Conte Di Salaparuta Mordeforte

Conte e proprietario del Castello di Salaparuta, Consiglio regionale delle due Sicilie

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Shakespeare, jazz, espresso,& buona vita.

This is an opportunity to all free souls to talk about the best. No psichology, no phony theories, just the practice of joy de vivre.

  • Jun 14 2011: A little jazz to add to the party...
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    Jun 27 2011: I've been sitting at the Caffè for a while enjoying what's happening here. I'm very grateful to the Conte because he managed to show us the real thing about italian spirit, the same spirit I discovered when I started to study italian, the same spirit I now find in every manifestation of italian culture, and the same spirit I find on myself. I think we all find a face of this spirit in ourselves, through the music, the dance, the food, the topics, the game... The Game was the best because it reminded me the real value of knowledge, of labyrinths, of paths.
    I enjoyed this Caffè like no other, this was a refreshment of TED itself.
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    Jun 25 2011: I heard the most wonderful quote from Thoreau today and I thought I would share it with all of you.

    Do not worry if you have built your castles in the air- they are right where they should be. Now put foundations under them.

    I think I have worried too much about the foundation stones thus my love of the song Defying gravity.
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      Jun 25 2011: Carissima Debra follow Thoreau. In the castle architecture theres a lot of surprises. Sure you can find some.

      Do you stay in the Caffe.?
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        Jun 27 2011: I will stay for a very long time if I am allowed to. I hope you will extend the TED time frame or restart another cafe.
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      Jun 25 2011: Love the quote, Debra!
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    Jun 20 2011: Debra & Lindsay...I participate in this kind of game before, in university....just dont take the reason as a guide. Dont interpretate, jus go ahead, no fear. And its better to use the soul than use the brain...feel dont think. In a laberynth ALL is CONFUSE. Nothing is clear, this is not a common game like basket ball or something transmited by a TV show. You are in the game and you are the game. Don expect any booklet with instructions, its not a device. This goes beyond. goes to the center, to the origin. The guide is expecting for your boldness and bravery. Its a game to enjoy and discover by other and differente means some valuable that maybe we forget in our very bussy and efficient cultures (or subcultures). Remember that the stereotype from mediterraneans is very differente than the stereotype from americans. As a game is making a human reconection.
  • Jun 20 2011: Today, for all the scenes of our lives left on the floor but still there, a clip from Cinema Paradiso

    If you must just hear the music, try this one...Ennio Morricone directs.
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      Jun 20 2011: The love song from cinema paradiso is my eversion from beyond missourir sky
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        Jun 20 2011: Lindsay have you see the film "Mediterraneo" by Gabrielle Salvatores?
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          Jun 21 2011: Jaime,

          One of my all time favorites. very charming. I bet there were plenty of soldiers who caught a glimpse of the good life and checked out of war and into the sweet life.

          Hope they all had long and happy lives.
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          Jun 21 2011: Caro Giaco voi sapete molto bene la carezza dal mediterraneo in film. Si impara tanto dal Mare Nostrum. Cosa volete per la malasyan food...bianco, rosso, champagne, spumanti?...quello che tu vuoi.
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        Jun 22 2011: Lindsay I follow Pat Metheny from their vere begining. He and Lyle Mays are superb, and when Pedro Aznar sing is extreme sensible. Do you like this?
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      • Jun 20 2011: I just know that sensuality not just sex rules the movie and I love the music. We are in a party where hearing Shakespeare, drinking expresso, listening to jazz and just the good very active.
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        Jun 20 2011: Of course is for delight and enjoy....the jazz and Verona lovers, and Shylock intrigues, and a merry widow with red wine and a jam session from Miles Davies with some nice hors d'oeuvre.
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          Jun 20 2011: Hi Jaime! Will you play the game with us?
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          Jun 21 2011: My favorite renditions of the Cinema Paradiso theme are by Pat Methuen on aduo album ( Beyond Missouri Sky)
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      Jun 21 2011: Carissimo this trail is the very best from the film. The kiss itself is an eternal expression of love and tenderness. Is a promise without words. And a word without claims.Bravo caro Michael your exquisite taste refrends your amicizia. Grazie tanti.
      • Jun 22 2011: Grazie il mio Conte....
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    Jun 20 2011: I've been very far from TED this days and I'm missing all the fun...
    May I play too?
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      Jun 20 2011: Welcome Back Andriana! We missed you!
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      Jun 20 2011: Oh Yes!!! We definitely want you with us..but we are still figuiring it out..we are not sure yet waht we ar playing..
    • Jun 21 2011: Adriana
      I missed this post yesterday. Please play.
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    Jun 19 2011: Carissimi tutti, we are right now to start the Gioco degli Indovinelli, but first some simple rules. We can us the posts to answer, but the traces or paths, or clues are fragmented. Maybe Debra, Lindsay and Birdia has five different parts of the clue.They have to intercommunicate their parts to be in. The main thing is discover the final answer. Please be ready with your dictionaries, history books, internet, or anything that you consider to help. Maybe wongmo and Michel have a part that is missing in the Riccardo frame. Its possible that we have another fragments.

    The play is conducted by a misterious personagge that never reveale his or her identity, and is far away from us. You can ask anything and be sure that our Opera Phantom answer, but with the privilege from Hermes. He can said the half truth and the half lie, and you have to figure wich is one.

    Our beloved Baronessa will start the game in a moment. Please be patient and joyfull. The game of indovinelli is just for the game itself, and have no prizes or diplomas, just a simple mention from the Opera Phantom to conduct us.
    Of course we reserved a surprise for all at the final step of each stage. It could be 3 , 5, 7, or 9 stages (no pairs). The only rule is participate, enjoy and smile and please not be afraid for the mistakes or errors, the game dont look for perfect answers. If everybody accept...?

    Of course our conversa in the Caffe is on and continues with the enhanced spirit of joy de vivre. Music, dance, good meals, smiles, warm hugs....and nice talking.

    While the Baronessa is coming I want to offer you some nice music, and a glass of white wine. Enjoy¡
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    Jun 17 2011: Caro Conte Di Salaparuta Mordeforte, i tuoi compagni, e signore e signori, una mattina molto buono per tutti voi. Sono così contenta che Conte si sente meglio.

    Dear Conte Di Salaparuta Mordeforte, your companions, and ladies and gentlemen, a very good morning to you all. I am so glad Conte you are feeling better. Welcome all to the wonderful café of Conte Di Salaparuta Mordeforte. It is a very special café with just one big round table like King Arthur’s table at Camelot. That table was round because no knight or lady could claim superiority in rank over another and so it is here. The knights were always in shining armour, seeking the Holy Grail, fighting dragons and rescuing damsels in distress.

    Since we are here to sip coffee and wine and have a yacker (share yarns), I’d like to share a story from my life with you. Last evening the weather was lousy so instead of our usual activities on a Friday evening, my girlfriend told me she was going to cook us some dinner and we would watch a movie at home with her food and wine. I might mention she knows practically nothing about me posting on TED. On the way home I heard this song on the radio, so I immediately sought it out on Youtube (link below). The food was excellent, the wine was good and the movie she picked up, out of the blue, was an Italian movie called The Tiger and the Snow (subtitled in English). The hero was not the usual tall dark and handsome fellow but a skinny comical guy. Many stories have something in common in them with our lives, some more some less, but this movie enthralled and touched me.

    So my fellow customers and time travellers, I invite you to hire this DVD and watch it so that we can discuss our diverse views on a shared experience.

    PS It is turning out to be a lovely morning after a stormy evening

    PPS If you have not already seen the movie you must not read up on it. It must come as a complete surprise to you as it was to me
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      Jun 17 2011: Riccardo carissimo grazie tanti per il suo coraggio. Vi preghiamo di essere atentti ala gesta di San Galgano. San Galgano e un nobile cavalieri che ha lasciato la sua spada nella rocca. Veramente e nella rocca. La rocca si trova a la Toscana. E un posto sacro per la storia dal nostro antico lignaggio cui. Noi non siamo toscani, siamo dal sud, un tanto diverse. Ma siamo lo stesso. Donne e Cavalieri a una tavola rotonda dove si parla da amore e si fa l'onore.
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        Jun 17 2011: Cara Ninna Baronessa Di Val-Taranto, che storia è così simile a Re Artù che ha anche richiamato una spada da una roccia che nessun altro uomo era in grado di. Grazie per quella storia.


        PS Tu e Conte Di Salaparuta Mordeforte dispongono di TV e lettore DVD dove si può guardare il film La tigre e la neve?
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          Jun 19 2011: Riccardo carissimo queste film e gradevole e bello per la storia di compassione e speranza. E un racconto che fa l'onore a la fidanza tra le persone. Per noi e bellisimo. La vostra proposta fu presa di noi da sunito. Archibald fu diligentissimo per la sistemazione dal DVD e un piccolo pranzo per guardare il film. Grazie tanti da la sua sensibilita e gentilezza.
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          Jun 19 2011: Caro Riccardo certainly the waltz born in Viena. But in the same time in Mexico, the french culture was in main stream. The mexican composers from that time follow the stream to produce a vey peculiar form of waltz. The mexican music, beyond the mode dicatetes, are very original also, like the Italian music that travel with the immigrants to the US. Fortunately we can dance with the austrian waltzes or with the mexican waltzes. Both are beautifull. And the results from dancing with our beloved ones are better. Joy, love, happines are universal here in Napoli, in Vienna, in Mexico or in the US. Exactly ike the values(hope and loyalty) from the Begnini's film. Auguri and dance.
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        Jun 18 2011: To the beautiful Baronessa Ninna Di Val-Taranto

        Let's climb to our dreams!
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          Jun 18 2011: Carissima Debra,
          dreaming is nice, but even better is being awake. Know about the center, know about the reality, being at the moment, in the present without regrets. We have to do what we have to do right now, if we want to do it later is no more the right moment to do it.
          The things we want for ourselves are closer than we think... we just have to turn to the right direction.

          Enjoy the Caffè, enjoy your life, enjoy you're alive... Here's a marvelous interpretation of 'Voi che sapete' performed by Cecilia Bartoli:

          Voi che sapete?
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          Jun 19 2011: Caro Conte Di Salaparuta Mordeforte, io sono così felice che sono stati in grado di guardare il film e che ti sia piaciuto. Sì, la compassione e la speranza è ciò che ritratta, ma anche che ho trovato il finale una bella sorpresa. Sono contento che hai il tuo Archibaldo fedeli a guardare dopo. Non ho una persona così e sono trattati come Archibaldo qui. Non voglio dire che non trattiamo Archibaldo gentilmente. Sono sicuro Archibaldo è trattato molto bene, quello che voglio dire è che spesso mi al fine di prendere le cose e fare il tè e il pranzo per loro. Anche se a volte come il sabato sera io sono trattato come un re.
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        Jun 18 2011: Thank you for two beautiful and wise voices- Cecillia Bartoli's and yours.

        Edit: Here is a version of the song that the Baronessa posted above with subtitles sung by Maria
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      Jun 18 2011: Thank you Richard - for the metaphor, the song, the reminder of the sanctuary.
      I'm still giving you more thumbs up than you realize.

      A littleYo Yo Ma for all my friends.
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        Jun 18 2011: Bon giorno Debra carissima, la mattina e bellissima. il Mare Nostrum aperto al cuore. Un po di mare e dopo a prendere la prima collazione. Oggi sabato sono le feste di San Rocco qui a l'isola, Una piccola festa, carina e molto antica. La Messa nella chiesa di Sant'Angelo Custode e quasi imperiale come nel tempo di Re Ferdinando di Borbone figlio di Carlo III Re delle Due Sicilie e Spagna. Vede un po. La mia famiglia e 600 anni prima di queste Borbone. Qui tutto e una metafora. Bellisima metafora.
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          Jun 18 2011: Grazie a voi il mio Conte,

          in risposta.

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          Jun 19 2011: Caro Conte, la tua storia familiare è una cosa stupefacente a qualcuno dal Canada. Il mio Paese non è ancora 200 anni. Deve essere una cosa meravigliosa da avere tale continuità nella vostra vita!
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          Jun 19 2011: Conte mio preferito al mondo (anche l'unico che conosco)!

          Nel video clip di Ferdinando e Carolina incontro quali sono i tre uomini sulle scale dicendo circa la giovane donna e il futuro?
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        Jun 18 2011: Thank you Debra, Conte and Baronessa. That link of yours Baronessa to San Galgano and his sword was very nice. King Arthur's famous sword was called Excalibur. Many of my ancestors were in the army and fought in many wars, in India, Turkey and the World wars. My father has many swords from them, including an Indian sword that is curved in shape. The European swords are all straight.

        I am disappointed that my suggestion to watch the Movie The Tiger and the Snow ( La Tigre e la Neve) has not been greeted with much enthusiasm. :(

        The hero was a poet. He said that if people dont listen to you its because you have not used the proper words, you have not conveyed your enthusiasm, what you see - your vision, with your words. Do try and watch it if you can. Watch it without knowing anything about it. I think you will like it and then share your thoughts about it here.

        In the meantime:
        Something Spanish

        And something Italian
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          Jun 19 2011: Riccardo of course that the film the you reccomend is delightfull. Roberto Begnini is a great man, we know him as an actor but most importan as a friend, and his pictures are right now in the history of films from Italy. We are very gratefull with your suggestion.
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    Jun 17 2011: Carisssimi tutti, after being very busy with the guests, the party, the dresses and the farewell of our beloved Father Delacourt who was called from Rome and have to leave suddenly not without leavin you all the warmest regards and his blessing.

    Now I realize that the party has turned to more fancy music, and with all the delightful recomendations from my dearest Conte I have to add a magnificent piece from our beloved Mexican composer, Arturo Márquez, that tastes like a mole, and sounds like heaven.

    Enjoy it and...

    Archibald! Champaign for everyone!
    • Jun 17 2011: Grazie, gracias Baronessa......ayyyyyyy Mi Mexico...

      Do you know this one?

      Metro Chabacano.....
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        Jun 17 2011: Michael carissimo...esta version de la Cancion del Puerto de Joaquin Gutierrez Heras es sublime. Disfrutenla todos por favor y reciban nuestro cordial agradecimiento. este Caffe es excepcionalmente generoso en bondades y simpatias que nos hacen florecer.

        Un buen menu de comida mexicana para la cena, es excepcional.
        Te invitamos a sugerir una cena de cinco tiempos.
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    Jun 17 2011: Da la cucina, Archibald informa: Zuchinni al pomodoro, cipolle fritte, prosciutto di Parma e Lasagna al forno. Dolci: Gelato Torta di melle e canelloni di fiore di zuchinni. Da bere: Sagrantino e bianco da Piemonte e limoncello.
    • Jun 17 2011: Rico mi pasa la lasagna porfa?
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      Jun 17 2011: Limoncello!
  • Jun 15 2011: La buena vida sometimes means you reflect, take stock, and turn the everyone who wants to move with the jazz, sit down at the full table of my tomatillo enchiladas, who wants to sit in the beauty of geraniums and colored pots...I invite you!

    Regrets pile up like so many unpaid bills
    Lost chances seem like places on a map we once wanted to visit
    Memories, good or bad, fade in and out like old photographs we don’t remember taking
    Lost loves line up like so many unopened books once dying to be read

    The desktop that is our life seems full and cluttered
    Yet so many of the things we try to hold on to
    Suddenly seem so useless
    Worn out hopes and dreams stack up to haunt us.

