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why are we not yet developing electricity from lightning?

even though Benjamin Franklin proved lightning is electricity ! we are not able to device a way to harness it.

if found, best way to solve energy crisis.

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    Jun 14 2011: That's thinking in the right direction! Unfortunately, from what I've read; lightning is so sporadic we don't have the technology to harness it unless we take up an unimaginable amount of ground space. Also, the lightning that actually hits ground wouldn't be powerful enough to replace the fossil fuels we all have become accustomed to. Catch it in the atmosphere at the moment of release, you say? I agree this would be much more efficient as far as harvest versus work spent to capture - but again, not enough to uphold the lifestyle our biggest energy users want. Anyway, I don't want to sound like a nay-sayer; I love that people are talking about alternatives - it is the only way to pull this plane up. I think we should all consider befriending our closest neighbors and learning to grow our own food though!
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    Jun 16 2011: Could it be because we don't have the materials, first and foremost, capable of capturing and concentrating lightning into a less temporal medium?
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    Jun 14 2011: It is not sustainable or practical to use lightning as a source. Even if we did there is no means to charge such huge amounts of power which is instantaneous.