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Should there be such a thing as global ethics?

Should there be a moral system on which all human beings agree independent of cultural characteristics of the community they come from? Is morality defined absolutely or does its definition change from community to community?


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  • Jun 24 2011: I think it is complex and simple at the same time, complex because for global ethics first we have come to an agreement what is good and bad .Now the concept of good and bad has always been different at different time and place, Like in the past it was immoral to be homosexual ,even in western society but now it has been excepted to same extend , Similarly different cultures has different standards for morality or good and bad, Like it will be very unethical to kiss once face and hand of a person , if you have met him for the first time , but accepted in money cultures .

    It is simple , because we already know some of the universal ethics ,e.g; not to say thank you or sorry, to go naked outside , and there are money things which are common in every time and culture or place ,
    one thing which I would suggest is the internet pornography , no one is against banning this , if any global ethics or morality code is made , include banning internet porn in it please...
    I thing we must engage in discussion like this , we may disagree with one another but its nice to talk
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      Jun 24 2011: Ethics and morality are not about dichotomies of good and bad..

      . What you are referring to are customs and manners, cultural traditions. Cultural traditions are expressions of the shared heritage that unite a people in historical identity, the "language" of the culture . These, I hope would never be lost or homogenized. Cultural diversity is as important as bio diversity

      Ethics and morals are a unitive positive expression of humanity.an expression of that within us that which values life and seeks to serve life, human life and all living things on earth now; human life and all living thing who will inherit the earth.
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          Jun 24 2011: Mohammad,

          My point is that underneath all those "add ons" which are cultural morays and traditions, there are root expressions of humanity on which global ethics can rest. Actually there is a lot of consensus on what those global ethics are in the many links provided here.

          My point is that global ethics does not inply or rqeuire a homogenization or suppression of cultural traditions and expression.

          Global ethics and cultural moral expressions are not in inherent conflict.
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          Jun 30 2011: I think what u imply @Md. Bin Iftikhar is that human life should be measured or counted in the same way with the same standard, globally!

          On the other hand @Lindsay, ur viewpoint is that global ethics can be applied where locsl customs and cultures are respected.

          I think these are two different things ... though related can be managed separately. Doing either supplements the other!
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      Jun 24 2011: ABDUL
      Most of the examples you quote are moral questions not ethical ones. It's a bit of a semantic argument,but the distinction is important. When you enter any profession you have a code of ethics not one of morality. Ethics are reasoned by people in that profession (or culture ) for specific reasons and are open to change as needed. Morality concerns itself more with giving rules for cultural identity. Some rules are arbitrary, while others meet ethical guidelines.
      Perhaps a global summit could take place and we could devise some universal code that is agreeable to all, but I am doubtful because most people don't see their national transgressions for what they are. As a US citizen a country with 20 % of the world prison population, who regularly blows up mountains to get coal I would much rather focus inward to problems at home than to look at other countries for problems. There is something to be said for being a good example.

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