... Horrific I know.

Truly creating a world in which there is no killing is the only logical thing to do. Those who know this are not the ones in position of power apparently. OR perhaps I do not understand it all yet to consider this, but, we ALL can be doing a lot better to make simple logical decisions a practice and a preaching to those around us, even if it makes you uncool. By logical, I simply mean well thought out "plan" decision, or thought.

"Do not do unto others what you would not have them do unto you" - silver rule

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    Jul 14 2011: I think that people can have a skewed view on when killing is acceptable depending on their values on life and quality of life. I believe that when there is no quality of life, than something like euthanasia is a humane thing to do. If someone who is terminal with no quality of life has enough mindset to make the decision to end their own suffering, than it is inhumane not to grant that wish and continue their suffering. We do this with our pets, and have no quams about it at all, but just because we believe that we have a purpose, we cannot grant ourselves the same luxury. I know that sounds very pessimistic, but my morality is based around well being and suffering. If there is no quailty of life and only suffering, than it is in the interest of the well being of that person to let them exit this world without having to endure more suffering. I am a person who believes that death is something not to be taken lightly in any case, as we know not what, if anything, is on the other side. Some may say my views are skewed, but I would have to ask is suffering, in any form, humane? I do not believe that all suffering should be ended by exiting this world, but in cases that are already terminal and suffering, than yes, killing is acceptable.
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        Jul 14 2011: I do not believe that "no Quality of life" is rubbish. There are circumstances where there is no quality of life, like when someone is surviving only from life support, has no real activity in the brain that can be viewed as something living.. Does this person still have a quality of life that is worth living?? I would have to say no, and if I was ever put into that situation, I would like the plug to be pulled, as I was not really "living" as it was. Now, what if I could alleviate the suffering that led to that moment, by taking the patient at their word, and end their life as per their wishes? I feel in those circumstances, it is more inhumane not to listen than to provide care for someone that does not want to live with the "Quality of life" they have left. I am a musician, music is my life, and if there was ever
        a time that I was physically or mentally incapable of doing anything that related to music, my quality of life would be impacted to the point, that I may consider a way out. For these people who have nothing left to live for, or are in the state of no return, letting them go when they want is the only decision that they have the power to make, and to take that away because you think that all
        life is important, takes aways the importance of their life. Therapy does not cure all problems and pain, either physical or emotional can not always be alleviated with medicine or therapy.

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