    Then we find that one small thing
    That we thought was lost in the mess
    That drags us back to now
    That calls us to go on

    We sort through the bills
    Open up the criss-crossed map
    Frame up that photo of unbridled beauty
    And somehow begin to treasure new loves

    We open the book
    Turn the pages
    Hear our names being called in the story
    And sit down to read

    See some of my photos enjoy color, light, symmetry and surprise
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      Jun 15 2011: I love this poem. I remember way back on the 'Ten things I know to be true' question thread that you said you were having an exhibit of your art. Any chance we could coax you to share some of your work to go with this poem and to increase our enjoyment of the buena vida?
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    Jun 14 2011:

    Anyone ever watch the symphony of science videos?
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      Jun 14 2011: Loved it and you Nicholas!
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        Jun 14 2011: I have never tried to achieve love of any sort, I think, but thank you Debra.
  • Jun 14 2011: The smell of the kitchen. Onions and peppers frying together just anxious for the tomatoes...cumin and oregano...sofrito...tomatillos....beautiful green for me is making love with food. And then comes the meal, a good wine...or a Negra Modelo...and friends and family to enjoy it.

    Throw in some music: Lyle Lovett, Yo-Yo Ma, some good jazz: contemporary, traditional who cares.

    And beauty, add some beauty: some beautiful plants, some nice photographs, a few paintings......

    And some coffee
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      Jun 14 2011: Sounds amazing but can you make mine tea?
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      Jun 14 2011: Caro Michael si vede che voi sapete di cucina messicana. L'aroma di la salsa di "tomatillo milpero" viaggia fino qui a l'isola della Baronessa. Napoli e Messico hanno tanto di simile tra di loro. Per noi e comme la seconda patria nostra. Il baroco napolitano e lo stesso che il barocco messicano, anche la musica, la danza, la sangue e l'anima. La Negra Modelo e una birra superiore senza parecchio nel mondo. Salsa, taco y chile. Un po di formaggio e tutto bene.
      • Jun 15 2011: Te invito a mi cocina...con chiles, tortillas frescas, y un profundo amor para la belleza....
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          Jun 16 2011: Michael acepto la invitacion. Que tal si cocinamos un pescado a la veracruzana,que excepto el chile es exactamente igual que como lo hacemos en Napoles. Usamos naranja, vino tinto, hierbas de olor, jitomates, pimientos rojos, alcaparras, aceitunas, aceite de oliva, pasas, sal y un poco de pimienta. Lo acompñmos con un blanco de orvietto o con un tinto siciliano. Un poco de pan fresco y de dulce queso con el delicioso ate de membrillo. Conoces esta ultima receta?
          Podemos hablar de cocina años enteros. Gracias y bon apetit. Las tortillas frescas donde las consigues en los Estados Unidos?
      • Jun 16 2011: Dios mio mi Conte, lo conozco perfectamente bien...Yes I know it well! Con huachinango verdad? Queso y membrillo si, si si! Prefiero, si me permite, el blanco de orvietto.....

        Las tortillas si hay...algunos supers las tienen....pero no como en la tortilleria de la esquina.....cualquiera que sea de Mexico.

        Hacemos fiesta mi Conte.....e invitamos a los amigos
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        Jun 16 2011: Carissimo Conte, facciamo subito una serata messicana-napoletana!
        Sarebbe deliziosa!
  • Jun 14 2011: In the event this joy de vivre become too soft around the edges, may I post a little W.H. Auden to come back to?

    I recommend Tom O'Bedlam's Youtube channel to anyone who enjoys listening to poetry properly spoken.
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      Jun 14 2011: lovely Jason..thnaks nice to see you here at Conte's Cafe
      • Jun 14 2011: I have a great passion for poetry and music and it is my pleasure to share when I find a piece that adds joy to my life. The real thanks in this case would go to the genius that created such pieces, but I am happy to do my part in spreading it!

        Thank you for the warm welcome and it is quite nice to see you here as well. I have been thinking about starting a post along the lines of "What happened to the "E" in TED. I am grateful that our host here at Conte's Cafe did that for us.
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      Jun 14 2011: Auden is one of my favourites so thank you Jason.
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    Jun 14 2011: Super Mario Brothers 3.
    I am not kidding - it takes me back to some of the best times of my childhood - memories when I was content without question or worry. Now, when I hear the music, or play the classic itself - I do a little dance (^_^)
    You can liken it to Pavlov's bell or something deep and intelligent if you like.
    Fact is, I love that game and I'm happy thinking about it because it gave me something I didn't know I needed as a child; JOY DE VIVRE!
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      Jun 14 2011: Hi Rosemeri!

      I remember once in a class on children's literature, that the prof took great pains to differentiate between 'childish' and 'child like'. She said that to her one of the goals of life should be to try to keep that child like wonder and joy alive in every moment until we die.

      I loved you story of child like wonder and joy! I especially loved how it makes you dance now! Thanks.
    • Jun 14 2011: Cool Rosemeri
      At a talent show at my stepson's school, someone played a whole piano piece of arrangements of that song...everyone died laughing! La Buena Vida! All I could remember is my kids playing that game for hours and hearing that silly song!
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    Jun 28 2011: Alora andiamo, bravi tutti siamo qui aspettando a Michelle. Grazie Signorina Baronessa, grazie Conte.

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    Jun 28 2011: Carissimi, civederemo dopo grazie tanti a tutti per la vostra compagnia e la gioia de essere qui al Caffe.
    Il vostro impegno e meraviglioso. Abbiamo imparato tanto.

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    Jun 28 2011: Arrivederci a tutti nostri amici! Ci vedremmo più presto di quello che voi credete.

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    Jun 27 2011: Michael one of the aidess of Archibald want to serve you in your new caffe. He remain at your orders, with the very strict rules and guide from Archibald. He's name is Guido, very diligent and with the consigna to acomplish all your command.
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    Jun 27 2011: Dumas has no links with the Bonaparte family, no more tha a relation with minors employees of the administration and bureaucracy, th real links are with Garibaldi. Dumas live in Napoli where he wrote for the revolution.
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    Jun 27 2011: Signora Lindsay , Louis Napoleon could'nt be for just one reason: He as a member of the Imperial family wait his opportuity to be King of Holland, and the other Louis Napoleon become Nepoleon III emperor of France. No, the personagge is out of the royal and nobility families and as illustre member of his family from Tuscany he became the first professional organizer of revolutions collaborating strongly in the unification from Italy. I can't tell you more. In history the surprises are everywhre.
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    Jun 27 2011: Carissimi dobbiamo aspettare a domani per la nuova tertulia da Michael. Debra the labyrinth is open always. Welcome.
    Lindsay , Luigi is near here and he is to answer you already.

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    Jun 27 2011: has to Louis Napoleon as I suggested earlier..Louisi Napoleon's life is an excat track with monte cristos.. Who else could it be? And din't Dmas have linakges with the Bonaprate family?
  • Jun 27 2011: Please be watching tomorrow for a new conversation.....mas cafe Archibald, por favor.....
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    Jun 27 2011: Adriana....seguimos a Michael?
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    Jun 27 2011: MIchael me emociona la idea de continuar con tu propuesta. Todos necesitamos un lugar asi como lo describes. Las Negras Modelo ya estan frias y a punto. Que tal una botana de "pico de gallo" con jicama, naranja, pepino, chile y limon? Y unas tostadas de panela con aguacate?.
    • Jun 27 2011: Oh si...pero mangos...tenemos que tener pasas la salsa porfa?
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    Jun 27 2011: Carissimi tutti, today we finish this first tertulia in the caffe. We are very sensible to farewell rites, but we have to go back to our dutiesin The Vatican Museums and archivio. In this experience very nurture and happy we learn that the way to see the world and live from other cultures is the main ingredient to the reenchantement of us. Differente versions of the same, diverse reactions and very wide range of beloved things are the real life. We learn from our point of view not all are in the same wave. That is richness of life and goodwill to accept diverse opinions. We all are important and in the words from our beloved artist Kenneth Patcheen : "What do we do without ourselves" (excuse my english please).

    The season is over and the summer extend their winds and rains on the Eternal City. We spend a very rich season in the joy of research and care our ancient roots.

    We hope to offer to all of you a new and better version of the Ceffe, please be aware of that and expect a surprise. The labirynth is open and the game also. In the mean time we hope to share our new experiences with this very noble community. From all our companions, Father Delacourt, La Baronessa Ninna Di Val Taranto, Luigi Vampa that is in love with the new technologies, and our unavoidable Archibald we extend our greatfull heart and our hands to receive yopur propositions for a new experience full of joy, buona vita, expresso and poetry.

    Ciao e civederemmo dopo.

    Conte Di Salaparuta Mordeforte
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      Jun 27 2011: Dear Conte and Baronessa and Luigi!

      What a wonderful adventure! I am still not able to post responses on the Labyrith's blog but I will find a way to continue with you for I have loved this adventure!

      Mille grazie
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        Jun 27 2011: Carissima Debra we can stay in touch in the various conversations here. The new caffe will be available soon.
        Your participation ans sensibility are unforgetable for us.

        La Baronessa e Io ti ringraziamo secialmentte la tua sincerita a cuore aperto.
    • Jun 27 2011: Thank you so much Conte...and I do hope everyone there is well and happy. TED needs this sort of thread too...not just the "world changing ideas." Sometimes those ideas come in the form of good conversation, a beautiful moment stolen away.

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        Jun 27 2011: Maybe Michael, this is exactly how to 'change the world'- like minded people learning to love life and the goodness that creates can spill over onto the rest of the world.
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        Jun 27 2011: Michael our sensible companion...of course that your idea in San Miguel de Allende could be possible. In the meantime we are in topuch with your happines and joy to share among us all your open heart. Thankyou very much. Ciao amigo e grazie tanti.
  • Jun 27 2011: Before this thread ends, are there some people who have visited here, who would like to visit someplace in Mexico, perhaps, San Miguel de Allende or Cocoyoc? I would love to continue the discussions, music and cafe. I would propose a series of questions for each day, a chance for each person to reflect on some part of life and love, and food, and music. If you are interested please respond to this post.

    Here is my last musical,

    This is not attempt to duplicate what our Count has done for us, but to keep the feast moving.
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      Jun 27 2011: I am truly hoping that someone will extend the time on this discussion. It is important to me and I will miss everyone more than I can express!

      O brave new world,
      That has such people in’t!
      (The Tempest, V.i.184-5)
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      Jun 27 2011: Michael, I am not quite sure what you are proposing here? Are you speaking of an actual trip or a new thread?
      • Jun 27 2011: I am proposing a new thread. I will start it I think if others want to share. I need a place of good thoughts, gentle moments and good friends.
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          Jun 27 2011: Dear Michael, the places of good thoughts, gentle moments, good friends and love in every manifestation are the perfect places to create, to see ideas born into concepts, to see that what we have inside of us can grow, can blossom.
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          Jun 27 2011: I'm in but I want to continue with the Labyrinth too if I can find out how to post there. I am loving the journey.
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          Jun 27 2011: Avanti Michelle, avanti....tu sei bravo e nobile.....qui si bisogna una nuova forma da capire il mondo
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          Jun 27 2011: Signore Michelle Io sono qui per andare avanti.
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          Jun 27 2011: I want in too!!!!!!!!
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      Jun 27 2011: For some reason Wongmo is not able to access this thread and asked me to relay the following:

      "Can you please give Conte and the crowd at the cafe my warm regards and I do hope it continues in a different format. Michael's idea of different countries was similar to mine ... my idea was for each of us to open it in our own countries as each month finished. And when we had done the rounds of our own countries then we could visit countries of our choice...."
  • thumb
    Jun 26 2011: Ciao a tutti grazie tanti e civederemo doppo¡¡¡¡¡¡
  • thumb
    Jun 26 2011: Carissimi Archibald is claning up the kitchen and all the service is working hard to reset the place. For the last meal we offer you a splendid Funci Fritti cu Limuni e Agghiu, Zuppa di Santa Lucia, Arancinni e Gadina alla Palermitana. Da bere Vino rosso dalla casa e dolce di Crostata di Ricotta e pane di casa e marmelatta di bosco. E caffe forte.

    Auguri e salute.
  • thumb
    Jun 26 2011: Muhammad, we see in your spirit a great expresion of joy. We are gratefull with your presence here at the Caffe. In this experience, we learned many important things about convivenciality and uses in this very new form of communication. We re sure that the typed word (not written) coul develop a new form of culture. We in the medierraneo, talk, not write, we see the faces and manners from others in the real caffe, here we see just a litlle picture and we imagine the conversation or the ambiance. Our ancient culture is based in direct relationship and phisical presence. In this virtual spaces, the images,flavors, smells and sounds are restrained. The caffe is a nice way to make a human net, a real net. Here is just a pale reflect on a social intercourse but not a real net. We apreciatte the teachings and discoveries in this ocassion and we meet in other conversations. Thank you so much.
  • thumb
    Jun 26 2011: Before this conversation comes to an end,I would like to ask Luigi another question.How do I make myself proud when everyone around me are simply not proud of me? I really really need you right now Luigi.Please don't make me disappointed.
    • thumb
      Jun 26 2011: Niente finito mai. Muhammad do you really need the opinion from others?. Construct yourself bay your own means and dont be insecure. Put in a balance all your gifts and all your lacks then see clearly who you are. And what have you done to get that missinterpretation. And all the people cuold go to everywhere. You are the main being. Proud is built with the achievements and faults. The first ones are good to anhance, the fault have to be corrected. Is very simple and do it for yourself.
  • thumb
    Jun 25 2011: I am away dear friends to other duties . I left a farewell gift of fresh strawberries from my garden for Archibald to share with all.

    Bright Blessings
    • thumb
      Jun 25 2011: Lindsay we will miss you and we hope the best for you, Your presence here is always bright and the blesings goes to you. Thank you for all your contribution to the Caffe.

      We hope to encounter you in a new space. La Baronessa said farewell, and Archibald is doing a really extraordinary confitura with the strawberries that you left for all of us.

      Ciao Lindsay e grazie¡
    • thumb
      Jun 25 2011: Ciao Signora civederemo doppo.
      • thumb
        Jun 26 2011: Couldn't translate this wise Luigi "civederemo doppo" ..but I thank you for being the guide to the Labyrinth and hope to meet you again ..outside the labyrinth
        • thumb
          Jun 26 2011: Carissima...I hope to see you after, (civederemo doppo), outside the labyrinth.
  • thumb
    Jun 25 2011: Caliban, Ariel, Properus, The tempest, We, Here and Now, our tempest, our caliban, our ariel, our Posperous.
  • thumb
    Jun 25 2011: Conte, Barnonessa, Luigi,Jaime & fellow walkers in the labyrinth

    My Caliban Creature, endearing monster,
    Come give me your arm
    Let’s go to the opera
    Confound the cops and those ladies
    Staring at your webbed feet
    Then to a gala place to eat!

    No,No Your island’s drowned
    Along with your wild mother
    The City zoo would take you
    But I have filed the necessary papers
    I’m adopting you friend
    Your name on my mailbox
    I swear I’ll protect you
    Venomous and scaled
    Roaring drunk
    I know the slime
    Clay and color
    Whose shape I am
    (Norman Rosten)
  • thumb
    Jun 25 2011: Debra where are you?

    I miss you.
    • thumb
      Jun 25 2011: I miss her too =(
    • thumb
      Jun 25 2011: You have no idea how much good it does my heart to read your words. My computer has crashed and as it belongs to the company I work for it has to be fixed by head office and that can take a while. I am trying to play catch up when I can on other computers.

      Jaime, I think one of the most dangerous delusions for anyone is to believe that they have 'arrived' and that they are totally in the center. My life and my education prove over and over that we 'arrive' in stages in this life. Much like the stations of the cross we are never there until we are there at the end with him. Those who claim to have arrived and behave in ways that they think are perfect and yet cause pain all around them are frauds and deeply unenlightened. Their darkness is so deep that they deprive others of the light. Perhaps the answer is to pray for them. It is easy to spew words and much harder to live the life.

