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Conte Di Salaparuta Mordeforte

Conte e proprietario del Castello di Salaparuta, Consiglio regionale delle due Sicilie

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Shakespeare, jazz, espresso,& buona vita.

This is an opportunity to all free souls to talk about the best. No psichology, no phony theories, just the practice of joy de vivre.


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    Jun 20 2011: Carissimi tutti, of course every one is invited to join the game, to join the Caffè, to travel the Labyrinth guided by Signore Luigi and to contribute if they want... but only if they want. There's some things in life that are available for everyone but the 'aptissimi' capable of seeing them and take them are very few. This is nor good nor bad, there's no right or wrong answers, there's only different things, and thats why the world is a beautiful place to live at. If they get in through the door... or trought a window... or sneaking from the other side of the garden, or the wall... it doesn't matter. Everyone is always welcome here to talk, play or only get a glass of very good wine.

    Siate profondi nelle vostre riflessioni...
    Ah.. Ecco Archibald con i cioccolatini... Lindsay, sei un sole!


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