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It's great to shop at thrift stores if you live in an affluent area where used clothing started our upscale. How about low SES shoppers?

Why couldn't thrift stores coordinate their donations so that the quality of the clothing didn't depend on the location of the store? My friend used to shop thrift stores in California in one of the wealthiest counties, and yes, she had a great wardrobe. Not so if you tried the same thing in one of the poorest counties around LA. So, in the spirit of fairness, why not get the stores (especially ones that are outlets for organizations) to "spread the wealth" around?


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    Jun 20 2011: Is it really that bad? People should wear clothes for what the protective garments that they are. People shouldn't mind if they don't have fashionable clothes as long as they are functional. Same things goes with cars. Why buy an expensive one to get from here to there when you can do the same with something more affordable?

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