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Conte Di Salaparuta Mordeforte

Conte e proprietario del Castello di Salaparuta, Consiglio regionale delle due Sicilie

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Shakespeare, jazz, espresso,& buona vita.

This is an opportunity to all free souls to talk about the best. No psichology, no phony theories, just the practice of joy de vivre.


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    Jun 19 2011: Carissimi,
    cominciamo, il nostro guida Luigi Vampa ha per voi una bella benvenuta.
    Please join me at the Black Room, there will be waiting the labyrinth and before the adventure pasta, vino rosso, grappa e caffè.

    Your answers could be posted here or at the Black Room, at the end you will find the path. Please be in touch among you, you have to find the trap and the truth to see if you are in the right way.


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      Jun 19 2011: Oh what fun!!

      !I know the labyrinth at Chartres ( in your blogspot photo)

      We have one outdoors overlooking the sea at our contemplative center( of twigs and mosses) We have a community Labyrinth also on the sea on the island(also of twigs and mosses). and many of us here have and use labyrinths in our contemplative practice.

      We enter with a moment of silence, a centering then we ask a question or offer a prayer, a blessing, a concernand then we walk the labyrinth slowly..focusing only on the path if there are several taking the walk together..we wait for each other in silence in the center and then exit one by one again each centering, each invoking the question(prayer blessing etc,)

      .Why do we walk the path? ( your question to me)

      To engage and invite silence. ( my answer to you)

      shall I form a question and enter or await your further instruction? Is the question you gave me the question I am to enter with?

      PS my experience.. I was a little skeptical of this at first..set off my woo factor alarms and I am not sure that those who take up your offer and don't have an actual labyrinth to walk can have the experience..but I surrender to your judgment as I surrenderto the labyrinth.

      . I truly don't undertsand it..how it works,why it works..it's like dowsing I guess.( I am a reiki practitioner..dowsing is part of my practice).or something like that but I have had some amazing and inexplicable experiences in labyrinths.

      Perhaps when we finish this game together you might shed some light on that for all of us)I hope hope everyone has a genuine labyrint experience..( and failing tthat we have Conte's good wine and good company..how can we lose)
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        Jun 19 2011: Lindsay the conversa goes on and we dont change our mood here....maybe some day Signore Luigi Vampa ask you something. Of course we never lose our nice encounter.


        please see this very carefull and comment with the others journey companions.
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          Jun 20 2011: OK. Thanks.(This actually is addressed to the video of the dance at chartres. the coupl floatig together up from the center of the labyrinth while Ave Maria is sung). In the esoteric tradition the bride & groom symbolize the serach for oneness with the Holy In this dance, in the center which is goal of thelabyrinth path walked, the couple has come with them intentionn of that union, they are prepared for it, reday for it t happen. All that was necessary to attain that union has been accomplished..Removing their earthly garments which they no longer need their etheric bodys rise together toward the final consummation with the Holy. In this game, which is not in a community with an esoteric tradition we need a more cacessible explanation. So I would say that it is hsowing the gift of the labyrinth. We enter wikth a question arising from our hearts, we walk the path thinking only of the path and not of the question itself..in silence but observing what other gufts or events are presented along the way..not analyzing that just observing that..meeting it..then we arrive at the center we have a sense tha something is geling..that when we exit th elabyrint we will understand our question and the gift of the labyrinth addressed to our question.Sometimes the answer is, that was not the question.In the spirit of guidance given so far ,that we all must unlock these boixes together..does that make sense? Is that workable for evryone else?
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          Jun 20 2011: My problem is that I am on symbol overload. I love metaphor and symbols but I do not think I am good at zoning in on what is most important because I include too many.
          for instance-
          They stand at the heart of the Labrynth.
          I see the sacriment of marriage, the embracing of our sexual selves in a communion,
          that both sexes are necessary to complete the earthly task,

          that the woman is elevated first- Ave Maria
          she chooses to turn to him
          and yet the man is above her as in biblical symbolism as they are elevated.
          She takes the position of inverted crucifixion that St. Peter did- the head of the earthly church.

          see what I mean- I see more than I can use.
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          Jun 20 2011: Debra,

