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Create a game that provides real monotary value

In the last 5 years there has been a very large increase in the casual gaming space. The DS, Wii, smartphone and Facebook platforms have made games very accessable.

Many of the most popular games rely heavily on incentives and rewards. There is work put into playing a game, and then a reward is given.

I have been trying to think of an innovative mechanic that would allow for the casual gamer to provide something of real monotary worth.

There are the obvious ad and sponsor based models, but I believe there must be some activity that has some intrinsic value, and is also entertaining.

If we look at world of warcraft, or farmville, we can see that people are willing to do "labour" in order to achieve a larger goal.

Any thoughts or discussions on this would be very helpful, especially from gamers.


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  • Jun 14 2011: A simple way to monetize a game could be to adopt the same structure that online poker sites use. Though it would be difficult to do this for long-term games like World of Warcraft, i imagine monetary values in a game like WoW could be competed for in outlets like battlegrounds and dungeons.
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      Jun 15 2011: Why not. You can already use real money to buy characters.

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