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Conte Di Salaparuta Mordeforte

Conte e proprietario del Castello di Salaparuta, Consiglio regionale delle due Sicilie

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Shakespeare, jazz, espresso,& buona vita.

This is an opportunity to all free souls to talk about the best. No psichology, no phony theories, just the practice of joy de vivre.


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    Jun 14 2011: Super Mario Brothers 3.
    I am not kidding - it takes me back to some of the best times of my childhood - memories when I was content without question or worry. Now, when I hear the music, or play the classic itself - I do a little dance (^_^)
    You can liken it to Pavlov's bell or something deep and intelligent if you like.
    Fact is, I love that game and I'm happy thinking about it because it gave me something I didn't know I needed as a child; JOY DE VIVRE!
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      Jun 14 2011: Hi Rosemeri!

      I remember once in a class on children's literature, that the prof took great pains to differentiate between 'childish' and 'child like'. She said that to her one of the goals of life should be to try to keep that child like wonder and joy alive in every moment until we die.

      I loved you story of child like wonder and joy! I especially loved how it makes you dance now! Thanks.
    • Jun 14 2011: Cool Rosemeri
      At a talent show at my stepson's school, someone played a whole piano piece of arrangements of that song...everyone died laughing! La Buena Vida! All I could remember is my kids playing that game for hours and hearing that silly song!

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