      It is also far, far too easy to delude oneself. Far harder to delude others in the face of one's own actions.
  • thumb
    Jun 25 2011: A gift of spirit from Antonio T. de Nicolas ( St John of the Cross, Alchemist of the Soul)

    "A persons life consists not so much in what happens to him or her but of the means he or she uses to gather that life, the particular inner faculties to which those memories, images, and facts are surrendered so that they not only make their lives through those acts but make them knowingly.
    • thumb
      Jun 25 2011: The means are just a way but not a goal or destiny. This is a profound meditation with the roots in San Ignacio de Loyola Spiritual Exercises. Knowing ...and latter goes into the Cloud of Not knowing. Do you know The Cloud?
      • thumb
        Jun 25 2011: Yes, he is much influenced by Loyola whose work I have not explored. ( he is the Father Nicolas' brother)

        Leonard Cohen on the Cloud of Unknowing

        :"And come forth from the cloud of unknowing
        and kiss the cheek of the moon
        The new Jerusalem growing
        why tarry all night in the ruin
        and leave no word of discomfor
        tand leave no observer to mourn
        but climb on your tears and be silen
        tlike a rose on its ladder of thorns

        oh chosen one, oh frozen one
        oh tangle of matter and ghos
        toh darling of angels, deamons and saints
        and the whole broken hearted hos
        tGentle this soul

        Then lay your rose on the fire
        the fire give up to the sun
        the sun give over to splendo
        rin the arms of the high holy one
        for the holy one dreams of a letter
        dreams of a letters death
        oh bless thee continuous stutter
        of the word being made into flesh

        (The window) sing it three or four times a day accompanying myself on my harmonium)Cohen was a unitive wisdom master
  • thumb
    Jun 25 2011: The stone must become a dodecahedron in which all twelve streams of the cosmos are present and working together..we must maintain inner mobility of spirit by continuously journeying through the twelve streams of revelation. All thngs must be observed through all 12 streams. ( Valentin Tomberg ( more or less) Studies on the Foundation Stone Meditation)
    • thumb
      Jun 25 2011: Lindsay of course ...the sacred geometry in all traditions are the same. We have in ancient Mexico a very deep knowledge of cosmic geometry expressed in pyramids and ancient cityes. We use a pattern based in the number 13. Other in 21 and other in 52. This is a sequence applied in architecture or music is equivalent to the Golden Number or proportion. I rally learn with your words and makes me goes to the Sacred center. Thanks a lot.
  • thumb
    Jun 25 2011: Per tutti qui al Caffe. Anche Io posso prendere un buon bichierre di vino. Centanni a tutti.¡¡¡
  • thumb
    Jun 24 2011: Between the stones

    Between the stonesWe join the earthA father’s joyPaternity

    Between the stonesWe toddle and fallInto his armsSanctuary

    Between the stonesWe waste our daysTeacher dronesConformity

    Between the stonesWe smoke a jointFind our nicheFraternity

    Between the stonesWe break the lawsFreedom lostCaptivity

    Between the stonesWe first find loveFlesh and heartPassionately

    Between the stonesWe take our vowsSay I willOfficially

    Between the stonesWe bear our heirsWide-eyed perfectMaternity

    Between the stonesWe live our livesThe Good and badReality

    Between the stonesWe discover lonelinesscrave understandingIdentity

    Between the stones
    We seek contentment
    Meaning found

    Between the stonesWe weep and pleaBegging peaceSerenity

    Between the stonesWe stand in joyWistfully wishingLongevity

    Between the stonesWe uncover treasureBuried deepDivinity

    Between the stonesWe one day lieBones decayMortality

    Between the stonesWe walk no moreCompletely freeEternity

    (Carolyn Parsons, 2010)
  • thumb
    Jun 24 2011: Debra, the question about the stones are very very clear. Please focus your will to live the game, not to "think" the next step. Pay attention to the lirycs from the Carmina Burana.

    Michael, the negra modelo is extremly good. Salud y chocala amigo.Hoy sera bueno un mole de Puebla y sopa de arroz estilo Arandas para celebrar algo, lo que sea, lo que ustedes quieran. Es dia de hacer una fiesta por cualquier cosa. Propongo el sol, la luna y las estrellas.

    Lindsay the revenge is not a subject in the game. Was an ocassional stone that we all pass. Please be on your enchanting way to see the experience from the light and grace. When you see the dark side is because the light.

    Luigi is an agent from the soul that has received the grace.
    • thumb
      Jun 24 2011: carmina burana lyrics
      O Fortuna (O Fortune)
      Velut luna (like the moon)
      Statu variabilis (you are changeable)
      Semper crescis (ever waxing)
      Aut decrescis; (and waning;)
      Vita detestabilis (hateful life)
      Nunc obdurat (first oppresses)
      Et tunc curat (and then soothes)
      Ludo mentis aciem, (as fancy takes it)
      Egestatem, (poverty)
      Potestatem (and power)
      Dissolvit ut glaciem. (it melts them like ice.)
      Sors immanis (Fate - monstrous)Et inanis, (and empty)
      Rota tu volubilis, (you whirling wheel)
      Status malus, (you are malevolent)
      Vana salus (well-being is vain)
      Semper dissolubilis, (and always fades to nothing)
      Obumbrata (shadowed)
      Et velata (and veiled)
      Michi quoque niteris; (you plague me too;)
      Nunc per ludum (now through the game)
      Dorsum nudum (I bring my bare back)
      Fero tui sceleris. (to your villainy.)
      Sors salutis (Fate is against me)
      Et virtutis (in health)
      Michi nunc contraria, (and virtue)
      Est affectus (driven on)
      Et defectus (and weighted down)
      Semper in angaria. (always enslaved.)
      Hac in hora (So at this hour)
      Sine mora (without delay)
      Corde pulsum tangite; (pluck the vibrating strings;)
      Quod per sortem (since Fate)
      Sternit fortem, (strikes down the string)
      Mecum omnes plangite! (everyone weep with me!)

      Lyrics from:
      • thumb
        Jun 25 2011: Lindsay , Debra carissime, this is the best interpretation. Note all the symbols. And the stones. Maybe you can find some in the Charpentier book about Chartres.

        Auguri and with the salutation from Father Delacourt who asked for you two.
      • thumb
        Jun 25 2011: Lindsay, the moon rules the waters and the sea, the moon is a stone floating in the heaven...the stone...between the stones we break the laws.....


        Thank you.
    • thumb
      Jun 25 2011: Caro Giaco Luigi esta de placemes por la forma del juego, le encanta y les envia a todos el mensaje siguiente:


  • thumb
    Jun 24 2011: Carissimi tutti dopo una severissima tormenta abbiamo ritornato. Il mare furioso, il vento indimenticabile. Ma adesso possiamo essere ben disposti per il gioco e tante altre cose , qui al Caffe....primo di tutto Archibald serve to all of you a very nice speciality here in Mediterraneo. Pan Bagnat e vino rosso Brunello de Montalcino. Un po di gelatto e fragole and coffe, strong coffe.
    Luigi is here right now and he is in the best dispositione per risolvere le domande. Ask directly, without limits. Luigi answer all.
    La Baronessa e a punto di cantare un po. Vediamo una piccola parte dal Carmina Burana in latin. Michael oul you help with the translation please?. You are an expert in medieval history.

    Fortune plango vulnera
    Stillantibus acellis,
    quod sua michi munera
    subtrahit rebelis.
    Verum este, quod legitur
    fronte capillata,
    sed plerumque sequitur
    Ocassio calvata.

    Debra and Lindsay, Michael, Muhammad and all players attend this verses, has important and encripted senses to move safely, and avoid lost in the labyrinth.

    Carissimi tutti stiamo contentti. Salute¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
    • Jun 24 2011: Not an expert Conte...just a mere mortal who believes that the medieval period has everything to do with the differences between Anglo and Latin american cultures. As Fuentes once noted, North American culture is Enlightenment bound, Latin American culture is medieval bound. I shall attempt a translation and as they say "get back with you."
      • thumb
        Jun 25 2011: Michael to cheer up your efforts in this adventure, we send you some extraordinary in the spirit of medieval and baroque tunes in Mexico. Pay attention to the lirycs and you find beautifull words. Have you done the tepache?
      • thumb
        Jun 25 2011: Signore Michele lei e un uomo di rispeto. Miei saluti. A vostro servizio.
        • Jun 27 2011: Gracias Luigi, y que bueno que has acercado a la mesa del amor, la musica, y la comida...y mas los amigos sinceros.
    • Comment deleted

      • Jun 24 2011: Glad you liked it Wongmo. Don't want to interrupt your game but it is good when it is time for a little coffee break :-)
      • thumb
        Jun 24 2011: wongmo.way up at the very beginning of the game
  • Jun 24 2011: A hot sultry day in Texas about some cool, cooling, cooler Rhapsody in Blue

    For all who desire the simple freedom of the wind, the sea and music, a bit of Lyle Lovett this morning.
  • thumb
    Jun 24 2011: Dear Lindsay. I miss your post about the question if I am, i'm not Luigi...Luigi is Luigi and all reveals at their time. Let me tell you that I am an old player of this kind of games, and most of the times we play together The Conte, La baronessa, Father Delacourt, Adriana and others guests like you all. The Conte is a very charm gentleman and he is aware of all you ask and feel. We all are companions in diverse activities. La Baronessa work in the Vatican Museums, Father Delacourt in the Vatican libraries, The Conte in the Archivio Segreto Vaticano, Luigi is a men full of skills from Rome, Adriana and I work togheter and studied in the very same Universities: Sacro Cuore, Bologna, Roma, all in Italy. We all are close friends and we all were students in the Umberto Eco catedra in semiotics.
    • thumb
      Jun 24 2011: Amazing..I never saw it even with the Pat Metheney Mexico references..and I never picked up any clues of Adriana's connection to you all..although in spirit I feel that. Is Luigi Gustavo?
      • Comment deleted

        • thumb
          Jun 24 2011: Hey Wongmo!
          I need you to work on them with me. I have gotten lost because I thought I took the next step in providing my answers but I am not sure where to go next.

          Luigi: I provided my answer to the question you posed. I have worked on the clue the Conte provided but I am unsure where to go next or what to do.
          DO we answer together the questions that were left unattended by missing game players?
        • thumb
          Jun 24 2011: I answered my question
        • thumb
          Jun 24 2011: I think there are 2 or 3 remaining questions one of which is what is between the stones and another is 'have you heard the stones.'
        • thumb
          Jun 24 2011: Signore wongmo the plot are all of us. Contemplation and consideration are the instruments to achieve a real advance in the labyrinth.
      • thumb
        Jun 25 2011: Lindsay maybe you like Santana
    • Jun 24 2011: Yes it does not surprise me at all that everyone studied with Umberto Eco. He is a man of many talents and produced some wonderful students.
      • thumb
        Jun 24 2011: I wish I had had the opprtunity mysefl

        Here is a reviewer quote on Foucault's Pendulum to which player have been referred many times in the "game"

        "I have read this book at least six times over the last fifteen years. Each time, I get something new from it. It is not so much a novel about the Templars or any other esoteric or hermetic group. Rather, it is a novel that uses bizarre conspiracy theories concerning the Templars and nearly every other esoteric tradition as a literary device to explore how people are more than willing to accept wholeheartedly historical narratives that are fabricated to feed upon their desires for secret knowledge and power. Eco not only points out how misguided conspiracy-minded people are, but he goes even further and demonstrates how dangerous such people can be. They do not care how information from the past is used, as long as it affirms what they wish history would be. Foucault's Pendulum not only makes fun of the people who look to authors like Dan Brown or Tim LaHaye for secret truths, but Eco shows how intellectually bankrupt and dangerous authors like these can be. Because they write tripe that purposely feeds the sick needs of conspiracy-minded people, these authors are contributing to the larger sickness of a self-absorbed and power-obsessed society. Eco's novel is a smart critique of pseudo-historians and self-serving revisionists who pose as historians"

        Other reviews focus on the infinite interconnectedness of each event to all other, of each person to all others.
        • Jun 24 2011: Good Lindsay. And Eco is also a mathematician and has written on complex adaptive systems theory. He is making fun!...I read the book 15 years ago. I used his "In the Name of the Rose" as my textbook in a medieval history class.
        • thumb
          Jun 25 2011: Carin Lindsay if you read the new Eco's novel Cimiterio di Praga , you can see trough the stones, but if you keep the track in the way you have started with Carmina Burana you hear the stones. Be aware.

          Adesso sonno le tre di matina. Debo dormire un po. Ma aspetto che il mio sogno sia parlante.
  • thumb
    Jun 24 2011: monte Cristo's revenge

    :Thus, Monte Cristo will bring revenge upon his enemies slowly and very deliberately, making those who made him suffer, suffer in turn, for a very long time

    .Just by living with what they have done and the consequence of that, the constant witness to and remembrance of that I would add.
    • thumb
      Jun 24 2011: Lindsay all the revenges ...are slow, deliberately and ruthless. Dumas is a great writer and the character from Montecristo is based in the real life of a very important personage from his time........Who was that personage?

      Also you can read (in french its better) BEL AMI from Guy de Maupassant. !!!!!Extraordinary novel .¡¡¡¡¡
      • thumb
        Jun 24 2011: Pierre Pecault..the shoemaker? Louis Napoleon.?

        In my youth ( as a french minor in college) I loved reading Guy De Maupassant in french..and miss the fluency that allowed me to read Teilhard de Chardin in French as well). I will seek out Bel Ami,perhaps. But stories about social climbers are not on my menu at the moment

        ..I don't believe in revenge. It is not a good investment of the human spirit. It is not a worthy enterprise.People who villify others are their own villification, for ever. Words and deeds cannot be taken back. Once they are laid out and their toxic energy is released into the field of human consciousness it cannot be retrieved any more than poisons disperse into the ocean can be retrieved. That comes back in kind. The revenge is built into karma. The injured party need do nothing at all. No Luigi Vampa is needed as an agent of revenge.

        .Made for a great plot and story though seeking revenge on the jealous fiends who had falsely imprisoned him., his unexpected wealth enabling him to take his revenge..slowly. Not my personal style though. People who act our of jealousy, as Cristo's friends did imprisoning him, just get left in the dust. It's just a natural consequence of behaving that way. History just forgets them beacuse they are not worthy pf remembrance.

        Having only used the labyrinth as a meditation practice I had never considered what happens if you enter th elabyrinth with a question like "Where is my revenge it would sit you out with an answer like" What makes you think revenge is yours?"

        .You are up early.
      • thumb
        Jun 24 2011: In the end the Conte of Monte Cristo discovers that he almost kills what gives him life with his plot for revenge. There was an amazing movie which was up for an Oscar last year. It was a Canadian movie done in French called 'Incendies' which was set in Quebec and in the Middle east. It was a profound tale that demonstrated Dumas' theme here. Every bit of violence and harm we do to another is recursive and comes -one way or another to damage us or those we love.
        • thumb
          Jun 25 2011: Carissima Debra the risk of violence has to be confonted but not avoided in order to repeal. More or less the same with homeophaty. Simila similibus curantur.
        • thumb
          Jun 25 2011: Signora Debra miei saluti per vostra raffinata presenza. A vostro servizio.
      • thumb
        Jun 24 2011: To my mind, the whole moral point of the Count of Monte Cristo is that nothing enobles vengeance( or equivalent deeds)

        .He gave up everything he was inside, everything that was his spirit, corrupted that to pursue a maniacal ( if clever and patient) revenge of the four who conspired against him, whose false witness cast him in prison for a life sentence when he was innocent

        .Obession itself is a strong clue that balance( the first clue..the video about balance) has been lost, inner spiritual balance.

        Obsession bent on revenge, or any other unworthy purpose as in falsely characterizing or disparaging another discrediting another who is innocent, is a perversion of all that is holy and worthy.When we come to a point obsession we feed the incessantly hungry monster of rage, jealousy, revenge.( the minotaur) it devours us and we are no more.

