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Should we meet to spread our ideas?

I was wondering whether you think that TED meet-ups would be a good idea to support the TED community. Personally, I was always curious to meet the people I had been discussing with online and I had the impression that after such a meeting, the conversations would become even more interesting, because you actually "knew" who was writing and you could understand their point of view a little better. Such an informal meet-up would be different than attending a TED(x) event: there would be no speakers to listen to, everyone would be a speaker and you would probably have to have one or two TED topics in mind you'd maybe want to talk about.

Does something like this already exist and if not, would you like to give it a try? I also think that such a meeting would lead to new conversations posted online -- at least for me, it would be a great opportunity to hear some opinions about things I want to discuss at TED to see what a related online discussion could be like.

The reason why I am coming up with this right now is that I will be in Stanford this summer (June 29-August 14) and I think there are quite a few TED community members in the Bay Area -- if I'm not mistaken. Who's in?


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    Jun 22 2011: That is a great idea! Especially for us frequent travelers - I'd honestly go anywhere (within my travel budget) to meet other TEDsters.

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