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how do i make or add friends?

I want to know how i do this in the real world, and here online. please help.

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  • Jun 15 2011: Talk to strangers that seem interesting about a topic that intrigue's you. A future friend is empathic, tries to delve into this topic, even if it's something he or she has never thought of or feels connected to.And, following Seneca, a true friend is not someone you hope to gain an advantage or service over/from or vice versa, it is someone who you can speak to, without holding back, as if you were alone.
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    Jun 14 2011: I think the biggest pieces of the puzzle, whether online or in person - is to be honest. Don't pretend to be anything other than you because faking is easily sniffed out and its a turn off. In a nutshell, don't try hard to be what you think other people are looking for - be you and do it with a sense that if the people you are talking with don't like the real you its not your loss. I don't mean be an ass, just be comfortable with being a person that not everyone will like and like minded people are bound to recognize you! If you're naturally shy I recommend taking notice to how many strangers you could say hello to, but don't. Every time you notice yourself avoiding striking up a conversation - make a point to say hello next time. Even if it is only the word hello and a look in the eye, eventually it will become easy.
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    Jun 14 2011: Let them know how much you appreciate them:)
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    Jun 14 2011: Be a good listener and don't be judgemental. But don't throw caution to the wind.
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    Jun 14 2011: Be open, share your thoughts, ideas, interests then you will find something is clicking with someone in reality or virtually that's the starting point of friendship , rest both have to carry forward to keep it alive.
  • Jun 15 2011: Nick go on Evony. choice world N27 or the one thats called Hallett, or somthing that starts with hall. Thanks, from meredith.
  • Jun 14 2011: Make a great plate of pasta. Food is my aphrodisiac.
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    Jun 14 2011: Stop trying to make friends and go do something interesting like riding a bike, go swiming, runing, go to a local shop and just talk to anybody. you meat.
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    Jun 14 2011: You spelled naruto shippuuden** wrong in your profile! (Just letting you know, also a fan!)

    If this is really a concern of yours and not just a topic starter. You can e-mail me and I will send you a link to a "popularity" manual I have, it is interesting and gives great perceptive to what people look for and don't like in others. The writer is a psychologist and is indeed a bright guy.


    I find this link to be decent on the topic of how to treat others, it can add a few things and cut a few things out, tell me what you think.

    My best advice:

    Be yourself, be real, and if that doesn't work "fake it 'til you make it"
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      Jun 14 2011: Good guide Nick!
    • Jun 14 2011: Hey Nick!!! Its me, meredith!!! want to be a Ted friend with me? please say Yes. I fourteen years old, so i hope that you and i will have similler interests. Like naruto shippuden... LOVE IT!!!!!
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        Jun 14 2011: lol, absolutely Meredith, I'll be your friend.

        Jimmy is already one of my best TED friend's. :-P I have room for more.
        • Jun 14 2011: One problem... how do i join your friend club? In other words how do i become your friend online? PS I read your profile, so i know that we will be best online friends. (BOF)
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      Jun 15 2011: Hi Nick! really found you to be very interesting at 20! Also checked out the link you put up here. Sensible stuff. Am curious to know what would the "popularity" manual read like! Would you be able to send it to me as well? Thanks! (btw, am new on ted and I just figured out how to send out an email)
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    Jun 14 2011: what interest do you have?
    find those with similar interest.
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      Jun 14 2011: My interest are existential philosophies and discussing the reality of the planet as it pertains to all the different individual persons inhabiting on it. Will you be my friend Tim? :-P
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        Jun 14 2011: i would recomend finding your local college bar, or my living room, and pull out some greens. lol yes i will!
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          Jun 14 2011: Thanks for the invite!

          Still my type of people are rare, I must resort to websites like TED.
        • Jun 14 2011: Good chooice nick. I am 14 years old so i dont think im aloud to drink yet.
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        Jun 14 2011: college school clubs are a good start(community colleges have tons of clubs) . and raves (no, really) in my experienc.e
      • Jun 14 2011: Nicholas I am this same type of rare person you describe. It is difficult to find others of our same interest indeed.
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          Jun 14 2011: I think you guys are easy to find, all I need to do is go here!
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          Jun 14 2011: Physically meeting intellectuals is difficult! No one has a sign saying "Hello, talk philosophy to me"... I should make that t-shirt.
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    Jun 14 2011: Organically