        Such was the Monte Cristo obsession with revenge.Better for him, crippled and degraded by obsession and revenge( or jealousy or a long list of equivalents) to cast it off..find what was already still there all the that..celebrate that, enjoy that

        .A victim cannot let him/herself be eaten by the minotaur of others deeds. Then he/she is feeding the monster too.Leave the minotaurs cave..go to what joy awaits you, seek what joy awaits you. Leave the minotaur to feed on his own kind. And he surely will., that hungry minotaur

        . And thus give the injury, the injustice back to the perpetrators.

        .Soar above it( like the dancers in the center of the labyrinth recahing up to perfect unity) and beyond it leaving the perpetrators in the cave with the minotaur to work it out for recognize their own prison, to work out where the exit is

        .Would someone pass the chocolates. please.

        I left a pile of 3lb boiled lobsters in the kitchen to be sorted out and served. (There is no season for lobsters like thi sone..just before shedding..mmmm mmmm mmmm)

        bon appetit
      • thumb
        Jun 25 2011: Caro Conte, Amore mi ha ferito e sono pronto per la cura. Avete o devo aspettare una Ferdinando?
      • thumb
        Jun 25 2011: Caro Luigi meraviglioso!
        Penso a te come il cattivo ragazzo del gioco e sono sempre stato parziale per gli uomini nobile e buono. Se il labirinto è il mio cuore protetto e oscurata dal mio cervello, e l'amore maturo è il modo attraverso, come faccio ad uscire dal buio della perdita di vedere questa luce?
        Sono attualmente in un percorso che io non voglio e non continuare su ma sostenendo una vita più piena non è così facile come suggerito.
        Alcune parole di saggezza che brava ragazza potrebbe effettivamente seguire?
        • thumb
          Jun 25 2011: Signora la cura per il mal d'amore e troppo raffinata e pericolosa. Ma debo dirle una cossa, si uno non va bene , passa al altro.
      • thumb
        Jun 27 2011: Luigi, Can I assume that this is the statement that is the lie?

        Signora la cura per il mal d'amore e troppo raffinata e pericolosa
    • thumb
      Jun 25 2011: Lindsay bella, some images that could help.
    • thumb
      Jun 25 2011: Signora, a vostro servizio.
      • thumb
        Jun 25 2011: sir, I have no questions. My heart is still, as time will tell.

        The carmina burana is not my voice. Is not my heart.
        • thumb
          Jun 25 2011: Lindsay your own voice is worthfull and with sincere grace.

  • thumb
    Jun 23 2011: Good morning all.. a bit grey and damp here but I bring you two gifts

    Pat Metheny doing my all time favorite Letter From Home.. Makes me cry every time I hear it. Saudade

    I have also left in the kitchen a small crystal salt cellar filled with my hand harvested sea salt. I think you'll find my salt from my own cove here compares more than favoarbly with Himalyan or any other celebrated salt. Also a bait bag filled with wild mussels I gathered on my swimback home yesterday...and some of my organic garlic. bon appetit
  • thumb
    Jun 23 2011: Debra viaggio si prende per andare sempre. Since we born the road is open. Sometimes we believe that the road is finish. But not..remains open...go.
  • thumb
    Jun 23 2011: Question to Luigi : How would I know what I want to do if I don't know what I like?

    Plus, I made fish curry today.Would you like me to bring some to the Cafe?
    • Jun 23 2011: Yes please....lunch would be fine Muhammad
    • thumb
      Jun 23 2011: Carissimi tutti bon giorno...pesce oggi al caffe....un po piu comme i romani antichi.

      Michael the place is charm and fancy with this wind. Excelent for cooking over live fire on the beach. To contemplate the stars and drink some nice "tepache" (do you know tepache, made from pinneaple?).
    • thumb
      Jun 25 2011: Muhammad nice to see you here in the caffe ...some italian music with spanish liryc from Santa Teresa, for your pleasure and contemplation.
      • thumb
        Jun 25 2011: conte, also one of my favorite chants ( usually the Taize setting)
        • thumb
          Jun 25 2011: Lindsay some years ago I went to a Taize in some town near Oslo. I was really mesmerized with the power of all the rite, and light, but nothing like the receiving and giving the godwill from all assistants. These memories are full of life flavor and evoques very sensible moments for me.
      • thumb
        Jun 25 2011: A very beautiful song of which I will sure to share with my Malaysian friends! thanks! =)
    • thumb
      Jun 25 2011: Muhammad i remember some adventures in the Orient, maybe near to your land. Really anyone cares about what you like, not even you. That really matters is what you can. Your life is between the possible and the probable. All begins with the question Who am I?...Which are my gifts?...What can I do?...and in the final step is What I really LOVE?.
      • thumb
        Jun 25 2011: Luigi!!!! you are finally here.I've been waiting for your reply to my question.I will certainly try my best to search the answers myself.It's now between I and my heart I guess.Thank you, Luigi. =)
  • thumb
    Jun 23 2011: Debra simplemente dont take so seriously... play, enjoy, the really serious things dont have to be bored. Some people trend to be bored al the time. Dont play dont smile, dont enjoy.....I believe that the two extremes in the same string are experience and hope, sometimes are in tension, sometimes in extreme tension...but the have to be in harmony, like the violin string to play-----play and play and keep playing.
  • thumb
    Jun 23 2011: Querida Debra, prende la luz.
    Ese es el primer paso para dejar de adivinar en la oscuridad.
    Además, date cuenta que el lugar en donde estás chocando es un lugar que conoces muy bien, arriésgate a salir del hábito y a moverte de modo diferente y creativo.
    La maravilla del amanecer es que renace todos los días, aunque haya un periodo de oscuridad, nunca es eterno. No cierres los ojos cuando llega el amanecer para abrirlos solo cuando llega el anochecer. No te temas.
    • Jun 23 2011: De acuerdo Adriana. Hay que moverse a veces para crecer. No es equilibrio que buscamos, sino crecimeinto...cuando se muere, hay equilibrio y stasis.

      I agree Adriana. You need to move to grow. It isn't equilibrium we seek, but growth. When you die, then there is equilibrium and stasis.
    • thumb
      Jun 23 2011: Dear Adriana- Got a flashlight? Its dark in here sometimes! I can't find the light switch!
      • thumb
        Jun 23 2011: Dear Debra: You have it in your hands, you just haven't noticed. Actually you have it inside you, in your heart. Stop searching and start finding.
  • Jun 22 2011: For this evening a dinner...then cafe on a terrace as we watch a sunset...laughter, friends, beauty...quiero que vengan todos.
    • thumb
      Jun 22 2011: Always the grace is in the heart smiles.
      The sunset is more than a the time in a red flames.

      And the hands in the sand will be discover
      The treasure of love from the sea.

      We will be there with wine and faire
      light and grace.
  • thumb
    Jun 22 2011: Pos andele....Adriana
  • thumb
    Jun 22 2011: Does anyone here has solved their own mistery?
    Are we a mistery? Of what is builded our own labyrinth? Who is our Minotaur? our Theseus? our Ariadne? and our thread?
    • Jun 22 2011: Ah Adriana the clues, the clues, but it is the mystery that remains. Sorting it all out is the fun. The center I was seeking is the rose, love and sacrifice. The path itself is one of repentance, steadfastness and struggle. Yes, we us are the mystery to be uncovered, because finally, we are the center.
      • thumb
        Jun 22 2011: Sacrifice comes from what is sacred. The mystery protects itself. The path is there to be enjoyed.
        • thumb
          Jun 22 2011: Adriana disfruto el camino y lo dusfruto mejos y mas sin saber el destino. Gracias por tus recomendaciones, le dire al Lobo Feroz que haga caso. Por favor orientanos en el acto del vidente, del ver-
        • thumb
          Jun 23 2011: Jaime y Luigi, este es un complemento importante. ¿Cómo podemos mantener la esperanza cuando no podemos ver la luz del amanecer y nos acordamos de chocar contra las cosas en la oscuridad. ¿Cómo podemos mantener el viaje
      • thumb
        Jun 22 2011: Michael good morning....buenos dias amigo....que sugieres para la comida de hoy? Tu sabes y te gusta la cocina mexicana. Las Negras Modelo bien frias van por mi cuenta.
        • Jun 22 2011: Ayyy Jaime....ummmm....que tal tacos al pastor para comenzar, un caldo de pollo, me antoja una carne adobada con verduras, y para terminar un buen arroz con leche? No hay en este mundo ni lo que sigue algo como una fria Negra Modelo.....
        • thumb
          Jun 23 2011: You've got to love it when the men are doing the cooking!
      • thumb
        Jun 22 2011: Yo todavía no alcanzo a ver, pero creo que ya puedo percibir sombras y algunas siluetas.
        No sé si el secreto está en aprender a ver con el corazón asistido de todos los sentidos. No es a través de los sentidos que se recorren los laberintos, es a través del hilo que conduce y ese hilo debe estar atado a alguna parte firme, y a salvo. Este camino es válido para quien entra por primera vez en el laberinto; otra historia es para quien lo habita y huye del que lo domina; y otra para aquel que vive y domina el laberinto.

        (Sí, que haga caso, por favor)
        • thumb
          Jun 22 2011: Gracias Adriana tus palabras , como siempre, son claras.
      • thumb
        Jun 22 2011: Michael...los tacos al pastor los quieres con piña?.... y te sugiero unas quesadillas, y para comenzar un guacamole con totopos y fruta encurtida. El arroz con leche y su raja de canela. La carne adobada sera con canela o con nuez moscada (la receta cambia un poco pero es deliciiosa) y las verduras, unas calabbacitas a la plancha con un poco de elote y salsa de jitomate asado. Te sugiero todo esto por que en realidad se me antoja mucho y en este momento ire al mercado de Santa Tere, aqui en Guadalajara, para comprar lo necesario....Tambien biznaga y alfajor como un dulce delicado para acompañar el cafe.
        • thumb
          Jun 22 2011: Lo que sí alcanzo a ver es que ya se me antojó todo esto...
        • Jun 22 2011: Hecho y estrecho compa....con nuez la carne porfa y si con pina.....y porfa unas rajas en la calabaza....
      • thumb
        • Jun 22 2011: Gracias Jaime!
        • thumb
          Jun 22 2011: Jaime - Great piece by a great group of artists

          You might enjoy this, too - The rhythm guitarist Richard Bona singing"You" by same group.

    • thumb
      Jun 22 2011: Hello, No I have not yet solved my own mystery.

      My question to Luigi is:

      How do we find balance between a life of responsibiity and one of nurturing the joy of living?
      If the rose window is a symbol of the feminine and its six petals indicate balance of the soul how does a woman find that in the present world? Equilibrium seems an elusive goal. If the same six petals signify love, responsibility, understanding how do we bring them into proper proportion with one another?
      Can we find these answers in the Labyrinth?
      • thumb
        Jun 22 2011: Debra yes you can, but goes in with confidence. The proportion is about love , not economics. We cant make acounting with the soul and feelings. Equilibrium is more than a decision, is a virtue. Look for that virtue inside but not in the mind or the memory. Resides in the intuition and in not elusive because is on you. Just find it when you awake from yourself. The path is full of joy and love, mercy and beauty.
        If you look for right answers you have to formule the right question. In the labyrinth are all answers, all.
        • thumb
          Jun 23 2011: Caro Conte qui al caffe possiamo essere senza freta, senza minacia di niente. Ricordo che lei e la Baronessa eravamo a la scuola per giocare a lo stesso che studiare. Primo a Bologna, al Sacro Cuore e dopo a Roma. Noi eravamo giovanissimi e sfidavanno de la vita, niente di paura e soltanto la gioia. Grazie per il suo impegnato e intelligente gioco. Luigi e nascosto tra i libri, ma mi face ricordare chee un romanzo unico che li fa nascere. Non dico il nome per giocare un po di piu.
        • thumb
          Jun 23 2011: Jaime you have inside information on this??

          hope you will reveal at the end of the game.

          Seems Conte has been mystically intrewoven with many here at TED.

          EDIT: I love it.Jaime.just saw the big REVEAL so that's how Conte turned up in my conversation in the first place..ahaa! Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. !!!!

          So you are Luigi Jaime?
      • thumb
        Jun 23 2011: Carissima Debra please hear this song ...beautifull lirycs but the deep meaning its the better.

        • thumb
          Jun 23 2011: ah, Conte e Luigi, è necessario essere 'rinascere' una volta o molte volte nel corso di una vita? E 'il simbolo del battesimo o il simbolo del serpente che si mangia la coda che è più applicabile?

          Dove si fa a ottenere il potere di trasformazione, dalla volontà, dalla passione, da Dio?

          E qual è il ruolo della fede o di speranza?
        • Jun 23 2011: Somos mariposas, no fabricas.

          We are butterflys not factories.

          Gracias Il mio Conte
      • thumb
        Jun 24 2011: Carissima Debra magari questa canzonetta sia in aiuto da te.

        Nino D'Angelo canta bello....
  • Jun 22 2011: For this beautiful morning...for a day of peace and friends and wonderful food...

    This music moves me...let it move you..take you away, put you in the world
  • thumb
    Jun 22 2011: Amici this is a night for a dream...the very night for a summer dream...please sleep well to dream better.

    Buona notte e a domani.
    • thumb
      Jun 22 2011: .................Joy, gentle friends! joy and fresh days of love
      Accompany your hearts!
      Hippolyta in Act V - Scene I - Athens
      William Shakespeare

      Si noi guardiamo benne queste parole e possibile di trovare qualche chiave della porta.
      Dear Conte, you asked me to consider the above and here is my answer to you:

      The door opens with mature love. It is a love based on mutual respect, delight and recognition that the other is a wonder and a blessing. In the case of Hippolyta the Amazon, she has found a love who accepts her for her entire self - a woman of strength, beauty, intelligence, wit, charm, passions and vulnerabilities. He is the key which unlocks parts of herself and allows her to bloom fully like a blown rose reflected in the Rose Window above the Labyrinth.
      • thumb
        Jun 22 2011: nice!!!! that should get you a few paces alaong ( is this like chutes and ladders?)
      • thumb
        Jun 22 2011: Welcome back, Debra!
      • thumb
        Jun 22 2011: Un altra canzone di la Occitania:

        Tres fes, 'a gràndis abrivado,
        Fan din li flamo la Bravado,
        E tout en trepassant lou rouge creadou,
        D' un rest d'aiet trasien li veno
        Au recalièu; e, li man pleno
        De trescalan e de verbeno,
        Que fasien benesi dins lou fio purgadou.
  • thumb
    Jun 21 2011: Carissimi, A Parigi possiamo vedere un` opera scientifica piu bella e interesante. Il pendolo.....conoscete voi? Puo essere utile allora per domandare a Messer Luigi Vampa su la verita del Introito Labrix.
  • thumb
    Jun 21 2011: Cara signorina Kathy la invitazione per il Gioco e aperta per tutti. Non c'e regole nessuna. E la propia inspirazione che fa il corso. Voi no lo sapete adesso, ma Debra ha trovato qualque chiave per andare al gioco. Credo che sara molto bello dalla sua confidenza domandare al signore Luigi Vampa quello che volete. Una donna bella sempre sa come fare le domande vitale e de grande importanza.
  • thumb
    Jun 21 2011: Friends, a small mid summer night's offering, the first of the strawberries from my garden, only a few as they are just strtaing but enough for us all to have one or two. I have left them in the kitchen ofr someone to arrange and for Archibald to serve. Hope you enjoy.
    • thumb
      Jun 21 2011: Lindsay Grazie tanti...magari le fregole sonno in marsala avec la creme un po brulee. I have the anguages mixed because we have a very special guest from Montpellier who want to share un piccolo poema in lingua occitana.

      "Cantas, cantas, magnanarello!
      Dis amouriè la fueio es bello,
      Galant soun li magnan e s' endormon di tres;
      Lis amouriè soun plen de fiho
      Que lou bèu tèms escarrabiho,
      Que rabon sa melico i roumanian dòu gres.

      La Contessina Mmlle.Gabrielle, my nice cougina tells me that this is an amour chant from " Mireio" a poeme provenzal du Frederic Mistral. The occitanian Nobel Prize of literature.