          The invitation, I think, is for you as you are..(I am finding the formt and moderation a little confusing, frankly. It's not asking you to go anyplace ou already aren't, that you already don't want to go.
          My exploration above ..the simplified version of the film didn't do it for you? ( I am not suggesting it is "corret" just asking in the context of the guidance we keep getting to collaborate)
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        Jun 19 2011: Lindsay cara we are players like you, we cant answer your questions...your answer is not for me, because I didnt organize the game. I asked to dis al the sistemazione to ne beloved friend who has a very wide expertise in cripthography and clues. The Baronessa and I are just as you all, players in this very interesting game. We have to construct some paths with the first things we see. Ask Luigi Vampa.
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          Jun 20 2011: Ok Got it..So Conte, Baronessa, Debra, Andrea,Wongmo and I hope Kathy K. We are urged to find each key together..to not walk the path kin the labyrinth alone.
          I am also assuming that what is intended is not an esoteric journey in the usual sense but a journey/game drawing from how the labyrinth is used in esoteric practice.

          I am also assuming the answers each of gives to our own question must also be meaningful to all other participants so I am inviting comment on mine. Iwon't comment on any others posted until it is clear that my understanding is correct.

          I am also assuming that the suggestions given to individuals are intended to be morer menaingful to that person than to all, that we are all also invited to engage and comment.

          Lots of assumptions

          Where is archibald with that tray of Black Dinah truffles?
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          Jun 20 2011: Carissimo Conte io penso che Archibald e fuori da cucina. Ma il cavollone al tartuffo é presto. Io posso sentire l'aroma. Forse un bel bianchetto e bello.
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          Jun 20 2011: You know what I notice in retrospect? My subconscious had my answer all along. Above I wrote that the couple were standing on the heart of the labrynth. Hmmmmmm head/heart my eternal battle.
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        Jun 20 2011: The question asked of me was: Debra what do you really see here?

        My answer: An 11 circuit labrynth (a parallel to the Rose Window) for meditation
        or The Way.
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          Jun 20 2011: Yes Debra everyone can see that but you, specially you, what do you see? In this game we can learn to see the invisible things. Only if you want.
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        Jun 20 2011: Credo che quello che vedo è il mistero della vita che sto avendo difficoltà a cogliere.
        Che tipo di domande posso come Luigi?
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          Jun 20 2011: Hello Debra, ask Luigi Vampa anything you want. He is like a magical lantern genius.
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        Jun 20 2011: Ok Lindsay, that is helpful. I still am not sure what my answer should be but given my hint of the little animated film the labrynth is a fairly 'balanced' shape? All insights on my question are welcome.

        My first instinct is to say that I see a 'bullseye'.
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          Jun 20 2011: A bulls eye

          .good..that is pretty much what the center of the labyrinth is.

          May I suggest a small private game only for you in our own privacy ( forget the rules here, whatever they may be ,for the moment.have a hard copy of the labyrinth in front of you..as large as possible

          place your self at the entrance..very still and quiet..no thoughts other than the question you take into the labyrinth..not the question given you..your own question from your own heart. hold the question a few moments before entering step in ( withyour pencil or marker..let the question go..let all other thoughts go..make no inquiry at all but stay very open to what comes to you as you walk along background noises events that seem like interruptions..whatever happens..don't think about it..just observe itvery slowly withyour pencil or marker make your way through the labyrinth thinking only about the path..dn't look ahaed..look only at what is in front of you..no thoughts of the question..no active searchng..go as slow as possiblewhen you reach the center pause a while completely oen no searching, no analysing, just receiving..it may not feel consciouly like receiving.when you have stood there a while..start out again..same thing..just observe and be open to what happens..go very slowly and exitjust a warm up.. .and not really understanding what they have in mind for us here it may not be at all relevant..but it might be interesting

          I think part of the trick here is just surrendering to theprocess..be willing to enage the process without judgment or fear or anxiety without comparisons for here our rule is co operation..not comparisons and competition..
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          Jun 20 2011: Debra and Lindsay your dresses are spectacular. Just a little details in design and you'll have it.
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          Jun 20 2011: jaime..youmade me adress too???? I wsn't even in on that but I sha;; b glad to wear it on the summer soltice
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          Jun 21 2011: Debra carissima why dont try with the Shakespeare words?. Translate to feelings.
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        Jun 20 2011: Lindsay! I applied your suggestion and it was very helpful. I did the labryth twice.
        The first time I did not feel like I had clarity so I did it a second time with my left hand holding the pen.
        I have my answer.

