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Want to help promote peace? Help save World Languages! How many people can one dedicated educator get to donate five minutes of their time?

World Language education promotes multicultural awareness.
Multicultural awareness promotes peace.

Second language learning improves literacy in first language. World Language teachers are losing their jobs. I believe my curriculum promotes peace. Please help me save my profession and others like me!

U.S. citizens, please contact your local representative. First, urge them to cosponsor the Bill H.R. 1994 (Excellence and Innovation in Language Learning Act) which proposes $400 million in funding to teach World Languages to K12 students. Second, tell your representative how important it is for students to learn a second language. Urge others to do so…pass on the word to everyone you know…and ask them to pass it on! Let’s overwhelm our representatives with our united voice to promote World Language education!

IF you need contact information for your local representative, go to: and type in your zip code.

How many people can one dedicated educator get to make a phone call to promote peace? How can TED help me make a difference for my children and for my students? I want to raise bilingual children. Educators like me are losing their jobs in my region. Literacy is the single most important tool we can provide our students. Multiliteracy is what my children need to learn and thrive in the 21st century.

Please reply if you make the phone call. I want to be able to thank you for caring!

If you want more information about anything I said above or about the Sunny Earth Academy which I'm creating out of my passion for teaching languages, please ask! Thank you for reading!

  • Jun 13 2011: Audrey
    I wholeheartedly agree. Unfortunately it is a national problem. We must be raising children who can communicate and not just in English. Thank you for the post.
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      Jun 14 2011: Michael, Thank you for your reply.

      I'd like take the american "disease" of monolingualism and personally kick it out the door!!!