      La Provence is one of my dearest places in all the world. My grandmere La Marquisse del Val A' De was a very nice nonna who teach me to read and write when I was tre anni. She also teach me hoy to play cards and roulette.
      • thumb
        Jun 21 2011: Thanks Conte..I love roulette.....
        and creme brulee
        I know of occitania and occitanian traditions..the Mary Magdalen legends the history of the people ( the persecutions)..the secret manuscript which Jehanne has just translated and released..have you read it?.
        • thumb
          Jun 22 2011: Carissima I must to tell all a short story from my own life. I have to express my gratefull will to H.H. Prince Michel of Albania to let me search in the Royal Archives from The Chivalry House the subjet about the Holy Grial. During the study and research time I found extremly important codes that reveals the Holy and Sacred History in the bloodline from Our Lord Jesus Christ.
          Is more than a legend or folklorical story. Mary Magdalen iis buried in La Baume in Provenza and some of his sacred bones are in Vezelay. Very near from the small village of Castries. The folk legends talk about Le trois Mere sur le mer. The gipsy people song and dance in the Mary feste. I delight with all that tradition that is like a seed that flourishes in my family soul. Grazie tanti a tutti per restare qui al Caffe.
      • thumb
        Jun 22 2011: yes I know about that

        ..did you read Jehanne Quillans translation of the Mary Gospel?(Gospel of the Beloved Companion) It was transalted from a manuscipt held by the occitanes in the Laconneau region.( perhaps the same document you saw at Chivalry House..)

        The head of my contemplative community, Cynthia Bourgeault, just published her own book, The meaning of Mary Magdalene, and had speant a lot of time in Laconneau and at the churcha a college student and has had a sustained interest in Mary.She's a briliiant scholar and theologian working to bring us back to the wisdom traditions

        . Neither refers to the Pistis Sophia.
  • thumb
    Jun 21 2011: Carissimi, you all know how to play this game... maybe some of you have forgot it. Find the path inside you, listen to your intuiton (in-tuitere, the inner tutor). Don't be afraid, rembember the way you use to play when you were kids, in that time wasn't hard... wasn't it?

    Kisses from this lovely island, with this lovely sun, and this marvelous solstice...
    • Jun 21 2011: Grazie Baronessa
      My intuition does speak. I think it spoke to Debra, about the labyrinth and what she was seeing. I think we just need to keep playing.
      • thumb
        Jun 21 2011: Carissimo da vero che si rende conto da continuare il gioco. Lei e un uomo sensibile. E anche voi potete vedere tante cose.
    • thumb
      Jun 21 2011: How do I find the path inside me?help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used to play toys when I was a kid...this is getting very interesting...
  • thumb
    Jun 21 2011: Dear friends,

    Debra Smith would like to tell you all that she has not abandon you and this conversation.She has a computer problem of which she can't comment in any of the conversations here on TED.She misses you all and the fun as well!

    Lets just hope that she'll be able to be back here soon.
  • thumb
    Jun 21 2011: Carissimo Conte oggi e il Giorno del Sole. Anche la festa di l'aqua. Il giorno de San Giovanni.
  • thumb
    Jun 21 2011: Muhammad thanks for coming and share with us your interesting cultures. I enjoy your presence in the Caffe and of course in the game. Welcome.
  • Jun 21 2011: I have not left a word of Shakespeare my this day, this Day Of St. John, A Midsummer's Day,
    If we shadows have offended,
    Think but this, and all is mended,
    That you have but slumber'd here
    While these visions did appear.
    And this weak and idle theme,
    No more yielding but a dream,
    Gentles, do not reprehend:
    if you pardon, we will mend:
    And, as I am an honest Puck,
    If we have unearned luck
    Now to 'scape the serpent's tongue,
    We will make amends ere long;
    Else the Puck a liar call;
    So, good night unto you all.
    Give me your hands, if we be friends,
    And Robin shall restore amends.
    • thumb
      Jun 21 2011: lovely..thank you Michael. To celebrate I initiated my usual practice of sleeping in my hammock on the porch until it gets too cold. It is banked withh white roses whose fragrance washed over me all night. Lots of wonderful night noises and sounds suggesting a scene going on some where nearby but out of sight.Happy solstice..happy summer
      • thumb
        Jun 21 2011: Lindsay bellisima, the Baronessa and myself enjoy Pat Metheny as one of the best jazz musicians, specially "The Dream of the Return" with Pedro Aznar. We heard this beautifull song for the first time in our vacation in Puerto vallarta in Mexico few years ago.

        Archibald bring the malasyan food in some moments. Salute!!!
        • thumb
          Jun 22 2011: do you know Pat Metheney Letter From of my all time favorites
    • thumb
      Jun 22 2011: Also Shakespeare and Julius Caesar and Rome:

      Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears;
      I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.

      The evil that men do lives after them;
      The good is oft interred with their bones;
      So let it be with Caesar. The noble Brutus
      Hath told you Caesar was ambitious:
      If it were so, it was a grievous fault,
      And grievously hath Caesar answer'd it.

      Here, under leave of Brutus and the rest--
      For Brutus is an honourable man;
      So are they all, all honourable men--
      Come I to speak in Caesar's funeral.
      He was my friend, faithful and just to me:
      But Brutus says he was ambitious;
      And Brutus is an honourable man.

      He hath brought many captives home to Rome
      Whose ransoms did the general coffers fill:
      Did this in Caesar seem ambitious?
      When that the poor have cried, Caesar hath wept:
      Ambition should be made of sterner stuff:
      Yet Brutus says he was ambitious;
      And Brutus is an honourable man.

      You all did see that on the Lupercal
      I thrice presented him a kingly crown,
      Which he did thrice refuse: was this ambition?
      Yet Brutus says he was ambitious;
      And, sure, he is an honourable man.

      I speak not to disprove what Brutus spoke,
      But here I am to speak what I do know.
      You all did love him once, not without cause:
      What cause withholds you then, to mourn for him?

      O judgment! thou art fled to brutish beasts,
      And men have lost their reason. Bear with me;
      My heart is in the coffin there with Caesar,
      And I must pause till it come back to me.
      • Jun 22 2011: They that have power to hurt and will do none,
        That do not do the thing they most do show,
        Who, moving others, are themselves as stone,
        Unmoved, cold, and to temptation slow,
        They rightly do inherit heaven’s graces
        And husband nature’s riches from expense;
        They are the lords and owners of their faces,
        Others but stewards of their excellence.
        The summer’s flower is to the summer sweet,
        Though to itself it only live and die,
        But if that flower with base infection meet,
        The basest weed outbraves his dignity:
        For sweetest things turn sourest by their deeds;
        Lilies that fester smell far worse than weeds.

        --Shakespeare sonnet

        This seems so relevant to today's culture. Many current American politicians come to mind when I read this.
        • thumb
          Jun 22 2011: @Wongmo, Debra has some technical problems with her computer.Lets pray for her return to TED soon. =)
        • thumb
          Jun 22 2011: As the Conte said Buona notte e a Domani.

          But tomorrow we'll forget about Domani.

        • Jun 22 2011: Thanks Jason..nice quote. Wongmo, Debra is suffering from computer problems. She is fine, just trying to figure out how to get back to the cafe.
        • thumb
          Jun 22 2011: Hello all! I was and still may be lost in the labyrinth of the computer. I just got here by the weirdest route- very Alice in Wonderland.

          TED admin is working to find out why I am not able to get into conversations and until then I will try to out think the blockage as I have just done.

          I missed you all even for these short days. I have been keeping up on the blog site but still cannot enter comments- any ideas as to why anyone???

          A friend and I are making strawberry jam tonight. I'll bring some to the cafe tomorrow morning. Does anyone want blueberries too?
  • thumb
    Jun 21 2011: I've been watching this conversation for a while now without understanding even one bit.Can someone explain to me the idea,please?
    • thumb
      Jun 21 2011: Benvenuto Muhammad Aizat Zainal Alam it is an honor to recieve you as an embassador from the muslim world. Noi napolitani abbiamo tanto rispetto per la vostra cultura e per noi è molto gradevole la sua presenza qui al Caffè del Conte. Se Lei vuole chiedere o parlare di qualsiasi cosa, andate pure.

      Archibaldo sa bene come fare una bella mangiata dal suo paese.

      Se Lei vuole partecipare al gioco, sia benvenuto.
      • thumb
        Jun 21 2011: Thank you Conte Di Salaparuta Mordeforte.Its an honour to be here as well.Is this what you mean,Conte? :

        "Neapolitan We have so much respect for your culture and is very pleasant for us being here at the Café del Conte. If you want to ask or talk about anything, go ahead.

        Archibald knows how to make a good meal from his country.

        If you want to play the game, is welcome."

        If so, what is the game about? sounds very interesting.I am keen to know. =)
        • thumb
          Jun 21 2011: Muhammad We are very gratefull with your presence. I ordered Archibald to prepare Sambal, Nasi Lamak, Bi- Hon and Halal. We expect to be in the haighest quallificattion in our cuisine adventure on your exquisite culinary traditions.

          I have the honor to give you the salutation from La Baronessa Di Val Taranto who extend her most cheerfull welcome to you and your refined cultural proposals.
      • thumb
        Jun 22 2011: Thank you Conte Di Salaparuta Mordeforte and La Baronessa Di Val Taranto.It is very nice to be here.The ambience is marvellous and wonderful.To make the evening extra-lovely, I will like to share with my friends here a Malaysian folk song.A song about old fashion love.

    • Jun 21 2011: Muhammad
      Welcome to the a bit of culture and fun, to wonderful conversation, beautiful music and general laughter. Here, as the Conte says, no diffuse thinking, no mumbo jumbo, just music, expresso and most of all friends. It is quite the most human place around....more wine, more music!
  • thumb
    Jun 21 2011: Cara Debra the translation

    Il prete......she is like a doll
    il consigliere.....yes but the power like
    il jurisconsulto....yes she is a little bird...a nice little girl
    il consigliere....yes make love.....maybe

    Lindsay they talk in napolitano not italian. I really dont know if theres some subtitled version in english.
    • thumb
      Jun 21 2011: Conte, come dolce di voi a prendere il tempo per soddisfare la mia curiosità! Grazie! Un giorno tornerò il favore!
      Parli Napolitano, piuttosto che italiani? Se sì, in che cosa differisce da quella italiana attuale e dal latino ho studiato al liceo?
      • thumb
        Jun 21 2011: Italian, napolitan, spanish and latin are different, they have al lot in common but are independent languages. Its origin is like spaghetti, confuse, you can't follow the thread and in history they intertwine sometimes. Spanish comes from 'italico' with some roots from latin, greek and arab. In all mediterranean cultures the languages are unique but they're together as a splendid family.

        Tempesta, terramoti e temporal! L'amicizia nostra adda durà a'facc e'chi c'vo mal!
  • thumb
    Jun 20 2011: .................Joy, gentle friends! joy and fresh days of love
    Accompany your hearts!

    Hippolyta in Act V - Scene I - Athens
    William Shakespeare

    Si noi guardiamo benne queste parole e possibile di trovare qualche chiave della porta.

    My observations from the labirinth gave me this clue. Maybe its right.
  • thumb
    Jun 20 2011: Debra I'm an old and experimented player. I did this kind of game while i was in Bologna university, and also in Rome...
    • thumb
      Jun 20 2011: That's great Jaime! I will need all the help I can get and experienced friends are great teachers!
  • thumb
    Jun 20 2011: Carissimi tutti, of course every one is invited to join the game, to join the Caffè, to travel the Labyrinth guided by Signore Luigi and to contribute if they want... but only if they want. There's some things in life that are available for everyone but the 'aptissimi' capable of seeing them and take them are very few. This is nor good nor bad, there's no right or wrong answers, there's only different things, and thats why the world is a beautiful place to live at. If they get in through the door... or trought a window... or sneaking from the other side of the garden, or the wall... it doesn't matter. Everyone is always welcome here to talk, play or only get a glass of very good wine.

    Siate profondi nelle vostre riflessioni...
    Ah.. Ecco Archibald con i cioccolatini... Lindsay, sei un sole!

  • Jun 20 2011: My question on the maze blog is "Michael, Where is the center?" The center I believe is the center of ourselves as a group and as individuals. The center marks the desired end of the maze, but is it the end of the journey of ourselves? You have to walk in order to reach the center. All of the answers will answer all of our questions.
    • thumb
      Jun 20 2011: Hi Michael, I'm glad you;'re back. I just discovered that we can ask direct questions of Luigi and get answers (half truth- half lie) in the comment box on the blog. Tim Colgan is alread there asking questions about revenge.
      I feel a bit out of my depth and would appreciate any insights into the question posed to me as well.
    • thumb
      Jun 20 2011: Michael, Is the center the end of the maze or the half way point? Don't the people who walk it exit another way than the way they came in. If so, is it even relevant?
      • thumb
        Jun 20 2011: You exit at the same point and rewalk out from the center over the same path ..

        (...Tim didn't leave after all....??
        • thumb
          Jun 20 2011: He found us on the blog. Maybe Birdia let him know.
      • Jun 20 2011: The maze I think is a figure for us. it implies journey, but we are walking together.

        Debra, we see in many different ways. Try plugging in some of the different definitions of see (like understand) isnt the symbol, but what the symbol means that counts.
  • thumb
    Jun 20 2011: Kathy, your will will be respected. You are welcome if you want.
  • thumb
    Jun 19 2011: Birdia, carissima Birdia, directly I answer to your ideas. Just play if you want. Luigi Vampa is the guide in this game and of course he is very serious about this gioco degli Indovinelli. Maybe your friend is missinformed.

    Nice game.
    • Comment deleted

      • thumb
        Jun 20 2011: Birdia we dont oblige any person to be here. We are in a totally good will with all our guests. We appreciatte your contribution and your sincerity. We dont expect ever anything from anyone. Groucho is a good example.

        Archibald please scort Signorina Birdia to the door.
        • thumb
          Jun 20 2011: Dear Conte, I will also not play
        • thumb
          Jun 20 2011: Oh Richard! I am so sorry to read this! I was sure your erudition in poetry and literature would have been a great boon to the group. I hope you'll share your insights anyway!
        • thumb
          Jun 20 2011: My Dear Conte,

          All TED Conversations, including this one, belong to the entire TED community and are allowed when they are of relevance and interest to the whole community, which this one clearly has been

          .All TED members who are participating in accordance with the "terms of use" must be included in all phases of every conversation.I doubt very much that she would want to rejoin us, having been shown the door by Archibald, but I do ask that you make it clear, all are welcome here in alll phases of the conversation

          Even the Labyrinth cannot be a private endeavor by a few. The invitation must automatically include anyone.

          .At least that is my undertsanding of how things work .I brought some hand made "Black Dinah" chocolates for our gathering this morning. Would you have Archibald tothem on a suitably elegant dish pass them around please? They are hand made on anisland I Kayak to ocasionally, in a very simple building..all original internationally may even find them in your best choclatier in Naples!! Save one for Birdia.
  • thumb
    Jun 19 2011: Dear friends, we start our game please be gentle with our guide il Signore Luigi Vampa, severissimo personaggio. He guide us to the labyrinth, safely and venturously. Il gioco degli Indovinelli e un gioco a tempo di gallarda. Without hurry we can go step by step. And in the end a suprise, as in all the myths.

    Welcome. Non avete paura¡

    (in the blog you can discover the first step. Please be carefull with the answers)
    • thumb
      Jun 19 2011: Caro Conte, ti ringrazio tanto per questo gioco. Ho la sensazione che imparerò molto da questo in senso spirituale. Non ho ancora capito come comunicare con guida fuori. Non so come mettere le nostre risposte sul blog. Non vedo una scatola commento.

