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The American Empire Is on the verge of collapse. If so will we see a new empire emerge after its collapse?

In light of the global debt crisis will empires as we know them become obsolete?


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  • Jun 15 2011: America is not looked at as an empire by many.
    In my eyes is just a huge industry, but thats just an opinion of a thirteen year old.
    we say we are on the verge of collapse, but as a matter of fact we still are the riches country in the world.
    china is catching up fast though. what happens when they become the richest. is there no room for second place? are we that greed? just because we arrant number one doesn't mean we have to crumble. we all have ups and downs. and im pretty sure we could become number 1 again
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      Jun 16 2011: Christian, I am pleased that you joined us and voiced your opinion! I am delighted to welcome a young person with interest in this topic. I am also impressed with your interest and your way of integrating the world into your view.
      I hope I will read many more of your comments in days and weeks to come.

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