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Conte Di Salaparuta Mordeforte

Conte e proprietario del Castello di Salaparuta, Consiglio regionale delle due Sicilie

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Shakespeare, jazz, espresso,& buona vita.

This is an opportunity to all free souls to talk about the best. No psichology, no phony theories, just the practice of joy de vivre.


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  • Jun 27 2011: Before this thread ends, are there some people who have visited here, who would like to visit someplace in Mexico, perhaps, San Miguel de Allende or Cocoyoc? I would love to continue the discussions, music and cafe. I would propose a series of questions for each day, a chance for each person to reflect on some part of life and love, and food, and music. If you are interested please respond to this post.

    Here is my last musical offering...beauty, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6yneu-bcXU

    This is not attempt to duplicate what our Count has done for us, but to keep the feast moving.
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      Jun 27 2011: I am truly hoping that someone will extend the time on this discussion. It is important to me and I will miss everyone more than I can express!

      O brave new world,
      That has such people in’t!
      (The Tempest, V.i.184-5)
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      Jun 27 2011: Michael, I am not quite sure what you are proposing here? Are you speaking of an actual trip or a new thread?
      • Jun 27 2011: I am proposing a new thread. I will start it I think if others want to share. I need a place of good thoughts, gentle moments and good friends.
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          Jun 27 2011: Dear Michael, the places of good thoughts, gentle moments, good friends and love in every manifestation are the perfect places to create, to see ideas born into concepts, to see that what we have inside of us can grow, can blossom.
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          Jun 27 2011: I'm in but I want to continue with the Labyrinth too if I can find out how to post there. I am loving the journey.
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          Jun 27 2011: Avanti Michelle, avanti....tu sei bravo e nobile.....qui si bisogna una nuova forma da capire il mondo
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          Jun 27 2011: Signore Michelle Io sono qui per andare avanti.
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          Jun 27 2011: I want in too!!!!!!!!
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      Jun 27 2011: For some reason Wongmo is not able to access this thread and asked me to relay the following:

      "Can you please give Conte and the crowd at the cafe my warm regards and I do hope it continues in a different format. Michael's idea of different countries was similar to mine ... my idea was for each of us to open it in our own countries as each month finished. And when we had done the rounds of our own countries then we could visit countries of our choice...."

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