      Grazie ancora di cuore per l'avventura che stanno portando nella mia vita!
      • thumb
        Jun 20 2011: Cara Debra tuti impariamo molto.Quelli chi rimane, e quelli chi non rimane. Voi avete visto la piccola mostra di "BALANCE" the same in the gioco de la vita. Ma adesso si voi volete un piccolo bichierino di Campari, sara buono per parlare un po di cucina. Oggi habbiamo fatto una bella torta di mozarella, pomodoro e basilico. Buona cucina questa di Archibald...credo che sia buono fare domande a Luigi Vampa adesso.
    • Comment deleted

      • thumb
        Jun 20 2011: Birdia certainly we removed your name and respect your will. Anyway thank you and was a pleasure to know you.
    • Jun 20 2011: Mi Conte y Mis companeros
      I embark on the journey with all...Sr. Vampa ma guide us, but it is our answers, together, that will direct us. Grazie gracias.
  • thumb
    Jun 19 2011: Carissimi,
    cominciamo, il nostro guida Luigi Vampa ha per voi una bella benvenuta.
    Please join me at the Black Room, there will be waiting the labyrinth and before the adventure pasta, vino rosso, grappa e caffè.

    Your answers could be posted here or at the Black Room, at the end you will find the path. Please be in touch among you, you have to find the trap and the truth to see if you are in the right way.

    • thumb
      Jun 19 2011: Oh what fun!!

      !I know the labyrinth at Chartres ( in your blogspot photo)

      We have one outdoors overlooking the sea at our contemplative center( of twigs and mosses) We have a community Labyrinth also on the sea on the island(also of twigs and mosses). and many of us here have and use labyrinths in our contemplative practice.

      We enter with a moment of silence, a centering then we ask a question or offer a prayer, a blessing, a concernand then we walk the labyrinth slowly..focusing only on the path if there are several taking the walk together..we wait for each other in silence in the center and then exit one by one again each centering, each invoking the question(prayer blessing etc,)

      .Why do we walk the path? ( your question to me)

      To engage and invite silence. ( my answer to you)

      shall I form a question and enter or await your further instruction? Is the question you gave me the question I am to enter with?

      PS my experience.. I was a little skeptical of this at first..set off my woo factor alarms and I am not sure that those who take up your offer and don't have an actual labyrinth to walk can have the experience..but I surrender to your judgment as I surrenderto the labyrinth.

      . I truly don't undertsand it works,why it's like dowsing I guess.( I am a reiki practitioner..dowsing is part of my practice).or something like that but I have had some amazing and inexplicable experiences in labyrinths.

      Perhaps when we finish this game together you might shed some light on that for all of us)I hope hope everyone has a genuine labyrint experience..( and failing tthat we have Conte's good wine and good can we lose)
      • thumb
        Jun 19 2011: Lindsay the conversa goes on and we dont change our mood here....maybe some day Signore Luigi Vampa ask you something. Of course we never lose our nice encounter.

        please see this very carefull and comment with the others journey companions.
        • thumb
          Jun 20 2011: OK. Thanks.(This actually is addressed to the video of the dance at chartres. the coupl floatig together up from the center of the labyrinth while Ave Maria is sung). In the esoteric tradition the bride & groom symbolize the serach for oneness with the Holy In this dance, in the center which is goal of thelabyrinth path walked, the couple has come with them intentionn of that union, they are prepared for it, reday for it t happen. All that was necessary to attain that union has been accomplished..Removing their earthly garments which they no longer need their etheric bodys rise together toward the final consummation with the Holy. In this game, which is not in a community with an esoteric tradition we need a more cacessible explanation. So I would say that it is hsowing the gift of the labyrinth. We enter wikth a question arising from our hearts, we walk the path thinking only of the path and not of the question silence but observing what other gufts or events are presented along the way..not analyzing that just observing that..meeting it..then we arrive at the center we have a sense tha something is geling..that when we exit th elabyrint we will understand our question and the gift of the labyrinth addressed to our question.Sometimes the answer is, that was not the question.In the spirit of guidance given so far ,that we all must unlock these boixes together..does that make sense? Is that workable for evryone else?
        • thumb
          Jun 20 2011: My problem is that I am on symbol overload. I love metaphor and symbols but I do not think I am good at zoning in on what is most important because I include too many.
          for instance-
          They stand at the heart of the Labrynth.
          I see the sacriment of marriage, the embracing of our sexual selves in a communion,
          that both sexes are necessary to complete the earthly task,

          that the woman is elevated first- Ave Maria
          she chooses to turn to him
          and yet the man is above her as in biblical symbolism as they are elevated.
          She takes the position of inverted crucifixion that St. Peter did- the head of the earthly church.

          see what I mean- I see more than I can use.
        • thumb
          Jun 20 2011: Debra,

          The invitation, I think, is for you as you are..(I am finding the formt and moderation a little confusing, frankly. It's not asking you to go anyplace ou already aren't, that you already don't want to go.
          My exploration above ..the simplified version of the film didn't do it for you? ( I am not suggesting it is "corret" just asking in the context of the guidance we keep getting to collaborate)
      • thumb
        Jun 19 2011: Lindsay cara we are players like you, we cant answer your questions...your answer is not for me, because I didnt organize the game. I asked to dis al the sistemazione to ne beloved friend who has a very wide expertise in cripthography and clues. The Baronessa and I are just as you all, players in this very interesting game. We have to construct some paths with the first things we see. Ask Luigi Vampa.
        • thumb
          Jun 20 2011: Ok Got it..So Conte, Baronessa, Debra, Andrea,Wongmo and I hope Kathy K. We are urged to find each key not walk the path kin the labyrinth alone.
          I am also assuming that what is intended is not an esoteric journey in the usual sense but a journey/game drawing from how the labyrinth is used in esoteric practice.

          I am also assuming the answers each of gives to our own question must also be meaningful to all other participants so I am inviting comment on mine. Iwon't comment on any others posted until it is clear that my understanding is correct.

          I am also assuming that the suggestions given to individuals are intended to be morer menaingful to that person than to all, that we are all also invited to engage and comment.

          Lots of assumptions

          Where is archibald with that tray of Black Dinah truffles?
        • thumb
          Jun 20 2011: Carissimo Conte io penso che Archibald e fuori da cucina. Ma il cavollone al tartuffo é presto. Io posso sentire l'aroma. Forse un bel bianchetto e bello.
        • thumb
          Jun 20 2011: You know what I notice in retrospect? My subconscious had my answer all along. Above I wrote that the couple were standing on the heart of the labrynth. Hmmmmmm head/heart my eternal battle.
      • thumb
        Jun 20 2011: The question asked of me was: Debra what do you really see here?

        My answer: An 11 circuit labrynth (a parallel to the Rose Window) for meditation
        or The Way.
        • thumb
          Jun 20 2011: Yes Debra everyone can see that but you, specially you, what do you see? In this game we can learn to see the invisible things. Only if you want.
      • thumb
        Jun 20 2011: Credo che quello che vedo è il mistero della vita che sto avendo difficoltà a cogliere.
        Che tipo di domande posso come Luigi?
        • thumb
          Jun 20 2011: Hello Debra, ask Luigi Vampa anything you want. He is like a magical lantern genius.
      • thumb
        Jun 20 2011: Ok Lindsay, that is helpful. I still am not sure what my answer should be but given my hint of the little animated film the labrynth is a fairly 'balanced' shape? All insights on my question are welcome.

        My first instinct is to say that I see a 'bullseye'.
        • thumb
          Jun 20 2011: A bulls eye

          .good..that is pretty much what the center of the labyrinth is.

          May I suggest a small private game only for you in our own privacy ( forget the rules here, whatever they may be ,for the moment.have a hard copy of the labyrinth in front of large as possible

          place your self at the entrance..very still and thoughts other than the question you take into the labyrinth..not the question given you..your own question from your own heart. hold the question a few moments before entering step in ( withyour pencil or marker..let the question go..let all other thoughts go..make no inquiry at all but stay very open to what comes to you as you walk along background noises events that seem like interruptions..whatever happens..don't think about it..just observe itvery slowly withyour pencil or marker make your way through the labyrinth thinking only about the path..dn't look ahaed..look only at what is in front of thoughts of the active searchng..go as slow as possiblewhen you reach the center pause a while completely oen no searching, no analysing, just may not feel consciouly like receiving.when you have stood there a while..start out again..same thing..just observe and be open to what happens..go very slowly and exitjust a warm up.. .and not really understanding what they have in mind for us here it may not be at all relevant..but it might be interesting

          I think part of the trick here is just surrendering to willing to enage the process without judgment or fear or anxiety without comparisons for here our rule is co operation..not comparisons and competition..
        • thumb
          Jun 20 2011: Debra and Lindsay your dresses are spectacular. Just a little details in design and you'll have it.
        • thumb
          Jun 20 2011: jaime..youmade me adress too???? I wsn't even in on that but I sha;; b glad to wear it on the summer soltice
        • thumb
          Jun 21 2011: Debra carissima why dont try with the Shakespeare words?. Translate to feelings.
      • thumb
        Jun 20 2011: Lindsay! I applied your suggestion and it was very helpful. I did the labryth twice.
        The first time I did not feel like I had clarity so I did it a second time with my left hand holding the pen.
        I have my answer.

        What I see is my own heart.

        Caro baronessa, anche quando accedo sul blog posso inserire un commento, ma non si sottomette.Dear Baroness, even when I sign in on the blog I can enter a comment but it does not submit.

        PS Lindsay thanks for the rich culinary experience of your native area. I really enjoyed tasting your world through your words and generous sharing.
        • thumb
          Jun 20 2011: Hi Debra very nice and sensible insight. You and Lindsay are in the path.
      • thumb
        Jun 20 2011: The game , Lindsay is all games...surrending to the process without expecting nothing. And any answer is "wrong or right"....just flow. Im very glad to play the game again, after some years, maybe five or so.
        • thumb
          Jun 20 2011: Thrilled you will be with us Jaime and so looking forward to my dress!
          Gracias por tu tiempo y amabilidad en su creación!
    • thumb
      Jun 19 2011: Thank you for the kind invitation Baronessa and for this wonderful game we are about to embark on.

      I look forward to sharing the meal with you.

      May I ask, are the Black Room and the Labyrinth one place?
      • thumb
        Jun 19 2011: Debra carissima maybe yes maybe no. Will you discover for yourself.?
        • thumb
          Jun 20 2011: This little animated movie was pretty profound. It illustrated the nature of cooperation for survival and the tipping points or danger points when one person decides to act without the others for personal gain and how interdependent we all are. (At least that's my take on it).
        • thumb
          Jun 20 2011: In te context of this game, fellow particpants I saw this aninmation as including an dpointing to more than balance.

          IFirst I saw the box as containing something each of us would value and want to enjoy. In the animation no one person could open the box alone as it shuttled back and forth saw it . Insead of cooperating to open the box ( each person has a part that collectively is the key--no one person holds the key) they began competing for contro of the box until the last guy the "winner" was at th opposite end of the platform from what he fought to possess and control and could not have it himself. Any move would tip the platform and lose either the box or himself.

          So on a way think the animation lays out ome of the rules of the game. A good assimption since that interpretation of the animation fits what we were already told. ( do we get pluses or something if we are on the right track or just keep wlroking together and agree amongst our croquet..the rules are much clearer and also the aims.
      • thumb
        Jun 20 2011: Debra Cara i tre uomini sulla scala nell incontro di Carolina e il Re Ferdinando eranno i consiglieri. Il prete, il politico e il jurisconsulto. Bello film. Guardatelo tutto.
        • thumb
          Jun 20 2011: Sì, Conte, ho capito le loro posizioni ma sono curioso di sapere quello che dicevano.
        • thumb
          Jun 20 2011: It was an there an English version????
    • Comment deleted

    • thumb
      Jun 20 2011: Baronessa..I tried to post in the black riom but couldn't..can you advise? Here is what I treid to post to Luigi


      Io ho stato distacco miei commenti e domande al sito principale...Hai visto?

      Ho non ho risposto e sto non permanente di fronte alla porta? Sto aspettando tutti gli altri di essere anche pronto a iniziare il loro viaggio e suggerendo che i doni del labirinto, ike la casella nel film, appartengono a tutti noi e porterà tutti noi poter cooperare insieme per arrivarci.

      Nel mio expereience con grado di gestire qualsiasi domanda anche "come faccio a ottenere vendetta"...a piedi il sentiero...raggiungendo il centro sarà ancora dare una risposta che serve la vita...quelli sono th eunigeniti tipi di labirinti di risposte dare
      • thumb
        Jun 20 2011: I'm not sure about what's happening with the comments, I'll ask Archibald to fix it... but meanwhile I posted your comment on the blog.

        Aspettiamo Luigi... intanto, Cin cin!!
    • thumb
      Jun 24 2011: This Luigi Vampa??? Famous bandit & Dante aasociate? ( Count of Monte Christo?)
      • thumb
        Jun 24 2011: Carissima Lindsay, il vero e unico Luigi Vampa, capo di tutti cappi e grande brigante. The dark side of the moon is there. The labirynth is open. is full of clues and codes. And your guide, Signore Luigi Vampa is ready for you. He is a gentleman, please truste him.
  • Comment deleted

    • thumb
      Jun 19 2011: Hello beloved Wongmo! Hello All. I found this slide show of Naples on the internet.
      You might enjoy it too. We can imagine the Conte and the Baronesse walking these streets and seeing these places with their own eyes day to day.
    • thumb
      Jun 19 2011: Ciao wongmo our history is deep, profound, rich, very old, and above all live. We live in a city that is living by itself. Napoli is living their own breath and blood,and flesh with the sea. Our ancient port, or the newone, moderno and advances is just an adaptation from the flow and stream that our history really is. Every person is wellcome to our city, and when you came we recognize and receive you with a warm hug. Sia sicuro.
      Are you ready to play the game?
  • thumb
    Jun 19 2011: Carissimo Conte estoy listo para el Gran Juego Misterioso degli Indovinelli ...sera inolvidable. Y todo estan invitados a participar y divertirse.
    Gracias por revivir estos juegos y momentos gratisimos en esta compañia de la buena vida aqui en el Caffe del Conte. Estoy seguro de que usted recordara felizmente estos juegos en el Sacro Cuore. Yo los jugue en la Universidad de Bologna. Toda una profunda tradicion jesuita. AMDG
    • thumb
      Jun 19 2011: Jaime!
      Bentornato. Lei è stato mancato. Sto aspettando con impazienza per il mio vestito rosso di gioia. Mi sto freddo nella mia vestaglia!
  • thumb
    Jun 19 2011: Carissimi tutti, domani cominceremmo il grande, vero, unico misterioso e mitico gioco degli Indovinelli. State presti. Qui al Cafe del Conte si parla, si canta, si balla,e si gioca.
  • thumb
    Jun 19 2011: Carissimi, per la gioia di tutti, Nancy Aijram sings this Habibi song, signify a love chant. Love is in all the world in all shapes and traditions. We mediterraneans are closer to this, than other cultures. Please enjoy, and tell us your comments.
    • thumb
      Jun 19 2011: Ho scoperto che io sono in fase di elaborazione sempre più alla musica che mi dà il permesso di abbracciare il entirity di essere donna. Si chiede a un divinamente creato parte di me che è stato represso e negato come parte della mia cultura. Sono convinto che questa parte di me è stato creato e bene e ancora non si è ancora pienamente espresso. Quindi sono grato per gli esempi di donne che incarnano. Un artista che invita ad essa primally più in me è Shakira con il suo canto - sotto i vestiti. Si tratta di un amore fedele e impegnato che consente una donna a sentirsi e a ricambiare l amore e l adorazione dell amato.
  • Comment deleted

    • thumb
      Jun 18 2011: Wow Wongmo! The man is a musical cyborg! This is really avant garde.
  • thumb
    Jun 17 2011: Carissimi Prima d'andare a dormire un po, qui ce una bella canzonetta per tutii nostri amici. Fino domani, civederemo a la prima collazione. (Imparamo tanto di voi.)
  • thumb
    Jun 17 2011: E questa e la nostra divisa piu cara. Tarantella del Gargano
  • thumb
    Jun 17 2011: Caro Michael, questa e la nostra musica. E anche la musica messicana da Veracruz, musica jarocha
  • Jun 17 2011: Juventino Rosas is a wonderful Mexican composer from the turn of the 20th century...He wrote Sobre las Olas...the song you probably associate with the flying is another so we can waltz...un vals....

