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Are politicians having a positive influence on a younger voting audience by their increased use of social media sites?

Politicians are using mediums such as YouTube and social network sites in an attempt to become more relevant to a younger voter demographic. Is this making a difference? How effective is this new medium in getting the politicians message across? I am also interested in any research done on this topic.


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    Jun 14 2011: Historically, in the U.S. turnout estimates among 18-to 29-year-olds range between 20 and 30 percent and turnout among those 30 and older ranges between 50 and 60 percent of the eligible population according to this report:

    I agree with the comments above. It's about the message, not the medium. However, now that everything is being recorded, we'll soon be able to reconcile the message with performance. This changes everything as social media will provide a way to give cred to politicians that actually do what we want them to do instead of just talk about it with a louder voice. Just my humble opinion.
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      Jun 16 2011: Agree - once social media supports a particular cause or person - in this case politician - it can increase their credibility among wider groups. But they ultimately still have to deliver on their promises

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