        What I see is my own heart.

        Caro baronessa, anche quando accedo sul blog posso inserire un commento, ma non si sottomette.Dear Baroness, even when I sign in on the blog I can enter a comment but it does not submit.

        PS Lindsay thanks for the rich culinary experience of your native area. I really enjoyed tasting your world through your words and generous sharing.
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          Jun 20 2011: Hi Debra very nice and sensible insight. You and Lindsay are in the path.
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        Jun 20 2011: The game , Lindsay is all games...surrending to the process without expecting nothing. And any answer is "wrong or right"....just flow. Im very glad to play the game again, after some years, maybe five or so.
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          Jun 20 2011: Thrilled you will be with us Jaime and so looking forward to my dress!
          Gracias por tu tiempo y amabilidad en su creación!
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      Jun 19 2011: Thank you for the kind invitation Baronessa and for this wonderful game we are about to embark on.

      I look forward to sharing the meal with you.

      May I ask, are the Black Room and the Labyrinth one place?
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        Jun 19 2011: Debra carissima maybe yes maybe no. Will you discover for yourself.?

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          Jun 20 2011: This little animated movie was pretty profound. It illustrated the nature of cooperation for survival and the tipping points or danger points when one person decides to act without the others for personal gain and how interdependent we all are. (At least that's my take on it).
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          Jun 20 2011: In te context of this game, fellow particpants I saw this aninmation as including an dpointing to more than balance.

          IFirst I saw the box as containing something each of us would value and want to enjoy. In the animation no one person could open the box alone as it shuttled back and forth saw it . Insead of cooperating to open the box ( each person has a part that collectively is the key--no one person holds the key) they began competing for contro of the box until the last guy the "winner" was at th opposite end of the platform from what he fought to possess and control and could not have it himself. Any move would tip the platform and lose either the box or himself.

          So on a way think the animation lays out ome of the rules of the game. A good assimption since that interpretation of the animation fits what we were already told. ( do we get pluses or something if we are on the right track or just keep wlroking together and agree amongst our selves....in croquet..the rules are much clearer and also the aims.
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        Jun 20 2011: Debra Cara i tre uomini sulla scala nell incontro di Carolina e il Re Ferdinando eranno i consiglieri. Il prete, il politico e il jurisconsulto. Bello film. Guardatelo tutto.
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          Jun 20 2011: Sì, Conte, ho capito le loro posizioni ma sono curioso di sapere quello che dicevano.
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          Jun 20 2011: It was an italian..is there an English version????
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      Jun 20 2011: Baronessa..I tried to post in the black riom but couldn't..can you advise? Here is what I treid to post to Luigi


      Io ho stato distacco miei commenti e domande al sito principale...Hai visto?

      Ho non ho risposto e sto non permanente di fronte alla porta? Sto aspettando tutti gli altri di essere anche pronto a iniziare il loro viaggio e suggerendo che i doni del labirinto, ike la casella nel film, appartengono a tutti noi e porterà tutti noi poter cooperare insieme per arrivarci.

      Nel mio expereience con labirinti...in grado di gestire qualsiasi domanda anche "come faccio a ottenere vendetta"...a piedi il sentiero...raggiungendo il centro sarà ancora dare una risposta che serve la vita...quelli sono th eunigeniti tipi di labirinti di risposte dare
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      Jun 24 2011: This Luigi Vampa??? Famous bandit & Dante aasociate? ( Count of Monte Christo?)

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        Jun 24 2011: Carissima Lindsay, il vero e unico Luigi Vampa, capo di tutti cappi e grande brigante. The dark side of the moon is there. The labirynth is open. is full of clues and codes. And your guide, Signore Luigi Vampa is ready for you. He is a gentleman, please truste him.

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