    Now..together...please 1-2-3, 1-2-3..........
  • Jun 17 2011: companions...el cafe...que rico...this morning how beautiful. For your pleasure...Astor Piazzola y Libertango

    Now, whether you think you can or don't have to watch the video, just please turn up the music, and dance..even if you know no tango steps, move, slide, glide. Do not worry about who might see you, I can't see you....but you can see yourself! A tango, con el cafe.

    Ya! Buenos dias! Good morning! Bon dia!
    • Comment deleted

      • Jun 17 2011: wongmo..yes...a waltz...see above from Juventino Rosas..
  • thumb
    Jun 17 2011: Carissimi tuttivi ringrazio la sua anifestazione di solidarita. Alora stiamo tutti contenti. Anche Io. Dobbiamo dire che il bellisimo posto che ho visto di Covemeadow 'e varamente un paradiso di natura impoluta. Signora Lindsay lei ha una fortuna grandiosa. Eanche molto intelligente da vivere cosi senza limitazione tra il bosco e il lago. Nostri complimenti a voi.
  • thumb
    Jun 17 2011: Caro Conte e compagnia di persone eccezionali:

    Io porto la bellezza di un fenomeno naturale del mio paese accompagnata dalla bella musica. Buon divertimento!

    To all the excellent and loving people here I bring a gift of a natural wonder of my country and it is accompanied by beautiful music. Enjoy!
  • thumb
    Jun 16 2011: Caro Conte, Contessa, Baronessa & buon padre

    Qui al prato del Cove Meadow noltre viviamo con joie de vive ed i nostri pasti, goduti solitamente all'aperto sul mio portico che trascura il mare, sia stile toscano pronto con la spigola della raccolta. .striped, molluschi ed aragoste locali dei mitili dal mio cove, erbe e verdure dai nostri propri giardini organici, formaggio locale della capra e funghi selvaggi affumicati locali squisiti dei patè degli eglefini… dai miei legno e prato; le bacche selvaggie formano i miei campi e giardini.

    La musica in tensione è sempre una parte della nostra di riunioni figura qui. .the del mio prato che pende al cove è come un amphiteatre grande.

    Conversazione sempre meravigliosa. Spesso giochi. Sempre gioia

    . Quella è la vita che il mio padre lo ha insegnato. Per vivere con gioia & la celebrazione. Inoltre lo facciamo molto bene. Qui è alla raccolta gioia in tutte le cose.Forse raccolta giorna insieme.
    • thumb
      Jun 16 2011: Carissima il so sorriso e bello e stimulante. We know that even in an efficiency culture as you have, you enjoy the time to spend among friends. Is a universal condition, The friendship is a treasure to be keeped very well. I see your word with my own smile to all who deserves the good life and the glory of happines. Please dont let that the "sistem" takes out your joy de vivre.

      Grazie, I'm sad rigth now but i smile even in bad times.
    • thumb
      Jun 17 2011: Carissima Lindsay tis is the time to dance, I propose a selection of mexican waltzes. May I dance with you?
      • thumb
        Jun 18 2011: Il miei Conte, Baronnessa & Contessa cari,

        Dovete essere padre mancante Delacourt. I abbia tre case qui sulla mia proprietà in modo da quando posso I più goda avere buoni amici vengono e rimangono e prendiamo una durata comunale allegra di preparazione dei pasti grandi insieme, raccogliendo insieme, ridere, sedenteci intorno un fuoco dell'accampamento alla notte che canta e che gioca musica, tuffarsi skinny in mio foro di swimming e conversazione grande. Quando si conclude o qualcuno va è sempre molto triste. Conoscete la parola portoghese “saudade„? Così dovete mancare il vostro padre Dela Corte dell'amico ed il suo posto unico in che cosa avete tutti che godono.

        Spiacente non ero qui rispondere al vostro invito gentile ballare. Ballerò con voi nello spirito. Farò un posto per voi al nostro fuoco dell'accampamento qui al prato del Cove ed alla nostra tabella bedecked fiore vibrant.

        Blessings luminosi

        • thumb
          Jun 19 2011: Cara Lindsay our great friend Father Delacourt is a very important authority in old lenguages, and his work is focal point in the Vatican Libraries. We miss him but also we are sure that soon we meet in Rome. We'll be enchanted to give him your nice words. He is a very brave man.
      • thumb
        Jun 19 2011: Yes, I know. Did you see the questions I had posted to you asking for you or him to speak for the wonderful work Father Nicolas is doing as "the black pope". I know of his work( I am a big fano f his brother, an expert on St. John of the Cross). and .am very hopeful about it. Hoping you would catch the message and had started a thread on it at my conversation on "belief system". I would love to have something on record there about this. ( it is closing tommorrow)

        Yes, please do give Father Delacourt my best wishes and blessings.
        • thumb
          Jun 19 2011: Carissima Lindsay as a jesuit alumni I know really well the work of Father Nicolas, I know him personally and in my wide range of interest St, John of the Cross and St, Teresa de Avila are a focus in my philosophical and historical research. I wrote an essay about this two grand spirits from the point of view in the philosophical thesis of Xavie Zubiri. But this is another subject. I'll send to you in private communication my paper. Please be ready to play in the Grand Mistic and Misterious Gioco degli Indovinelli. Tomorrow start the adventure with a lot of mistery, joy and very good humor.
      • thumb
        Jun 19 2011: Dear Conte,

        I would love to see your paper. Please do send. Have you seen Antonio T de nicolas' (Father Nicolas' brother) exquisite translations of St. John of the Cross' poems? The introduction is very powerful.

        Teresa of Avila also a favorite of mine. Two quotes from the same poem

        "When your soul was born,
        it was like a still ocean. that had yet to experience
        It's infinite life"

        "Light baptizes life wherever it falls,
        and every religion and all upon this earth
        is a shadow"

        (I think I may use the second on ein my closing remraks on "Belief Systems")
  • thumb
    Jun 16 2011: Man Conte. You have such a civilized conversation going on here. Are the Cafes in Napoli really this tame? And did they ever resolve that garbage crisis?

    btw: My grandmother was born near Napoli. The town of Oliveto Citra. Do you know it?
    • thumb
      Jun 16 2011: Caro Tim sicuro che a nostri caffe nella citt'a si parla di tutto. Did you remember San Macario. A Oliveto Citra che il migliore olio d'oliva. Insieme al Frantoio e tanti altri buonissimo. The garbage crisis is an artificial emergence provoqued by the camorra lords. Its not a social problem is a criminal situation that has converted in a crisis. The cleaning sistems are in the camorra hands. We do all we can. But the problem rises up in an extreme proportion. If we dont trhow anything and stop the pollution, Napoli will be clean maybe in 50 years. Each ton of garbage is a treasure for the camorra dealers in the official money. Really you touch my heart with this question. We have paid studies and consulting to clear the web fixed in death and blood. The result are the same: murders and corruption. And the garbage continues because the consume continues. I'm very sad for this blod spot in my land. We talk about everything include this obscure subject. And please dont take us the Italians specially napolitans as irreponsible people about our local plagues. Our way of life has been the same in centuries. We are a very old civilization with all the glory and virtues and sins that any culture have and suffer.
      • Comment deleted

        • thumb
          Jun 17 2011: :>))))

          better flag it then
        • thumb
          Jun 17 2011: EDiTED with respect and cooperation:

          The brave remain and continue to love the light.
        • thumb
          Jun 17 2011: Cara Veramente che la spazzatura e fuori di conversa qui. Continuamo l'incontro e la bella chiachera. Una proposta per tutti...fare soltanto quello che ci fa ridere.
        • Jun 17 2011: De acuerdo mi conte....mis abuelos eran de Sicilia........un vals?
        • thumb
          Jun 18 2011: It's all right! Yo Yo Ma and James Taylor to the rescue........

      • Comment deleted

        • Jun 17 2011: A wonderful approach, the Conte will like a tango while we wait.....
  • thumb
    Jun 16 2011: Carissimo Conte, definitely you have brought to this delightful community all the best and lovely from the Mediterranean, no wonder why the Romans called it 'Mare Nostrum'. From this enchanting island, to the magnificent New World's seas...

    I can't wait for my dress to the party!
  • Jun 16 2011: El con leche from el restaurante La Parroquia in Veracruz Mexico....strong coffee, mixed with hot milk....tap the glass and the waiter comes to refill the fill your cup today with beauty....
    Please look into Slatikins eyes as he finishes......
    La belleza de esta manana
  • thumb
    Jun 16 2011: The collector in me is bringing a bright shiny thing back to our nest!

    500 years of portraiture of the female face in western art.

    (Sorry girls- couldn't find an equivalent for us but we can enjoy our sisters' beauty!)
    Bach's Sarabande from Suite for Solo Cello No. 1 in G Major

    I am getting the sense that the guys really like us because here is another:

    Edit and Addition:

    And something for the girls- men in art:
  • thumb
    Jun 15 2011: Carissimi to all our guests we reccomend the Simon Schama collection about the Power of the Art, specially the Bernini chapter. Please see, hear and delight with the veramente straordinaria opera di Bernini: "Transreberberazione di Santa Teresa". The music chosse for the film is superb: "Il lamento della Ninfa" di Caudio Monteverdi, and the Schama analisys is great. I really delight my whole being with these, but better to see in Rome the original statue in la Capella Cornaro. Being there in front of that wonder is extremly powerfull and eternal moment.
    • thumb
      Jun 16 2011: Conte: is this the piece you had in mind? (even if its not it is pretty glorious!)
      • thumb
        Jun 16 2011: Carissima la felicita e sempre gloriosa. We have to expect the best of the best in everything. This masterpiece has a very strong feling of passion. Joy and passion are in the same context than glory.
        For me is one of the best. And is just in one genre of music. I love jazz, and piano blues, and also tropical music. All the manifestation from harmony and beauty are glorious and full of joy. For me music is an extense experience that let me goes in a extreme sensible instant fouri dal tempo. Red fits very well with your innerself. I supouse.
  • thumb
    Jun 15 2011: Caro Michael ....Hmmmmm.....we always play in the mediterranean cultures, please remember how Lisistrata stop the war....she told to all girls ...ok girls, from now untill peace, NO SEX. Of course the war stops immediately. We know the real value of happines, maybe Italy is not the richest country in the world or the most powerfull army.... but we have Bernini, Michelangelo, Rafaello, Leonardo (Da Vinci, not Di Caprio) Columbus, Verrazano, Doria, Vespucci, Medicis, Brunelleschi, Borromini, Rossini, and a lot of very good players of all the immaginable. Architecture, music, food, wine, arts, opera, film, mode (or fashion as you cll it) Armani, Prada, Ferragamo, Ferrari, if this is not enough we DONT have a powerfull army, a righteous minister, well we have even a Pope and the Vatican, the ultimate and absollute aristocratic regime in all the world. We play to build empires, and the subsequent fall, we play to cook a very good meals with a real good wines, we play to see the heaven with Galileo, or the education with Montessori...we play all the day and night, and the caffe is for play and forget and to be forgived. Salute carissimi and play the endless play of living well. Yes you are right I'm on to something.
    • Jun 16 2011: There are threads for posting favorite sentences from TED Talks. If there was a thread for posting a favorite sentence from a community discussion, mine would be:

      "remember how Lisistrata stop the war....she told to all girls ...ok girls, from now until peace, NO SEX. Of course the war stops immediately."

      That is great stuff!
  • thumb
    Jun 15 2011: I learned a new word and I really like it! NEOTOMY!

    to find the definition go here:

    I plan to seek out many of its definitions.
    • Jun 15 2011: Hmmm...perhaps the Conte was on to something...when I grow up (or not) can I be a neotomist?

      (Go watch the video please)
    • thumb
      Jun 15 2011: Carissima Debra your dress will be red or black.? If our friend Jaime design it for you, expect the outmost experience in party dress.
      • thumb
        Jun 16 2011: RED dear Conte!- time to sieze life and plenty of time to mourn later!
        • thumb
          Jun 16 2011: Carissima Debra theres no time to mourn. Less if you are dressed in red with feathers and shine gold. As you receive the drawings from Jaime please show to all our guests. Maybe they want some spectacular presence. At this time the night is showing the darkest moon eclipse. Invisible in our atitudes we know that as a cosmic tale. Here in Napoli we have a traditional song : Luna Rossa, the performance from Pietra Montecorvino is powerfull. Enjoy as We enjoy the fireworks here.

      • thumb
        Jun 16 2011: Thank you for sharing Luna Rossa- what a passionate performance.

        In return I offer you one of my great favourites. KD Lang singing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujiah:
        • Jun 16 2011: One of my favorites as well. I thought that no one could ever come close to Buckley's version, but KD Lang's performances and the Espen Lind, Askil Holm, Alejandro Fuentes, Kurt Nilsen version have made me happy to be proven wrong. A song that will always be around and for good reason.

          I am not a religious man, but two versions of Ave Maria will always be in my "favorites" list.

 -Franz Schubert

        • thumb
          Jun 16 2011: Those were beautiful Jason. You know that Hayley Westenra is a Kiwi from Christchurch. She sang there in March during their memorial service - How Great Thou Art - a wonderful performance.

          Here is another version and type of the Hallelujah chorus, someone sent this to me:

        • Jun 16 2011: I've been following Haley for about 6 years or so. I saw her in Celtic Woman and was hooked. She is amazing and a National Treasure for your great Country. I wish more people in this country were aware of talent like hers and someone like Sissel Kyrkjebo . I have nothing against Susan Boyle, but she is not in the same league as the great ones, yet she found her fame and fortune to exceed the true professionals in a short period of time.
      • thumb
        Jun 16 2011: Jason, How truly lovely!

        I think we should come up with a thread in good time where we post works of religious art that enrich all of humanity. On the Iranian question thread I posted a site I found with Musim architecture in Iran and I was utterly captivated and blown away by its intricacy and detail. And then there is the stained glass dove that flies right at you in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome! So many works which make any of us more human regardless of our persuasion.

        It is important to give credit to the ecstatic expressions of love and adoration that elevated humankind.
        • Jun 16 2011: yes! I found two links provided by someone in the Afghanistan thread containing ancient art and immediately became quite grateful to that poster

          Some of these works were of the Greek Gods. We are truly lucky that these great works have survived. They are meant to be seen by the world.
      • thumb
        Jun 16 2011: Richard!
        That's hillarious - it happened within 20 minutes of my home last Christmas! Nice to know it made it all the way to you in New Zealand. Thanks
      • thumb
        Jun 18 2011: Andrea Bocelli and Hayley Westernra and ice skating

        This video seems like a tiny mirror of our conversation and inclusiveness:
    • thumb
      Jun 16 2011: My father reveled everywhere, played all the time. even on business trips . with fishing rods and kites in the trunk of the car.

      People who have forgotten how to play, will never learn to think.

      Toujours Gaie Archie, Toujours Gaie
      • Comment deleted

        • thumb
          Jun 16 2011: I read a book awhile ago that had a central theme of kite flying in Afghanistan. What an art!

          It was the Kite Runner and I found a clip from it on kite flying but it wove in the disturbing plot so I am sharing kite flying in Bali that I found instead.

        • thumb
          Jun 16 2011: I really liked this movie!
        • thumb
          Jun 16 2011: Hey Jim that's good because we really like YOU!
  • Comment deleted

    • Jun 15 2011: Yes wongmo, the poem is at Debra's request to follow later.

      Soon...they will be ready soon...there will be a large table

      And feathers
      • Comment deleted

        • thumb
          Jun 16 2011: Caro wongmo flying in a Magical Carpet requires a lot of cleverness and happiness. The old stories from the Arab Nights could teach you some about riding in the magical dreams to release any boundaries. If you really believe that your old turkish carpet is alive...just ride.
        • Jun 16 2011: I wish I was in Italy tierra de mi mama...Sicilia....mi Conte....Flowers are from here and there, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico; San Antonio, TX; my backyard.

          Away he says...all away and fair Italy is our is our destiny
  • Comment deleted

    • thumb
      Jun 15 2011: How many glasses Kathy? : )
      • Comment deleted

        • thumb
          Jun 15 2011: Actually, I was wondering if it was just two- one for you and someone special!

          But I do like idea of a magic fountain!
      • Comment deleted

        • thumb
          Jun 16 2011: Carissima Cathy fiori sono lo stesso che vino, canto e gioia. Wine is the only sacred beverage that remain for us humans after Pandora open the misterious box. In there were elixir, ambrosia and nectar, all tre disappeared by the first woman curiosity. just remain the wine. And the mith tales said that we cant reach the experience from other beverages because we can die. In the wine tradition, the first glass is to call Higyeia the health goddes, the second glass is in honor to Eros, and the third glass is to call Hypnos...beyond that are for the madness and crazy.

          Cent'anni Cara
      • Comment deleted

  • thumb
    Jun 15 2011: Carissimi, Shakespeare remind us to enjoy our life, mambo remind us to enjoy and be aware our bodies, the good and strong coffee remind us to enjoy the moment and jazz remind us to see, hear, feel and get it the flow in order to be alive.

    Enjoy the Caffè, talk about the best, live with the best.
    Debra, drink a glass or two of good italian wine, dance a mambo or two and then, and only then, try to recitate Hamlet... backwards!

    Questi incontri non finiscono mai!
    • thumb
      Jun 15 2011: Can't I just keep dancing and somebody else can whisper the Shakespeare to me?
      • thumb
        Jun 15 2011: Debra if you want I will design all the girls wardrobe for the dancing, Shinny, colorfull, a lot of feathers, I'm sure that all of you will be dazzling. Imagine: Debra and The Dazzling¡ amazing and stuning troupee. This is the nicest conversation in all TED community.
        • thumb
          Jun 15 2011: No one I know will recognize me as a tropical dancing bird - but hey- I'm ready for a new life! Design away Jaime Lubin but you and the Conte and the Baroness- everybody has to dance too!I just may need a bit of tequilla to get me started!

          I think I'll try Defying Gravity!

          And embracing a better phiilosophy

      • Jun 15 2011: Dancing to Nat King Cole right now...quizas..tal vez...pero siempre..bailando
        • thumb
          Jun 15 2011: Nat King Cole is outstanding. For the next dance- how about to some enchanted Lyle Lovett? Know any good ones?
      • Jun 15 2011: Kathy
        I love the idea of the fountain........
        Debra, for enchantment purposes only, "Don't Cry a Tear for Me."

        Scroll down to the last video on the left hand side please.
        Pure unadulterated beauty.
        • thumb
          Jun 16 2011: I absolutley love the way it was recorded so simply with the fingers moving along the strings so clearly audible. It has such a peaceful and quiet hope.
      • thumb
        Jun 15 2011: Debra maybe more than two tequila shots...we all dance with all of you. I have the first sketches for your dress. Ill send you to your e.mail. The Conte wrote me and I very enthusiastic about. I design also the dress for la Baronessa. When you have the drawings could be nice if you show to all the guests in the Cafe Del Conte.
        • thumb
          Jun 16 2011: Jaime, your friendship delights me! If I can figure out how to post it - I will do so as soon as I open the email!
        • thumb
          Jun 16 2011: Caro Giacomo your design will be glorious, for Debra nothing less.
  • thumb
    Jun 15 2011:

    Carissimi amici, adesso per tutti voi ....qui al Caffè del Conte ....dal Messico e il mitico Caribe il vero, genuino, verissimo, unico mambo originale, per la vostra divertente contemplazione da la grande Lilia Prado, e la orchestra del grandissimo Perez Prado.....soltanto qui esclusivamente al Caffè del Conte. Bevanda tropicale per tutti, per cortesia dalla casa. Animo e a ballare. Applausi per i nostri artisti................
  • thumb
    Jun 14 2011: Carissimi amici Benvenuti al Caffè Dei Conte ...per noi e un grande piacere sentire e sapere che voi tutti hanno presso queste posto come il Caffè Dei Conte....grande onore da essere premiati con la vostra compagnia. Qui si parla bene, si beve bene e si ama bene. Noi all'isola della Baronessa siamo a lo stesso che voi, allontanati nel mondo intero e siamo riuniti qui per la gioia de essere ridendo e il bicchiere da un buon vino rosso a mano, crostini di Parma e un po' di bella peperonata con i suoi caciotta umbro. Le donne bellissime, i cavalieri attentissimi, a tutti in buona compagna e armonia senza il troppo pesante tempo. Qui al Caffè Dei Conti non ce tempo, non ce spazio, qui si dimentica e tutti siamo perdonati. Non ci sono peccati, e l'unico peccato 'e non ridere.
  • thumb
    Jun 14 2011: Hamlet Act 1 Scene 3 Polonius to his son Laertes:

    There; my blessing with thee!
    And these few precepts in thy memory
    See thou character.
    Give thy thoughts no tongue,
    Nor any unproportioned thought his act.
    Be thou familiar, but by no means vulgar.
    Those friends thou hast, and their adoption tried,
    Grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel;
    But do not dull thy palm with entertainment
    Of each new-hatch'd, unfledged comrade.
    Beware Of entrance to a quarrel, but being in,
    Bear't that the opposed may beware of thee.
    Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice;
    Take each man's censure, but reserve thy judgment.
    Costly thy habit as thy purse can buy,
    But not express'd in fancy; rich, not gaudy;
    For the apparel oft proclaims the man,
    And they in France of the best rank and station
    Are of a most select and generous chief in that.
    Neither a borrower nor a lender be;
    For loan oft loses both itself and friend,
    And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.

    This above all: to thine ownself be true,
    And it must follow, as the night the day,
    Thou canst not then be false to any man.
    Farewell: my blessing season this in thee!

    (sigh: I have so much to learn!)
    • thumb
      Jun 15 2011: Debra, Lindsay, Helen, Birdia, Rosemeri, Amily...muevan lo que Dios les dio. A bailar.¡¡¡ Debra non so si e possibile recitare a Hamlet a ritmo di mambo, ma e un bel esperimento.
      • thumb
        Jun 15 2011: Dear Conte congratulations....yo se que podemos hablar en español, asi que le felicito por su maravilloso cafe. Es lo mejor de TED. Gracias mil.
  • thumb
    Jun 14 2011: Giant beach bubbles:
  • thumb
    Jun 14 2011: My beloved Stephane Grapelli for breakfast.

    ." it had to be you"

    For years whenever I would see Stephane in London orNew York I would cry at the end certain I would never see him again and there was always an again,until the last time in NY..he was so weak he needed assistance out of his dressing room and onto the stage where he needed a chair. Yet he played better than ever and shone more than ever his eyes shining brighter than ever. a few weeks befor ehis death in 1997.

    That night Michel Petrucciani was in the very tiny audience...he had bone disease that made his bones like glass ..a miracle he could play the piano at all and was a dwarf ( Stepahne called him to play a few tunes with him. Someoneat his table stood and lifted Michel up on to the stage to a beaming Stephane. And oh how they played..such joy.One of Michels last as well..he died in 1999 at the age of 36.

    My most unforgettable jazz moment ever.In a lifetime of unofrgettable jazz moments.
    Time for work, enjoy all.
    • thumb
      Jun 16 2011: Carissima Lindsay Grapelli & Petrucciani are for ever. They are right now in the eternal jazz performance. Imagine they in the grand piano and the heavenly violino. The audience full of angels and sirens and gods and godesses, and all the saints moving follow the rithm. The lights are blue and gold and then sound the first notes...but is not the inferno they have also a party, they are neighbors and the music is in all the infinite.

      Here in earth we enjoy with an espresso and a good mexican breakfast.

  • Comment deleted

  • thumb
    Jun 14 2011: I can still remember reading Shakespear's sonnet years back . to a beloved friend

    Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
    Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
    Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
    And summer's lease hath all too short a date:
    Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
    And often is his gold complexion dimm'd;
    And every fair from fair sometime declines,
    By chance, or nature's changing course, untrimm'd;
    But thy eternal summer shall not fade,
    Nor lose possession of that fair thou owest;
    Nor shall Death brag thou wander'st in his shade,
    When in eternal lines to time thou growest;
    So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
    So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

    -William Shakespear
    • thumb
      Jun 14 2011: That is beautiful Amily

      So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see... beautiful

      Three cheers for Conte Di Salaparuta Mordeforte. This is a great conversation.

      Well here’s saying hello to friends I said goodbye
      We went our ways as time went by
      But here we meet again in this café in the sky
      And we’ll remember this till all the seas run dry... :)
      • thumb
        Jun 15 2011: Richard , before the seas run dry I think they deserve a liitle piece of jazz too;)

        Nat King Cole Quizas Quizas Quizas
        • thumb
          Jun 15 2011: Just in time Amily. The seas were about to run dry. That was nice and while searching for Nat King Cole, something much more Italian

          Mona Lisa

          Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa, men have named you
          You're so like the lady with the mystic smile
          Is it only 'cause you're lonely they have blamed you?
          For that Mona Lisa strangeness in your smile?

          Do you smile to tempt a lover, Mona Lisa?
          Or is this your way to hide a broken heart?
          Many dreams have been brought to your doorstep
          They just lie there and they die there
          Are you warm, are you real, Mona Lisa?
          Or just a cold and lonely lovely work of art?

          Do you smile to tempt a lover, Mona Lisa?
          Or is this your way to hide a broken heart?
          Many dreams have been brought to your doorstep
          They just lie there and they die there
          Are you warm, are you real, Mona Lisa?
          Or just a cold and lonely lovely work of art?

      • thumb
        Jun 15 2011: Lovely , Richard.
      • thumb
        Jun 16 2011: Riccardo grazie tanti. Could you and MIchael be our masters chefs in musical selection? We'll be gratefull for your sensibility. Or maybe Michael prefer to be in the kitchen?
  • thumb
    Jun 14 2011: Speaking of Shakespeare...

    A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.
    - William Shakespeare
  • thumb
    Jun 14 2011: My joy, my passion is science. I cannot seem to get enough of the new ideas and learn what I have never known. I love to watch Science Channel series How the Universe works.. I stand in awe of the magnificence of our universe and wonder about the cosmos. I am part of this and it makes me happy.
    • thumb
      Jun 14 2011: me too, Helen,.did you see the perfect spiral article in New Scienttist..mind blowing and suggests everything we thought we knew about how galaxies formed is wrong...
    • thumb
      Jun 14 2011: Hey Helen, something for you. a bit of brain science illustrated by music.

      Physics of fun:
      • thumb
        Jun 14 2011: Debra...................Hey thanks......made my day.
    • thumb
      Jun 16 2011: Carissima Helen please tell us some from your very lovely memories ever had. Your words have a special power because you have experience to share among us. We listen carefuly and respectfully. Grazie tanti. Qui la Contessa Da Val D'Aosta e simile a voi. E aspetta ascoltare le sue ricordi. Vi preghiamo con la nostra umile domanda.
      • thumb
        Jun 20 2011: Yes, Helen, come to our table full of sumptuous food and good compan and tell us about your happiest memories. We do want to hear. We are all listening.

        (is there any more Prosecca???)
  • thumb
    Jun 14 2011: Peonies. I have the most glorious white peonies and pink peonies in bloom in my yard right now. The foliage is a glossy deep green. Their flower heads are the size of small melons sitting next to a Japanese maple with its fragile deeply cut red burgundy leaves. They are so beautiful.
  • Comment deleted

    • thumb
      Jun 14 2011: Here's a song about Napoli

      Buonasera signorina buonasera
      come è bello stare a Napoli e sognar
      mentre in cielo sembra dire
      la vecchia luna che
      sul Mediterraneo appar
      Ogni giorno c'incontriamo
      dove par che la montagna
      scenda in mar
      Quante cose abbiamo detto
      in quell'angolo più bello del mondo
      Quante volte ho sussurrato
      amore t'amo!
      Buonasera signorina
      kiss me goodnight
      Buonasera signorina
      kiss me goodnight

      Buona Sera, signorina, buona sera
      It is time to say goodnight to Napoli
      Though it's hard for us to whisper, buona sera
      With that old moon above the Meditteranean sea
      In the mornin' signorina we'll go walkin'
      When the mountains help the sun come into sight
      And by the little jewelry shop we'll stop and linger
      While I buy a wedding ring for your finger

      In the meantime let me tell you that I love you
      Buona sera, signorina kiss me goodnight
      Buona sera, signorina kiss me goodnight
      • Jun 14 2011: Bella sempre bella
      • Jun 14 2011: Not to be outdone....a little jazz for the Conte y la vida buena....
        • thumb
          Jun 14 2011: happy N.O. jazz
        • thumb
          Jun 14 2011: Caro Michael vi ringraziamo tanto la sua gentilezza, qui il caro Padre Delacourt quasi comincia a danzare. I musicisti sono al suo mestiere dal cuore. Grande regalo questa autentica musica americana.

      • Jun 15 2011: Conte Grazie...I am happy Father Delacaourt wanted to dance. I dance often to the sounds of this band. La vida, la verdera, demanda que bailemos. Viene del corazon mio para hacer alegre lo suyo! Mas vino!
  • Comment deleted

    • thumb
      Jun 14 2011: Carissima Birdia la nostra benevolente e magnifica amica, la Contessa Da Val D'Aosta a un messaggio per lei.
      "Bella bambolina, Italia e fuori tempo."

      La Contessa e abituata a i messaggi scritti a mano da l'impeccabile calligrafia, e una conservatrice assoluta ha la nostalgia dei tempi imperiale. Ed io ho il piacere di essere il suo amanuense.

      Grazie tanti per la vostra impegnata cortesia.
    • thumb
      Jun 16 2011: Carissima Birdia this is specially for you. We note your refined proximity with our beloved Charles Baudelaire enjoy avec vine rouge.
  • thumb
    Jun 14 2011: Carissimi amici di TED this is an cordial invitation to share your experiences in joy de vivre. Reading good literature? ok, hearing good music...better. The art of conversation is to be reinvented or renowed with all your posts. Imagine that you are in an italian coffe near the Piazza, al people talk and you can hear and participate. This is a typical mediteranean experience that is not in use in the US. A small taste of our rich culture is served. Bon appetit.
    • thumb
      Jun 14 2011: ah prosecco and oysters anyone?
      • thumb
        Jun 14 2011: Cara Lindsay, Archibald mi fa sapere che oysters (cozze) non ci sono piu. Volete un altra cosa?, per essempio una bella picciolina, zuchinni ripiene di riccota o melanzane alla napolitana, pomodori al forno, e de dolci, fagottini di mele e crostata di riccota. Cucina sempre aperta. Di vino, Nero D'Avola di Pasqua, Brunello da Montalcino e Sassicaia. Gelato e marsala. Sicuro caffe.

        I musicisti sono arribatti. Vieni Gli Suonatori da la Gioiosa Marca. Baroque music. Lei sa danzare allo stilo barocco?

        Auguri e bon appetit.
      • thumb
        Jun 16 2011: Lindsay carissima ascolta bene
    • thumb
      Jun 20 2011: I have to get back to work in my gardens ( I am so grapevines are full of tiny grapes..can't wit!!!!)

      I have brought some things to the kitchen for Archibald to make available to you all for snacks..some cracked stone crab claws from my cove); fresh organic arugula & lettices from my gardens; roasted organic chioga beets with gorgonzola and roasted walnuts.

      bon appetit.